GW2: Changes to some World Bosses

I was wondering how extensive the announced changes would be that ArenaNet patched in on Tuesday. Great Jungle Worm, Shadow Behemoth, Fire Elemental and Svanir Shaman Chief had their health buffed, their mechanics updated, skills rebalanced and their model updated (with the exception of the Fire Elemental). We’re also getting additional rewards when killing these bosses.

These are all easy world bosses, after all and – as it turns out, they still are! I went and fought all of them but the Great Jungle Worm on Tuesday evening. I haven’t done the Great Jungle Worm in ages and decided to skip that one now as well.

I could not notice many changes overall in either of the boss fights. The Shadow Behemoth seems to have more portals spawning every time it goes into that phase. The Fire Elemental still has that “wait 5 minutes” event where you’re basically standing around waiting for a mob to appear so you can hit it and get participation for said event.

I also have no idea about the model updates. The Shadow Behemoth looked as it always has. Maybe there are details updated? And the Shaman was hiding in the mass of players killing him. However, I noticed more green and blue items after we successfully killed the world bosses. So hurrah?

I don’t want to be all negative, though. I am just asking myself: “Will people even notice the change?”. But I think it is good that they are doing changes – even small ones – to older parts of the game. I assume it is all part of launching on Steam at some point and presenting the game as well as possible to new players. And new players are always good because it keeps the game fresh and populated.

Also, maybe the changes to the fights will be more noticeable when there’s fewer players around.

And as always when finishing the Fire Elemental, I once again decided that I really have to get a Matrix Cube Key at least once in my GW2-gaming life! I keep telling myself that and yet, I never went looking for one.


  1. Hmm. I might have to log in for the first time in weeks to check this out. I’ve done all of those so often I surely ought to be able to notice some diference, shouldn’t I? Also, I’ve never done the matrix cube key, either!

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    1. With the Fire Elemental, I can’t recall any changes other than the increased health pool. I think one event was missing from the Svanir Shaman. But the fight itself – well, you can see how much I couldn’t see on the screenshot. :p


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