Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (April 18, 2012)

Welcome to today’s Bookahneer’s Geekwatch! The place about miscellaneous interesting news related to gaming (will most likely include at least one piece about Guild Wars 2 ^^).

First things first, Nerdy Bookahs now exist in German as well: Meet Nerdige Bookahs. We’ll try to translate as some of our posts into German from now on and maybe even blog in German once in a while (and translate that post to Nerdy Bookahs because the English one will definitely remain our main “project”). Since we’re doing that all in our free time, we’re not sure how well it will work out. But we figured having a separate blog would be a lot better than having two language version in the same blog (and thus, in your RSS feeds ^^). Less scrolling for you, too. ;)

The big thing you can find on the German Bookahs is the translation of the EUFanDay Q&A: part 1 (translated by Paeroka) and part 2 (translated by bookahnerk). So if you want to brush up your German skills (or if you are German and more comfortable reading something in your native language) head over there.

While we’re at it already, I collected the links to most of the EUFanDay-postings (I’m sure I didn’t catch them all but I tried to!): Find them here. This list is sorted by languages. We’ve had British, Greek, Dutch, Polish, French, German, Spanish and Italian people there and all of them wrote something about the event! I just counted and there are 46 links. So you’ll have plenty to read and watch (yes, watch! There’s one video and lots of pictures!).

As GWOnline had asked and we’d wanted one for some time, we made a logo for our blog! If you’re on the wordpress website of our blog, you can see it on the upper right. Or you can just go to our blogroll? and see three different versions. If you want to link to us and want to use a picture, then feel free to use it.

Also, ArenaNet just announced the first beta weekend event for pre-purchasers: April 27 – 29! Details will follow today or tomorrow. So what do you want to see or try out? I know I want to play the mesmer class in structured PvP, so I can directly compare it to the warrior. Then maybe play the warrior for a few levels, so I can compare that class to the mesmer in the beginning. And then I may check out and test the norn starter area because I most likely won’t play a norn at launch, so I won’t spoil the fun for me but I’ll still get to test something. ^^

And if you’re really anxious and can’t wait to test out the different classes, why not spend some time on skill tool websites? Luna Atra has one in several languages (English, French, Polish and Russian are offered at the moment). That’s not the only one, of course. GW2Tools is another and GW2Builds is the third that we have found so far. Choose the one you prefer and dream of your perfect class and build until the beta starts! ;)

We can see that we’re getting closer to launch as I’ve seen more and more people looking for members for their guild. One thing that bookahnerk spotted caught our attention. The unofficial EU RP community thread certainly sounds interesting for European roleplayers. They’re trying to find a server before the game launches, so the interested RPers can create their characters there and roleplay together.


  1. Well, at least now I can stop obsessively checking my email for a possible client download link for this coming weekend (April 20-22)

    Like yourself, I plan on spending time in the “casual” PvP area testing out builds on any character I create so I have an idea of what I want to do with my trait points long before I actually begin getting those in the PvE side of the game.

    Mrs. ArcherAvatar officially “jumped ranks” and decided she simply couldn’t resist the female charr as a main character. It was the “tail” that inevitably lead to this decision imo. Personally, I still favor the asura and sylvari races for my small army of characters, although I have doubts about whether we will see those in any of the betas. I hope we do see them in the “last” BWE before the game launches at least, so I can get some idea of what character creation options I would like to go with on the big day.


    1. I really fell in love with the female charr while playing the game. However, there is one big BUT here. The sounds they make while moving are horrible. I compared it to “Darth Vader” breathing sounds. It does have a tin-like sound, though… hmm… I hope they’ll fix it! The males don’t sound like that apparently. No idea why the female kitties do. But apart from that, they’re adorable and easily my second favourite class. ;)

      Third is sylvari, by the way. The redesign was fantastic and I can’t wait to spend an hour or two designing my character. Much more fun than do that with the boring humans. ;)


  2. If everything goes right and I can get in, then I think I will try a mesmer first since it is a class I don’t intent to make immediately after the game’s launch. Though I will probably stick to the PvE for the most part and maybe dip my toes in the PvP part depending on how things go. :)


    1. Good tactic. ^^ I thought about doing that when I got to play but decided against it. I was too curious and wanted to see what the two classes I’m most interested in are like.

      On the other hand, I did play a black orc during beta in Warhammer Online because I knew that was the last class I ever wanted to play. And then after release, Gronkh was my main character for a long time. ;)

      I’ll avoid playing the personal story, I think. I don’t really feel like spoiling this for me. ;)


      1. Thanks! And I might get too curious to give the engineer a try too…. Or as you said, might like the mesmer so much that it gets bumped up in my list of classes to play. We’ll see. :)

        Oh, forgot to mention, but as far as race goes I think I will give a try to the humans ad actually give a try to the personal story for a little just to see how it plays out in practice. Again they aren’t a race I am overly excited to play about so it should be fine to test things out and see things with my own eyes.


        1. I may do the same with the norn. It was such a sad moment in Brighton when nobody had mentioned norn as their favourite race and they told us that we’re going to play the norn starter area… there was nobody cheering about that! ;) Although I think that area is very well done! I’m just really not a fan of such large races. But I’m curious about their personal story, so I could play that one a bit to get a better feeling for the personal stories in general.

          I’m not too excited about humans either but since we’ve played them in Guild Wars 1 already, it does have a sort of “coming home” feeling. :)


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