Blaugust Day 1

Blaugust is back!

Blaugust 2016 - image by Belghast

There are a few changes to how Blaugust was run last year. Belghast decided not to have rewards this year as it was a lot of work to keep track and to say “I am fine with that” sounds kind of insulting. It was super nice of him to do that in the first place, after all, but there was never any obligation for him and I certainly did not expect him to do that every single year. I am just very happy and thankful that he decided to have it run again this year and I as you can see, I have joined again.

You can find the link to sign up for Blaugust over at Belghast’s blog and I would assume joining even after Blaugust has already started is fine just as it was in the last year. It is more relaxed this year as there are no rules attached. Simply use Blaugust to figure out a writing schedule you like and that you can keep up with and that is all there is. I’ll try to do it the same way as I did it last year as that worked perfectly for me: I want to get the 31 blog posts, but there may be none for a couple of days and then several blog posts in one day, depending on my mood and content I can write about. Additionally, I have to be certain that my work does not suffer from my blog writing. Not the work related to my job as it is. This always comes first anyway, but the work for my dissertation. Sometimes, cleaning the windows seems to be more important than dedicating time to my dissertation… At least, I know my weakness and can keep an eye on it. ;)

But I don’t want Blaugust to be stressful. The main reason I’m doing Blaugust is to have fun (and get rid of my inner censor which has actually been getting a lot quieter throughout the last year – since my last Blaugust, to be exact).

Since I’m having Tilion (from Dragon Season for those who don’t know him) and a friend as guests at our place for the next couple of days, I will not dedicate much time to writing blog posts in the next couple of days. I guess you can certainly understand my priorities here. :p


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