Guild Wars 2: Divinity’s Reach Screenshot Gallery

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8 comments on “Guild Wars 2: Divinity’s Reach Screenshot Gallery
  1. Rakuno says:

    I will admit my first reaction to Divinity’s Reach was the same as yours. Sure, the architecture was nice and it looked more like a city than the usual “cities” in other MMORPGs, but it was still just a medieval city, right?

    Well, from this gallery and screenshots I saw in other blogs I can see how wrong I was! Next time I play a human I think I am going to spend a lot more time walking around the city to explore it more properly. :)

    Thank you for the amazing screenshots once again! :)


    • paeroka says:

      When I started, I was sure I’d prefer Hoelbrak over Divinity’s Reach but it turned out to be the other way around. Hoelbrak was rather bland. Amazing colours… in the sky. But the town itself… pretty small and boring. More like a village. But you’ll see those screenshots here soonish as well. ;)

      And thank you! :)


  2. Syl says:

    Awesome pics! DR is such a monumental city, they’ve certainly shown all other MMOs their place in terms of scale and details. One issue I do have with it though now that I’ve also traveled it myself, is that it’s almost ‘too big'; certainly for any type of medieval looking town (which would be narrow streets, close buildings etc.). the streets are so incredibly wide and the gates are so high that you wonder what giants the city was built for lol. :) I like the epicness, but I keep thinking the proportions are way off – it’s easy to feel lost in there.


    • paeroka says:

      There were a few corners where it didn’t feel that huge. It’s mostly the “main streets” in the city… so maybe that was done to show the other races how great the humans are? ;)

      From everything I have seen so far, I’ve liked Lion’s Arch the most. I am curious about Rata Sum as after reading the book where it was described a bit, I have certain expectations. Of course, seeing the city in one of the official videos only helped build that mental image and I hope the place will be as great as I imagine it to be. ;)


  3. ArcherAvatar says:

    I just love the visual aesthetics of this game… they’re soothing and beautiful, and awe inspiring. Looking at screenshots and videos between BWEs makes me feel “homesick” now. (Unless the video has folks not moving, not dodging, and not using their own healing… then they just piss me off.)

    TY for taking such care with the framing and selection of views. I really enjoyed the nostalgic feeling these gave me, and they are very well done indeed.


    • paeroka says:

      Awww, sorry about making you feel homesick. ;) I don’t have that feeling yet as I’m still waiting to set foot into Rata Sum… although I have really fallen in love with Lion’s Arch and I can see myself spending lots of time in there.


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