Asuran Madness!

When the playable races for Guild Wars 2 were first announced, I was a bit “meh” about Asuras at first. I usually like playing the tiny races. In this case, it took a while until I really loved the Asuras. Their quirky attitude might be responsible for that. However, I started loving them, especially after seeing one jump (and squeal?) in the “Races of Tyria” trailer, reading about them in the two books and seeing the one Asuran thief in one of the thief’s videos.

As written in Twitter yesterday, I feel like a complete n00b in Guild Wars because I hadn’t realised until then that Rata Sum was in the game already! Of course, I know that Asuras are – Vekk has been on quite a lot of adventures with my Tenedra already! But that there’s Asuran territory in Eye of the North was news to me. I had only ever played in the icy region of the addon, so I hadn’t realised you could travel elsewhere. ;)

Bookahnerk and I started the game and played till Rata Sum where I started screenshotting all the Asuras while he played a bit of polymock.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I’ve put a few of them onto a collage.

I would very much love to see Asura Week start for Guild Wars 2 because what I’ve seen so far about the Asuras seemed… flatter somehow. Their faces especially. While those in Guild Wars seem to have more depths and shadows. But I can’t be sure about that until I’ve seen some more.

As a side info: If you want to know whether an Asura is male or female, look at their ears. Males have pointed ears and females have round ears, although there are some exceptions.

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