NBI 2016: Screenshot prompt “The New”

A prompt to make a blog post with screenshots? I’m in! So, this is part of the “Newbie Blogger Initiative”. You can find more information on what the Newbie Blogger Initiative is in a previous post of mine (as well as in the other posts I’m linking to there).

But let’s get to the prompt itself:

This week I was thinking “the new”. A moment in game you experienced something unexpected, learnt something new, or just a visual element or object you had never seen before.

I tried to come up with something good, funny, creative – and I failed. But then I remembered my recent rant about expansions and the new regions introduced and figured: This is just perfect, isn’t it? “The new” parts of the world that an expansion gives a player: Guild Wars 2 expanded its world by giving its players more of the Maguuma Jungle, called “Heart of Maguuma”, while Rift gave us the Nightmare Tide zones. So, one features a jungle with trees and several floors to experience. They also added gliding, so you can vertically explore the game while the other gives us nightmares in a mostly underwater world. In my personal case, this really is a nightmare sometimes because of my phobia of “deep dark water” and “the things that live there”. So in case you are scared as well, be careful!

Rift’s Nightmare Tide was released in October 2014 and Guild Wars 2 released almost a year later in October 2015, which also means that both expansions are not exactly “new” anymore. But back then, they very much were, of course, and that’s where I’m digging for screenshots. So the screenshots you will see were taken when I first played in those new zones.

Rift: Nightmare Tide

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Maguuma


  1. Fantastic screenshots! I have gone through a good bit of the Nightmare Tide landscape aspect of RIFT myself, and certainly found it something different from the worlds we’ve seen before. It has plenty of detail, a nice variety of styles utilized for the various regions of that expansion, and is just a cool means to let us move around in a more vertical dimension to explore the fully underwater bits of the areas.

    Some of the creatures we meet, particularly the last shot you have, has a very Lovecraftian feel to it. The depths of Trion’s sea we explore here have some very nasty horrors that we possibly should have left be, as you put it so well! Nice GW2 shots as well – can’t say too much on them, as I’ve only played a small fraction of earlier content. Seems to have a great deal of detail, and I do like how much they let you explore the vistas of Tyria.

    Keep up the great work!

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    1. I’m sorry for not reacting to your comment earlier. Thank you for the kind words. :)

      I really appreciate what Trion did here. It’s just that the lore around it bothers me as I really don’t like it at all. Other than that, I agree. The way they designed it, the way they made the new zones look, is amazing. And even though the different parts between “here you swim and here you don’t” were a bit confusing at first, I really like it now. Having everything as “being in the water” would probably become tedious at some point. But the way they did it, only some parts are like that and others are not and I like jumping into that wall of water to swim upwards. :p


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