One question that you’d desperately want to ask ArenaNet…

It sounds like the release of Guild Wars 2 is just around the corner. After waiting for years (which is a given seeing as it’s an MMORPG), it doesn’t feel long anymore at all. Then again, we have no clear date, so who knows, it might be December 31, 2012. ;)

But there are still many things unknown about the game. We haven’t actually heard or seen that much about World vs. World vs. World, for example. And I’m sure we all have a ton of questions that we’d still like answers to.

One thing that burns on our nails is the whole “server architecture” and “naming rules” part. Will we be able to choose a first name and a surname at character creation? And will our Guild Wars names be reserved? And if they will be, for how long? Will names be universally unique like they are now? Especially considering that they want to make it easy for us to switch between servers if we find out that half of our friends play somewhere else. And how will servers work, by the way? Will we be able to play with our US American friends or will we be restricted to EU servers? And will there be single-language servers? That is, will zee Germans and les French get their own servers again or will they have to mingle with the rest of Europe? The latter part would be great to know for me personally because I have some people that I’d like to play with but they’d play on German servers. And while I find it more relaxing to play on German servers because it is my mother’s tongue, after all, and sometimes I just don’t feel like concentrating on a foreign language, I still want to play on an English-speaking server because it’s just easier this way as it let’s me play with more people that I’ve gotten to know online.

The second question (we’re two people, we get to ask about two things ^^): What about the Collector’s Edition? What will it include? And how much will it cost? *bounces*

There are more questions but those are the ones that I’d really like to know the answer to. Of course, no matter which answer, I want to buy and play the game! ;)

So what about you, loyal readers of this blog and passers-by? If you could get one question* answered by somebody from ArenaNet, which one would it be?

* Yesyes, I know there are more than two questions up there, technically. But they belong to two topics, so they only count as two all together! ;)

6 thoughts on “One question that you’d desperately want to ask ArenaNet…

  1. Dabheid Dunlaine says:

    I’d ask “At what point in GW2 do all the races meet up (i.e. what town/outpost/mission/whatever do the races find common ground if they all start within specific Race storylines)???


    • paeroka says:

      You’re right. All we know so far is that we can leave our own area early to play together with other players that chose a different race. But we don’t know yet how much story a character gets before they naturally meet others. Now I want to know that, too! ^^


  2. Ellen says:

    I would want to ask them what they all really think of their fanbase. Yeah, meh, sure, it’s not a gameplay or content question, but I really do often wonder what they think of the rabid masses. The majority are happy with the game and couldn’t be more in love with it, but there is a surprisingly large amount of hostility among certain forums and communities, and some “fans” are not afraid to criticize and attempt to “correct” every little tiny detail ArenaNet shares with us. It embarrases me, frankly.

    Didn’t mean to monologue there, but yeah, that’d be my question, “What do you think of us?”


    • paeroka says:

      Well, that’d certainly be an interesting question. :)

      I like people who take what developers give them (that is, game mechanics, etc.) and theorize about them, think of ways how to do things differently and the possible effects those changes might have. What annoys me is when those people say that their way of doing it is a “fix” and so much better than what the developers made. But at least, so far, we’re mostly enthusiastic and excited fans. ;)

      Oh, and then there are those who hate NCSoft and thus, ArenaNet and Guild Wars, for being a “shitty Asia grinder”. ;)


    • paeroka says:

      Oh, that’d definitely be nice to know! I also hope that we will be able to play together with friends from “overseas” (wherever overseas is for each player).


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