Rift Prime and Nostalgia

Rift_Beta_Eth chloromancer

Trion chose a perfect time to launch their Rift Prime server. The game originally launched in March 2011 – and this little blog here got started in March 2011 as well. This is not a coincidence, however, as Rift (and the upcoming Guild Wars 2) was the main content I wrote about at that point. For this reason, March is always a very nostalgic month for me! It’s Rift’s 7th anniversary, but it’s also our blog’s 7th anniversary in a couple of days!

I still remember how I fell in love with Rift: I played during one of the beta weekend events or whatever it was. The game was lagging and I did not enjoy myself in there at all – yes, perfect start right there… ;) Coming from Warhammer Online, I was afraid that they could not get Rift to run properly either as the gameplay felt just as sluggish with a bad frame rate as WAR had done. I think it was two weeks later, that I got to try the game again and all the issues I’d had before were gone. The game ran perfectly and smooth. Also, the game itself intrigued me – and they finally had me when I’d gone AFK with my character just to return to the game and find the corner I’d put the character in overrun by enemy NPCs!

Rift_Beta_Eth chloromancer

I also clearly remember how much I loved my Eth chloromancer. Dealing damage and healing at the same time was so much fun! And in just a couple of hours, Rift Prime will launch and it’ll take us semi-back to the early days. As I understood it, it won’t be a 100 % copy of what we had back then. Some things will be like they are now. But I really love that they’re doing it anyway! The game’s expansion will be “released” later for Rift Prime.

Thankfully, we will also get two character slots on the Prime server, so I will not have to make the tough decision of whether I want to re-create my Eth chloromancer or play a female dwarf as I usually do nowadays. I will just get both! Dwarf cleric and Eth chloromancer. And then I’ll see which one I want to actually play – IF my left hand allows me to play, of course. I just hope that if there are a lot of people around, I can hop from rift to rift and level that way.

The server may come online around 8 pm my time and I think I am fully prepared. Dinner will be frozen fish that I’ll just put in the oven. Rice will be made with our rice cooker. So basically, the kitchen won’t need much of my attention. Moving boxes will stay where they are for the time being and apart from moving a few pieces of furniture, nothing else is planned for tonight. Oh yeah, once these pieces of furniture are moved, I will also have laid out perfect paths to navigate our flat in between shelves and moving boxes! Go me!