Now for real: Goodbye, Wildstar

Wildstar PTR Winterfest Thayd

I just logged into Wildstar – for the last time, I guess, as the game is shutting down tomorrow. I wanted to take a few last screenshots of the characters I’ve played. I rode through Thayd, the Exile’s city, and did not see many other players around. Then again, the game is shutting down because it’s lacking customers.

I played my medic most of the time and she’s the only character I got to level 50. The second level 50 was boosted there. I don’t remember why we got that free boost. I had intended to actually play my esper once he was level 50, but I didn’t.


Stalker, spellslinger, engineer and warrior were quite fun as well, but nothing was as good as my medic! She was the most fun to play and oddly enough, it’s the only MMO where my main belonged to the largest race available. I usually go with the smaller ones (asura, hobbits, dwarves etc.).

Paeroka Warrior Wildstar

Well, it was fun while it lasted (and while I played). It’s a game with a huge amount of unused potential if you ask me. I’d just really love to see some other game set in that universe!

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