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Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight

We still have not heard anything from gamigo and their plans with the games they acquired from Trion. Of course, all of this doesn’t necessarily mean that Rift will be closed or that much will be changed for Rift as it is now. But I’m still not feeling too confident and decided to look for alternatives out there. Most of all, what other MMOs are there that give you a good solid housing like Rift does?

Thankfully, Massively OP wrote about this not too long ago and even included a nice poll (I love polls!). So according to the Massively OP staff and this poll with the gamers that voted there, Wildstar has the best housing system… Yeah.

Oddly enough, Rift didn’t get that many votes. I don’t know why, though. Either way, Elder Scrolls Online appears on that list. I do remember that before I decided to quit playing ESO, I got my very first tiny little free house. I’m not sure how much you can do in this game with the housing, but I decided that this is what I am going to find out by returning to ESO. Thankfully, I don’t even need to find a guild, as my characters are still in the guild that I’m also a part of in Rift. I am just not sure yet I will really like the housing, so my hope is that Rift will stay up for a long time to come!

Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight

Just when the sale of Trion Worlds was announced, Standing Stone Games announced that they will start a Legendary server for Lotro. This is not going to be a “classic server” recreating the original game when it first launched, but more a progression server where everybody starts from scratch and only the basic game will be available at first, putting the maximum level at 50 again until they give us the first expansion and let us progress further. In order to play on this server, you need to pay a sub or have a lifetime account – much like Rift Prime. Thankfully, I do have a lifetime account! I have also not set foot in Lotro in a long time. I only returned briefly to unlock new things like the Beorning class and the High Elf race. I don’t think that Lotro will be my “new game”, but since I do essentially have a paid account anyway, why not spend some time in this aging game and enjoy the nostalgic feeling for a bit?

Lotro Archet Scenery

And – of course – there is still Guild Wars 2 (still without housing). It’s just that I often find the combat is too hectic for my hand to deal with, even with the action camera mode (for which I still love ArenaNet SO much because without it, I couldn’t play the game at all anymore). I am still trying to get into playing a necromancer, because they are more sturdy than other professions… or they apparently were at some point when I first saw people talk about that. Any advice for a sturdy ranged attacking class/build (that isn’t a ranger) is appreciated, of course. :p


  1. YEa very sad news about Rift which I played since beta. The glaring silence by Gamigo is an ominous sign of things to come, at least speaks of no concern for dedicated players who love the game.
    In search of a new home I have started ESO as have some of my guildies. Any Rifter wanting a home in ESO is welcome to join in – Immortal Rifters on the EU megaserver – @Morykyra is my ID.

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  2. Necromancer is it, for GW2.

    I mean, theoretically you could put sturdy gear on any class and plink away forever at range, but with a shadow fiend to draw aggro, pure condition damage focus on a scepter autoattacking, you could go straight Viper (condition damage, power, precision) as a necro with no need to worry about losing damage potential and still be ungodly tanky.

    In case it isn’t enough, the Parasitic Contagion trait makes you even tankier at the cost of losing some condition damage potential.

    The time to kill is just slower than more glass cannon builds but that’s the tradeoff.


    1. Hmm… I used to play my mesmer with an ascended scepter, so she could hand it over to my necro. And yeah, that’s what I meant with sturdier. You can make them not be a glass cannon without having to sacrifice too much. So thanks. I’ll give that a try! :)


  3. The buyout by Gamigo sounds pretty terrible for Rift. I would never have thought Trion would be snapped up like that.
    In ESO the Inn Rooms you get for free are generally larger than the original Mara’s Kiss Pub room. The item placement is similar to Rift’s interface. I have the massive Psijic Villa because I had the Sommerset pack and lots of people did the work to earn it for everyone.
    Getting furniture is the tricky part. You can choose from a bed, brazier, or (empty) bookcase at level 18. You can buy from a guild store for really huge prices. If you’re in a guild, you may have much better access. I’ve been working to level a character in all crafts so I can make furniture, but I’m nowhere near being able to make a single thing though I’ve found dozens of recipes.
    There’s no build like a Ranger, I don’t think, but you can select bow skills, which I found to be more viable in a fight at level 15.


    1. The acquisition was apparently an alternative to declaring bankruptcy, so I guess it’s the lesser evil – at least for us players.

      I was a bit afraid that it may be difficult to get furniture in ESO without an auction house. Are there building blocks in ESO or is there only “complete furniture” pieces? For example, I made a whole kitchen with only planks, pillars etc.


  4. I’ve seen pieces for sale that seem as if you could build from them, what, I can’t fathom, but I don’t think you can build extensively as you can in Rift. Furniture seems to cost from 800-2500+ Gold per item, on Guild Stores, which my low level characters find to be pricey. I just keep doing the daily crafting writs and collecting those diagrams and blueprints.


  5. Have you tried Dragonhunter? I really enjoy having the Longbow, but still having all my other Guardian benefits. I also have had hand problems, so I steer clear of any class that requires too much frantic micromanaging or timed skills.


    1. Guardian is a class that, in theory, I should really really love to play – but I don’t. I’ve tried several times, but I cannot stand guardian. I don’t know why. :(


  6. Not sure if it will be your sort of game, but Mabinogi has a homestead feature. You get to design an instanced plot of land that your friends can visit. It can be super functional too, providing herbs and what not based on what you construct.


    1. Even though I tend not to judge a game by its looks, this doesn’t look like something I’d enjoy playing. :p But thanks for the suggestion anyway! I do kind of like looking at how MMOs implement housing, even if I don’t end up playing the game. :)


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