Tenedra’s Yule Outfit

I saw this Yule outfit on Cosmetic Lotro yesterday and wanted to have it, too!

Unfortunately, my tailor doesn’t have the Forochel reputation yet and I haven’t so far found anybody to make it for me (our server’s AH is always rather empty, too – is that normal or is it just our server? We’re playing on Evernight). I don’t really want to spend 600 Turbine Points on it or else, I could’ve just bought it off the Turbine store. I also didn’t have any Forest Green nor was it available in the AH (again… *sigh*).

Thus, I had to improvise and here is the result. As you can see, I went for something a lot less “silly” (Christmassy? ^^) or “elfy”. But she’s a warden, a tank. She can’t have her enemies point and laugh at her, right? ;) Though I don’t know if her cute little Christmas skirt is that much better. ^^ She has the elk backpack, you just can’t see it on the picture properly. There’s a lot going on on her back now with the spear, the javelin and the elk antlers.

PS: If you do play on Evernight and can make Ceremonial Ajokoira Armour and Ceremonial Ajokoira Leggings, please contact me! We* have gold and we’ll pay for it!

*With “we” I mean bookahnerk. ;)

Thanks to a member of our former kin, we got the two items now. Yay! :oD


  1. Oooh! I love your outfit! I’ll have to take some snaps of what I’ve put together on mine… My tailor *does* have Forochel rep, but sadly, I’m on Brandywine. (Though if you’re ever out that way, let me know… I have a 75 mini/yeoman now, plus a level 8 Westfold scholar :) and I’ll definitely keep you well-supplied with food, booze, pipe-weed, and pretty colors. :)

    And I hadn’t even thought of using that Forochel outfit in green, oddly enough, even though in black and red it’s one of my favorites. I’ll have to try it, now!


    1. 75? My warden is still 73. ;) Though I’ve lost interest in the fighting and questing part of Lotro. I still do love the part where I go hunt items for my characters that they can wear cosmetically, though. In fact, I spent all my gaming time today trying to get a bit more Forochel rep and then logging back and forth to get all my new wardrobe items dyed in the different greens and red, so I can see which looks best for my winter outfit. ^^


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