My new and improved Mini-Me in Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight

Just a few days ago, I showed you my characters in Elder Scrolls Online (among my other mains in other MMOs). I hadn’t played the game lately, because LotRO snuck up with its legendary server instead.

Unfortunately, LotRO doesn’t have an action camera mode, so playing actually hurts my hand and I need to be very careful about that. I decided to take my morning off from dissertation writing and instead play a bit before I headed outside for work. I decided to give ESO a try and see if their action camera mode worked better. As it turns out, it does! The big difference is that moving the mouse will move your view. In older MMOs, you usually need to right-click and hold the button while moving the view – or resort to key-turning which isn’t optimal either. It seems like a tiny little insignificant thing when your hand isn’t injured, but it’s really bad for my hand and the fewer I have to click, the better. I moved the weapon’s attack skill from the left mouse button to the “1” key which is hit by my right hand to decrease the need for clicking even further.

I enjoyed playing my dragonknight, but my mind went to the templar again… what if that’s the class I actually want to play? The usual dilemma when trying to choose a main class for me. A never-ending story, no matter which MMO we’re talking about. So tonight, after work, I decided to give the templar a try to see if that’s the class I want to play instead. But there’s one big issue: I actually don’t like the look of the argonian I made.

When I made Gechi Rosix, I really liked the pinkish shade. But somehow, this character looks like she just tried to swallow a whole bar of 90 % chocolate (if you’ve ever tried that, you know what I mean!). So I made a new character, certain that she will end up looking completely different… erm… yes. The green lady on the right is Gechi-Ra, my new argonian templar. Well, the skin colour is different, as is the face marking! And she’s got a bit of a softer face. But this change in her face and the light green skin colour is what I needed to feel comfortable with her.

I still haven’t figured out yet if I prefer the templar over the dragonknight, but playing for to level 5 was fun! And I keep wondering how people can play such games that just hit “random” and are done with creating their characters…

(IntPiPoMo count: 2. This brings my IntPiPoMo picture count to 101!)


  1. Straight out random is out, but I consistently get a lot better results with hitting random until it’s kinda nice and then tweaking than when I start from scratch. It might have to do with what you’re good at in general. I’m terrible at starting things, I’m a lot less terrible in refining things (also goes for work and writing) :P


    1. I sometimes do that as well, but then end up moving every slider from one side to the other (to see the whole span of what it can do) and choose what I like best then. So basically, a waste of time. :p


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