Giveaway No. 2: Two GW2 Charrlies

Update: This Giveaway has ended. Please be patient while we’re going to decide who’s going to be added to both drawing pots and drawing the winners. We will make a post announcing both winners later today!

Here is our second part of the post-GamesCom giveaway. We got two Charrlie plushies which is really great. Unfortunately – or fortunately for you, depending on how you’re looking at it – we already have two. If you look at the picture on the left, you can see that my own Charrlie did not want to accept the newcomers! Thus, we are looking for new owners for those two (the packaged ones, of course).

Please read the following rules carefully to see what you need to do in order to enter our giveaway and have a chance of winning one!

1. We want you to comment and present us a scenery screenshot – that you took yourself, of course. Preferrably from Guild Wars (1 or 2). If you can’t give us either, then any screenshot of any MMO will do. As with our previous giveaway, we would hate to exclude a new Guild Wars 2 fan, so that’s why we give everybody the chance to enter. While we love Guild Wars, we will give every screenshot an equal chance!
With “scenery” we mean that we do not want to see the UI or the chat. We want to see something of the game world (a sunset on the beach would be a classic).

2. Leave a valid email address when commenting. It will only be used by us for contacting the winner and nothing else! The best way to do that is to enter said email address into the “email” field. We can see that address but nobody else will be able to see it (if you instead put it into the body of your comment, everybody will see it)!

3. From all screenshots, we will choose the ones we like the most (no definite number. If there are lots of great entries, then we’ll choose lots) and out of that pool, we will randomly draw the winner of the first Charrlie plushie.
ALL other entries (best + rest minus first winner) will then be put into the random drawing of Charrlie no. 2.
That means that if we really like your screenshot, you’ve got a higher chance of winning a plushie.

4. The winners will be contacted by email. Please reply within 7 days and give us your real life address, so we can send the plushie to you. Do NOT leave it in the comment field! If you do not reply within 7 days, we will choose another winner.

5. One entry (and one screenshot!) per person (IP addresses are always logged by when somebody comments)! We reserve the right to exclude entries when we think you’re trying to cheat by entering multiple times. Stay fair, please. :)

6. No debating about the outcome! We will draw randomly and everybody who presents us a scenery screenshot has a chance of winning. :)

7. The Giveaway is open for comments/participants until Saturday, August 25, 2012, 9am Berlin Time (this should give you the time for your time zone).

8. Last but not least, a word of warning: We usually prefer digital giveaways, because you can be sure that the winner receives their prize. Obviously, we will send the t-shirt via snail mail as the t-shirt doesn’t fit through the internet. We really hope you will receive your t-shirt and the post behaves, but we can’t guarantee it. I doubt it really has to be said, but there you go. As you can tell, we do not trust the post system too much. ;)

Last but not least, if you’re wondering where or how to upload the picture, read the following instruction (written by Tilion from DragonSeason):
1) Go to and select Browse.
2) Find your picture from your PC at the pop-up window. Once you select it, click Upload Now.
3) Fill in the CAPTCHA code that will appear on your screen and click once more Upload Now.
4) Once you’re through with that, copy the Direct Link for Layouts that has been given to you and come back here and leave a comment.

45 thoughts on “Giveaway No. 2: Two GW2 Charrlies

  1. Bunny says:

    Hrm, I managed to cut the text off my last comment. Was intending to describe the image lol. I just thought the quest to find herbs in Queensdale was a bit funny, considering what the herbs looked like :)


  2. Krythorian says:

    It’s a screenshot from pre-searing and it’s one of the most beautiful screenies I could find in the screenshot folder.


  3. Dari Schulz says:

    Since I’m a newcomer, and dont’t have any really nice GW2 screenie, I’ll send in this:

    “Look! They’re all dashing away right to the new lands of Guild Wars 2!”


  4. jasminumdelua says:

    I have gloomy soul so place like this attracts me with its hidden dark beauty, mistic aura and undiscovered secrets. Don’t you think that witching hour lasts here for ages? Such exciting recess…


  5. Ashley Fisher says:

    My entry, a SS from GW2 Time to relax and take the scenery in, what better way than with a swim


  6. loulaki says:

    i have lost all my money, even my clothes, and now i lie on the beach waiting for a plushie to keep me company …


  7. Tommy Duong says:

    Disregard my first post and picture please, just found out there was a beta today! I have a much more beautiful and elegant picture that is actually from Guild Wars 2, hahaha. Enjoy!


  8. Drigori says:

    Helped a little kid find his lost toys maybe he can help me find mine too ;)
    (Only played in beta weekends 3 of Guild Wars 2 and never played Guild Wars 1 so don’t have any good from there yet, but will probably fill my whole comp with them at GW2 release ^^)
    Gl everyone hope someone is able to give those two fur bolls a good home =).



  9. Vampiro Alhazred says:

    A proud Norn stands under the guardianship of the Spirits of the Wild, the spirits of the strongest, bravest, wisest, and most cunning animals of the Shiverpeaks. A new legend begins in Tyria…


  10. XyzzySqrl says:

    I admit I was showing off myself as much as the landscape here when I took this, but I still think it qualifies!


  11. Wedge7 says:

    Just completed the Wayfarer’s Reverie quests in Guild Wars, taking screenshots at each location. My favourite place? The burning forest in Sacnoth Valley. I still remember the first time I ever visited there; so hauntingly beautiful, yet so deadly.


  12. regendo says:

    Finally, it’s time for my entry.
    But before that, I want to say something. At first, I only wanted to do the Wayfarer’s Reverie quests for the tormented weapon, and then for a picture to submit to your contest. But after I finally did all of the four quests today, I came to realize: These quests are the best thing the live team could have ever done for Tyria. Not necessarily for the game, but for the world. The developers put so many great places in there, but most of them are in areas you won’t go to unless you’re vanquishing, and even then, you won’t notice the astonishing beauty of the game because you’d be looking at compass, minimap, and the party window.
    After 56 months, I have seen more beauty of Tyria in one day of questing than in the entire time before.

    Anyways, to the entry. It’s been a really hard decision, but here it is:

    I really think this is the best screenshot I took. It’s the shiverspeak bloodstone, the one located in the bloodstone dungeon/story mission in GW:EN. It’s difficult to describe, but I think you can almost feel how that monstrous thing is bleeding magic into the world just by looking at the picture. Also, I really hope that we’ll get more information about the bloodstones in GW2, so this kind of fits ;)
    Here are some other screenshots that I took and which I personally find great, but inferior to the one above. Don’t worry, I’m not entering these, I just wanted to share them with everyone (I actually took all of these in beautiful 1920x1080px, but tinypic doesn’t seem to like that) :

    (by the six, this completely turned into an TL;DR :O)


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