Rift’s “Starfall Prophecy” revealing (Blaugust Post 2)

While I was having guests over, the Rift universe got expanded – well, not yet. But apparently, there was a sneak peek or leak or a bug revealing the next expansion.

Since the screenshots are still available and public in the official forums, I’ll just assume that writing about what the players found is fine with Trion. At this time, a lot of things are still unclear: From the sound of it, it may be that this expansion will end the “all of the content for free”-phase of Rift and Starfall Prophecy will be “buy to play”. I actually would not mind this at all. We all know that a company has to earn money to survive and keep on developing and paying their employees. If making the expansion “buy to play” leads to a) a good quality expansion and b) less changes that seem shady to the players, then I’m happy. There is a Standard Edition for $39.99 and a Deluxe Edition for $59.99. The Deluxe Edition will include an Ethereal Drake mount. Since this information was leaked early, all of this is probably still subject to change! That level 65 boost would be really nice, though. I am not sure which of my characters would get it, but eh, doesn’t really matter. I just like having more characters at max level in case I ever decide to switch my main character again. ;)

Either way, I am excited about getting a new expansion. I haven’t even played through the latest new map yet – which I guess isn’t even so new anymore at this point. For the time being, I’ll just try to remain calm and hopeful that we will not get to spend any more time underwater! I’m also not a big fan of their lore – or parts of their lore, at least. So, as long as the scenery is nice, I’ll be happy (which was the case with the underwater areas, but I really dislike being underwater, so that expansion wasn’t for me at all).

They may reveal everything on their Friday stream on Twitch and with the heads-up, I know I’ll have to put some money aside, so I can get the expansion and I’m hoping for the best: That I’ll be positively surprised and very excited about getting another expansion! – Update 5.15 pm: Never mind. Massively has reported about the expansion now, so we are getting a lot more information already. I expect to see something from the expansion in Friday’s livestream instead as well as getting even more details on what the new features will include. My favourite so far is the “planar assault mode” which sounds like it will be instant adventures with rifts instead of running around in an area and doing quests there. I really enjoy the rifts in the game, so I am curious to see this feature!

(This is post 2 for Blaugust)

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