Krikket’s Variety Gamer Score

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Krikket over on Nerd Girl Thoughts wrote about a checklist of several gaming franchises to calculate your “variety gamer score”, but she wasn’t too happy with it as it was focusing more on console than on PC games. If I calculated correctly, I am at a “score” of 12/100. For a person who’s been playing games since… well, for 35+ years now (starting with the Donkey Kong handheld game that my parents owned on to the Commodore 64 and later the Gameboy, then skipping a few years and landing right where Caesar 3 was available)… this seems a bit low and I would agree that it doesn’t have the right games. Not for the both of us, at least.

Krikket made a list of her own that focuses more on PC games:

Copied from Krikket (

I get 23/100 here! I would add “The Settlers” to the list. Bookahnerk suggested adding a space simulation game like X-Wing, Tie Fighter or Wing Commander. But overall, we both think this is a great list with a lot of different games on there. I guess I am a picky player when it comes to game genres, though. I also can’t play first person games thanks to simulation sickness which automatically leaves out several games.

Tropico 4 managing workers

Between bookahnerk and me, we had a bit of a discussion when one should give oneself a point and count a game as “played”. We agreed that we weren’t counting whether we played through the end of a game. Other than that, I decided to only count a game if I played the game for a long time or regularly or – if I didn’t play it for that long – if I played and really enjoyed my time playing the game.

I did not give myself a point for Baldur’s Gate as I tried to play the game but never really got into it. I did count DIRT because I played one of the games from that series for a couple of hours and really liked it! Trine is another such game that I included despite not playing it for long. I played the first game for half an hour and the second game for 7 hours. However, I despise platformer games! So these 7,5 hours count a lot more given that I usually don’t last longer than 5 minutes in such a game. But Trine is… well Trine. It’s so beautiful to look at and I love the atmosphere they created!

Trine 2

And then there are games that fall into the period where I wasn’t playing or wasn’t playing a lot, at least. RollerCoaster Tycoon, for example. I have Planet Coaster, though, and apparently, it came out just one day after RollerCoaster Tycoon World while receiving a lot more positive reviews than the RollerCoaster Tycoon one. I guess if I ever wanted to play any game from that franchise, it should be one of the old ones then…

Either way, it’s nice to look at the lists and compare which games we both player or never even heard of as I assume the games have to be rather popular to end up on either list.


  1. If you ever want to dabble in RollerCoaster Tycoon, I’d recommend starting here: – the second game is far & away the best of the series, and this makes it more accessible on modern hardware.

    My big struggle with making the list was the fact that it was looking at game SERIES rather that just games, so I knew even as I was making it I was likely leaving a lot of stuff off of it that was outside my own wheelhouse. I didn’t do any research, per se, just made a list of things I felt were more impactful than some of the stuff on the original.

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    1. And it’s a good list! I don’t think I could have made anything like that, seeing how I didn’t actually play a lot of them and there are several games that I never even heard of. :p It’s definitely better than the original one.


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