Blaugust 2022: Here we go!

Blaugust 2022

It is time for another Blaugust! If you’re not familiar with it: Blaugust is a challenge and a community event (the link leads to our Discord channel). We’re trying to publish a post each day (or just 31 in total) throughout the month of August. Or, which is also valid: We are just trying to post to our blog more often than we usually do. Or, which is also valid: You may use Blaugust to start your own blog, connect to the rest of us Blaugustans (and thus, becoming part of said community), ask questions if you have any, get tips about blogging or just share your experience with other bloggers.

Maybe you’re wondering: I would have liked to join, but it’s started today and I didn’t plan ahead… or maybe you’re finding this post even later during August and are wondering: Can I still join? The answer is yes each time! You can plan ahead, make drafts for your posts or even already schedule some pre-written ones for August. But none of that is necessary!

You can read everything you need to know, including rules (yes, there are some, but nothing strict) and goals/achievements you can reach, in Belghast’s post about Blaugust. And then you may want to head here to sign-up. As I wrote already: There is no deadline! In theory, you can even join on the last day of August. For the fun of it. Or if you’re feeling like a sadist and want to write 31 posts in one day!


  1. I used to plan a lot of my content but currently favour a “what shall I write about today” approach. There is no one size fits all approach. The important thing is that people take part and have fun and not to worry about doing it “right”.

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    1. I guess the right approach is “what works best for you” which may be something completely different from one person to the next. It’s just sometimes a matter of time as well as trial and error to figure out what works best.


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