Day and Night Cycle in Guild Wars 2

It takes 2 hours for one day and night cycle to complete in Guild Wars 2. Very nice! I’ve always disliked the idea of having it in “real time” (I think World of Warcraft does it) because it takes so long to watch the sunset, which is my favourite time of the day in most games. ;)

This video was recorded, edited and uploaded by my silent half, bookahnerk.

I have also asked on Twitter whether if I should upload the screenshots from Divinity’s Reach or Hoelbrak next. Divinity’s Reach is in the lead (2:0) right now which actually isn’t surprising to me. I have always liked the look of Hoelbrak but from all cities that I have walked through and taken screenshots, I was actually rather bored with Hoelbrak. Still, both are pretty and have cool areas! We’ll see which one it will be soon.

What do you think?

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