Wildstar E3 Pack: Gnix pet and Hoverboard

No, one can never have enough hoverboards. At least not in Wildstar. :p

Humble Bundle is selling the “E3 2016 Digital Ticket” with lots of goodies and a couple of games in between. I actually was not interested in most of those items (though I have always wanted to feel the excitement of being a mountain…) except for the Wildstar E3 Pack. The Flask of Advancement in this Wildstar pack is nice, as it gives you some extra experience and my alts will certainly be happy to receive this. I also did get the Junkyard Dog Hoverboard previously. Carbine handed it out to players who tested the new tutorial during a couple of specific time frames they had given. Those mounts were single-claim, though, meaning that only one character could get them on my account. Up to 4 of those hoverboards could be “earned”. With this bundle, all items are multi-claim which means that every character on your account can receive this bundle once.

The main reason I had to get this bundle, however, is the Gnix pet! It’s a little stone… something. My Granok (my main character’s race) is a big stone… something. They’re a match made in heaven! :D

The Wildstar pack is in the cheapest tier which means that you can pay only $1.00 to receive the item pack! That is certainly a bargain. And if you’re still not sure, you have about 7 more days to decide whether you want that bundle or not. And in case you’re not familiar with Humble Bundle, you can pay, e.g., $1.00 and later upgrade if you change your mind and want the next tier (for $4.00 which has the “more content coming soon” next to it).

What do you think?

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