Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight Lava Whip

Different game, same problem…

The last thing I wrote about Elder Scrolls Online was the complaint about the importance of race when choosing a class. I have gotten used to it now - I am still not a big fan of that system, though. But now the next problem emerges: I was happily playing my orc stamina sorcerer and … Continue reading Different game, same problem…

Paeroka’s Ponderings: Racial skills?

I have recently tried hopping into Elder Scrolls Online again and as I want a fresh start, I looked up guides and possible builds for the classes, to get a feeling for which class I may want to play. While I did that, I noticed that several posts about builds (e.g., this one or this … Continue reading Paeroka’s Ponderings: Racial skills?

Rift: Waiting for the expansion with the primalist

Starfall Prophecy, the next expansion in Rift, will launch on November 16. That's not too far away now! So whenever I log in with my main character, my cleric, I just don't feel too motivated playing her. Since I bought the primalist last month, I thought I should probably play her a bit more. She … Continue reading Rift: Waiting for the expansion with the primalist

Before and after: My Tamer

If you know me, you are probably not surprised to hear that I spent most of my time creating my characters in Black Desert Online. I was a bit disappointed that the classes are mostly gender-locked and I still am disappointed, since it's an MMO and not an RPG where a specific character comes with … Continue reading Before and after: My Tamer

GW2: Buffing my playstyle by 100 %

Guild Wars 2 is getting another balance patch this Tuesday and it looks like this one was made especially for me! :D While I have every profession at level 80, the ones I've played the most are warrior, mesmer and thief - and all three get buffs to the weapons that belong to my favourites! … Continue reading GW2: Buffing my playstyle by 100 %

GW2_Charr character creation_2

Guild Wars 2 vs. Rift vs. Trove: Part 3 (Character Creation)

This is the third post in the blog post series "Guild Wars 2 vs. Rift vs. Trove". The title may suggest that at the end of this series, I will tell you which games is the best of the best, ... But I will not do that! While the purpose of this series is to … Continue reading Guild Wars 2 vs. Rift vs. Trove: Part 3 (Character Creation)

Trove Springy Sporeling

Trove: Candy Barbarian revelead!

Trion Worlds made a news post revealing the candy barbarian yesterday. Or rather, revealing the skills that new class will have. We already know its name, after all. :) I'm going to be lazy and copy and paste the skills and their descriptions here: Gum Drop (Passive): When you hit (or are hit by) enemies, … Continue reading Trove: Candy Barbarian revelead!

Hello there, do I know you?

Perfect timing from Blizzard... Just when I feared I would have nothing to write about on the 4th day of NaBloPoMo, they sent me an email reminder that the offer of 7 free days of playtime in World of Warcraft is about to expire. I activated my account this morning, patched it and then went … Continue reading Hello there, do I know you?

Flummi’s new clothes…

I had originally wanted to show off my mesmer in her new gear yesterday. But it took me a while to figure out what I want. When I had finally decided what gear to get for her (which I'm not going into now, because I do not want to be told that I'm doing it … Continue reading Flummi’s new clothes…

GW2 Asura Mesmer

Mesmer and mantras

While idly browsing the official Guild Wars 2 forums, I stumbled over the balance thread again. I had completely forgotten about this one. In fact, the only detail I did remember was that thieves will get a change in their initiative gain. So I had a look at the parts for the warrior (nothing of … Continue reading Mesmer and mantras