Guild Wars 2 Announcement

Here I am, disappointed with the recent development of Guild Wars 2. It’s not a bad game, just not a good game for me anymore. But I am still watching the Twitch announcement, hoping to see something new to arrive in Guild Wars 2. Other than “more of the same”. We already know the next season of the Living Story will arrive, so we are getting more of the story. But what else will be there?

What I don’t like about events like this, is the inflation of adjectives. “Massive”, “extreme” and so on. There’s too much self-aduration if you ask me. I mean, we are fans or why else would we be watching? I don’t want to hear how amazing the game is, how a ton of awesome content has been added etc.

I’m writing it down while listening. So please excuse any mistakes.

  • gear and character templates will be added “in the near future” (we already knew that, didn’t we? Update: We’ve known this since April 2019)
  • no change about the subscription fee. There won’t be one (no surprise here either…)
  • next chapter of living story will arrive, called “The Icebrood Saga” (new Living Story Season, not an expansion)
  • It will take place in Northern Shiverpeaks, norn and charr history will play a more prominent role
  • The prologue will arrive on September 17 and it will be free if you own Path of Fire
  • Beginning today, if you purchase Path of Fire, Heart of Thorns will be included for free
  • There will be an exclusive HoT veteran pack – I missed if this will cost anything or if it will be free. What’s in it also went over my head. Sorry. Edit: If you bought HoT before, you will apparently get it.
  • If you own Path of Fire, but not Heart of Thorns, it will be added for free to your account

Altogether, I thought we’d hear something more than this. Now, for newer players, the bundle of PoF + HoT is an amazing deal! And of course, it’s nice that the story continues. But we were kind of expecting the story to continue, weren’t we? With that whole countdown on Twitch before the announcement and the picture changing over time, to be honest, I had expected something more in the announcement.

(Updated below with information that came after the first announcement part:)

More information: They have 4 content teams. There will be episodic content.

A new feature will come: Strike Missions. It’s for 10 people and introductory to raid content, but without the stress. It’s supposed to be a stepping stone into raids. There will be a public mode which lets you group up with people on the map.

About PvP: There will be a new armor set, Swiss-style tournaments and mini-seasons in between conquest seasons.

(End of announcement, so no additional information will be added here now.)


  1. If they’d announced this in a regular blog post the reaction would have been muted but vaguely positive. It’s pretty much what anyone could have predicted.

    Because they made a huge performance out of it and hyped it as though it was something game-changing theprevailing reaction is massive disappointment. I know they are terrible marketing and have been for years but this is a self-inflicted wound.

    Personally I have never been less interested in the game in seven years. I’ll do my dailies and that’s it now. 30 minutes a day. There are many much better MMORPGs these days. Sad, how it’s turned out.

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    1. I can’t believe they — or anyone — would possibly consider this to be a ‘massive’ announcement worthy of a lengthy countdown clock.

      I logged in the other day to collect my character’s birthday rewards, with the hope in mind that this announcement might be exciting enough to draw me back.

      … *sigh*

      Ah well.

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      1. I hadn’t even expected anything big, but because of the way they did everything, I figured there had to be more than just a trailer basically. Why do such a big announcement otherwise? But well, now we know better.


    2. Yes, I think that’s the biggest issue. A blog post, maybe even just a regular Twitch stream showing off the trailer, but without a cooldown on their channel and without sending emails about the event and inviting people to a theater, it would have been a nice and solid announcement.


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