Trove: Movember Madness Bundle

Trove received another patch today: Mustache and Mushroom Edition. You can find the patch notes on the official forum.

Trove Movember PatchFirst things first, they have added a limited time bundle. Get it now, before they take it out of the store again! It contains 5 mustaches styles (found in the styles window – basically your costumes – not at the barbershop where I was looking for them at first), 7 mustache blocks and a mustache mag rider. All of this for the low price of 100 cubits. Yes, you read that right. Cubits! The currency that you get by playing the game. This is a limited-time bundle which gives you fun items and you do not have to get out your wallet. In fact, you can earn 500 cubits a day by playing the game. So, even if you don’t have 100 cubits yet, playing the game a bit gives you enough to buy it right away. :)

I have to admit, when I read the patch notes, I was sure this was a typo and they meant credits (the currency you pay real money for). I guess I’m too used to all the other games always adding limited-time boxes for real money. I’m pretty sure Trove will offer those soon enough as well, but for now, it’s free.

The stuff you get all counts towards your mastery level, by the way. I got to mastery level 19 now which as a reward gives me an increase in crafting speed.

For me, the highlight of the new patch is this jewel, though:

“Tooltips now appear on the character sheet for equipment and styles.”

Trove_Movember PatchAs you may know, you can only have one character with your Trove account. You start as a knight, but can switch to the gunslinger (and all other classes once you have unlocked them) at the class changer. When you switch to another class, you keep all progress with your previous one. Experience, items etc. will all still be there once you change back. My knight is currently level 13, my fae trickster is level 4. When I switch to my fae trickster, all the equipment and the items I chose as her style items (the equipment determines the stats my character has, the style is what the character looks like) are switched to what I had on when I last played the fae trickster. When I switch back to the knight, the stuff I had with the knight is back on. I guess you get the system, right? ;)

So before this patch, the character sheet showed the icons but no descriptions. Try to remember what your 5 classes are wearing and which of the items has the +3 jump on it that you definitely wouldn’t want to switch for a different item. The game has had item comparison before (a tooltip showing you which stats change by equipping the item you’re hovering over), but that did not always help when you did not currently have an item you want to compare it to.

And guess what? Just when I was working and this post – while watching sirregular’s Twitch stream where he’s playing Trove – I won the new mount that can be crafted, the Springy Sporeling! Maybe you remember me writing about winning the robo raptor mount a few days ago? Guess whose stream that was from? :p When it comes to giveaways concerning Trion World’s games, I seem to be a very lucky ducklar.