Gaming Soundtracks by Jeremy Soule

Quite a generic title for this post. I’m sorry, I couldn’t think of anything witty. ;)

I’ve been wanting to write about game soundtracks for about a few days. Massively reminded me of that with their recent second post about MMO main themes. By the way, am I alone in (incorrectly) thinking the Norn theme is the main theme of Guild Wars 2? I’d realised it before and quickly forgot it again. For me, this theme IS the main theme. It’s so much more epic! This alone means I will have to make at least one Norn character! ;)

My question to you, dear readers, is: Do you know who Jeremy Soule is? If your answer is “no”, then go here and read. I never knew how influential he was. But Bookahnerk had been very excited when I mentioned his name at some point and he realised that it’s THIS Jeremy Soule that added the orchestral soundtrack to Total Annihilation. When we both mentioned him to a friend and told him that he’s the one behind the GW and also the GW2 soundtrack, he was very excited because he loves the Elder Scrolls soundtracks. This is about the only name of a composer for game soundtracks that I know, to be honest. But his name is worth knowing if you ask me. I can’t help it, I’m a fangirl. ;) Listen to the Norn theme of Guild Wars 2 and to the Skyrim main theme.

The reason I even had the idea of writing about soundtracks was that Bookahnerk had given me the Nightfall Collector’s Edition as a gift a few days ago. I was SO excited when I unwrapped the box. Nightfall is my favourite campaign – probably because it was the one that got me into Guild Wars (and I’d pulled him in subsequently). Speaking of Collector’s Editions: This one comes with two virtual items (a special dance emote and a mini pet), two pins showing two of GW’s skills, a little cardboard figure, two posters (one is a map), an artbook, a making of-DVD and the soundtrack DVD. Also, a special soundtrack song that you can download from – the only bad thing is that when I try to do so, all I get is “internal server error”. Very annoying and disappointing. I’ve already contacted their support but haven’t heard back from them yet. I want that song! Or even more than one? Either way, this is quite a Collector’s Edition. And seeing how much stuff was in there makes me hope that GW2 will have an equal Collector’s Edition. I actually don’t care so much about the virtual items. I want physical goodies! A cloth map would be awesome, though. And, of course, another artbook! And the soundtrack! And maybe a mini asura figurine… *squeals* Or maybe even a miniature version of Destiny’s Edge? But I digress. Bookahnerk has already written about what we’d like to see in a Collector’s Edition.

One of my favourite songs of the World of Warcraft soundtrack is the tavern song (I don’t remember the exact name, although it’s the “exclusive track” somewhere, I think?). Which made me realise: There are no taverns in Guild Wars, are there? Have I ever seen a bed in Guild Wars? Entered an inn? That’s something I really hope to see in Guild Wars 2 – especially the home instance. Those will have a bed for your character, I assume. :) And maybe even different songs for each home instance – or just the race’s themes which I’d be fine with (again, I need a Norn character!). I can’t wait to listen to all the songs that Jeremy Soule has composed and I hope they’ll be as good and atmospheric as what he’s been doing so far. If you ask me, it was pure genius of ArenaNet to hire him! Although I do wonder who decided it had to be Jeremy Soule to do all the game’s soundtracks including the sequel (must be part-Asura?). :)


  1. The music of Jeremy Soule is absolutely transcendant. The multiple tracks included in the “10 minutes of combat” video on youtube are something that I’ve just looped (with one track by Two Steps From Hell thrown inbetween) to listen to regularly while I’m gaming, reading, or writing.



    1. Awww. I had to fetch your comment out of the spam folder. WordPress doesn’t like youtube links. ;)

      We’ll listen to it in a minute. Thanks for linking those! :)


  2. Well I do know there are taverns in Guild Wars 2, I distinctly remember seeing one in the human starting tutorial mission thingy in a demo video. It was just a wood panel-walled, one-room tavern, with a bartender standing behind the bar, and one or two other NPC’s standing around inside. The door was open so the player character just walked right in and stood inside for a minute. It was freaking awesome.


    1. What I’m really hoping for is “living cities” (not in the Warhammer Online sense, though ^^). Cities that feel lively and crowded. I get that they can’t have huge cities that you walk around in for hours and hours – it’d be realistic but too time-consuming. ;) But I always thought it’s a bit silly to have a town like Menethil Harbour in WoW which consisted of maybe 5 or 6 houses and in the lore, this was a town with tens of thousands of inhabitants. At least, make those few inhabitants do something! Like… live there. Have them disappear at night or something like that – and reappear in the local tavern! *dreams* ;)


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