Trove: Open Beta and Unlimited Use Access Key


First things first, if you want to get into Trove, you can do so right now!

Avarem just posted an unlimited access key on the forum:


Other than that, the open beta of Trove will start on November 5! The game is going to be free to play, so you can either join now with that key or wait until November 5 and join without having to enter any keys at all. But really, why wait? ;)

Trove Club World castle

However, do not expect the game to work flawlessly. I have seen and experienced it myself that we too often expect a game to be ready for release even if it’s still in beta and especially when they announce open beta. Trove is playable, Trove is enjoyable and they are adding features and fixing bugs as fast as they can and I personally am satisfied with it. There also aren’t any character wipes planned which always tells me that the developers are confident enough in their product, but the game does have bugs and issues arise. A lot of players, as far as I have seen, are worried about server stability and that open beta is coming too soon. We will see how that’s going to work out with them opening the gates in a week.

If you want to know a bit more about Trove before giving it a try, I wrote about my beta impressions not too long ago.


  1. Hello,i want to build a castle like this one in the imagine but i can see how is he in all of it.


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