Saying Goodbye to Guild Wars (For Now!)

With the recent addition of Wayferer’s Reverie to Guild Wars, we have been able to revisit some special places in Tyria before the majority will leave for Guild Wars 2. That together with the incoming screenshots for our Charrlie Giveaway (which, by the way, is open for participants until Saturday morning!) made me browse my own screenshot collection from Guild Wars while dwelling in memories. I’ve taken the ones I liked the most to show them here. Who knows when we will visit those places again? ;)


    1. Hm? But this post here has nothing to do with the contest per se. :)

      It just inspired bookahnerk to do this post here. So, even if there was a similar screenshot, you can still submit yours to the contest!


      1. I just felt like whatever screenshot I would take during my wayfarer’s run on friday won’t be able to shine if seen next to some of these screenshots, which all look great. ^.^


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