New Year – New World?

New World Character Meffanda

I admit that New World is slowly growing on me. It is so nice to log in and just grind a few mobs, maybe do a quest or two, get to the crafting stations and log out again. And at some point, I can even get myself a house!

The amount of server merges is a bit scary, though. There’s been some in November and now in January again. But since the game doesn’t cost me any money currently, there is nothing to lose should Amazon decide to close the game. On the other hand, they added improvements to the tutorial in the beginning. So there’s definitely some effort to get people into the game.

New World Fishing

The setting isn’t my favourite, though. I just prefer some good old fantasy worlds with dwarves and the like. Or something like asura, sylvari, etc. Anything but “humans only”.

But it’s giving me this feeling of exploring, figuring out the world, following nothing but my own nose – until I hit a higher level area, of course, and need to retreat quickly. It’s something I haven’t had since Guild Wars 2, I think… Speaking of fresh MMOs, that is, where you really don’t know your way around yet!

New World .´- Golden Fields

My current main character, Meffanda, is on US East – Maramma. After starting out on Themiscyra and being merged to Heliopolis before ending up on Maramma. The same happened to my characters on the EU servers. One I had only created but hadn’t been able to play because the queues had been super long! Weird how that is as she ended up being without a world (no idea how that worked with all the server merges… but maybe because she was an unplayed level 1 character).

She is merely level 13 and so far, I’ve been playing with sword and shield. I had a spear at one point but prefer my sword with my shield. I don’t know if it makes any difference. I am going with the assumption that this makes me sturdier. But I think it’s cool that I don’t have to pay any attention to what or how I want to play when creating my character! So basically, there are several positive things about New World and I’m curious to see what else the game offers.

What do you think?

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