Giveaway no. 1: Guild Wars 2 “Launch” T-Shirt

Update: The Giveaway is now closed. We will go through all entries to make sure everybody is on our list. Then we will determine the winner.

We have hinted at it in our report about the GW2 booth that we have something to give away. The first part is a Guild Wars 2 t-shirt in size XL. We do not have any other sizes. Even I only got one in size XL – which, of course, is much too big for me. I still love it!


Before we get on to how you can enter the giveaway, let me show you some pictures of the t-shirt. This was handed out during the meet&greet in the evening that we have written about (see above).

The rules

1. If you want the t-shirt, leave a comment and:
a) tell us which part of Guild Wars 1 you would love to see again in Guild Wars 2. For example, Oola’s Lab in Eye of the North… wouldn’t that be great to randomly stumble upon it in Guild Wars 2 with your character then trying to access it (just a totally random example, of course. ^^).
b) tell us what you would love to see in a future expansion in Guild Wars 2. Yes, I know, the game isn’t even out yet and we’re already talking about expansions. We wanted to give those who do not know Guild Wars 1 well enough a way to take part in the giveaway, though. :)

2. Leave a valid email address when commenting. It will only be used by us for contacting the winner and nothing else! The best way to do that is to enter said email address into the “email” field. We can see that address but nobody else will be able to see it (if you instead put it into the body of your comment, everybody will see it)!

3. From all appropriate answers*, we will randomly draw the winner who we will then contact to ask for the address. Do NOT leave your real life address in the comments! Please reply to our email within 7 days. If you don’t do that, we will choose a different winner.

4. One entry per person (IP addresses are always logged by when somebody comments)! We reserve the right to exclude entries when we think you’re trying to cheat by entering multiple times. Stay fair, please. :) Also, people commenting on our blog for the first time won’t see their comment appear immediately. We’ll have to approve them manually, so please be patient. We will also regularly look at our spam folder to make sure nobody’s entry is missed. ;)

5. No debating about the outcome! We will draw randomly and everybody who comments with an appropriate answer has the same chance of winning. :)

6. The Giveaway is open for comments/participants until Friday, August 24, 2012, 7pm Berlin Time (this should give you the time for your time zone).

7. Last but not least, a word of warning: We usually prefer digital giveaways, because you can be sure that the winner receives their prize. Obviously, we will send the t-shirt via snail mail as the t-shirt doesn’t fit through the internet. We really hope you will receive your t-shirt and the post behaves, but we can’t guarantee it. I doubt it really has to be said, but there you go. As you can tell, we do not trust the post system too much. ;)

*Obvious troll comments, “easy one-word answers”, etc. will not count. We want you to think about your answer for a bit and put in some effort, at least. :)

49 thoughts on “Giveaway no. 1: Guild Wars 2 “Launch” T-Shirt

  1. Alexander Ásgeirsson says:

    i’d love to see some of the classic armors in guild wars 2, maybe some of them are there, i havent played yet, saving myself for launch.


  2. Kornysh says:

    I’d love to see some of the Dwarven towns/outposts again, most of all Thunderhead Keep. That place brings back memories of getting my first 15k armour, running the mission over and over with my first guild and, of course, the Monk Strikes.


  3. xinanigans says:

    I would LOVE to see cantha again and visit the Asian-esque lands again. In that addition, a canthan expansion would be awesome! I know that means we’d have to defeat a few dragons first, but I am still hoping!!


  4. Ng Junyuan says:

    (b) For a future expansion of gw2, I’d like to see the story progress with the elder dragons and perhaps more ways of experiencing world vs world vs world (they gave us siege weapons this time! Can they top it?)


  5. Tony says:

    For a future expansion I would like to see the oceans open up. Crafting skills could be used to build ships, from one player row boat to a guild size tall mast ship, that would be used for travel/fishing/piracy/sea battles.


  6. karasu says:

    I’m looking forward to what has become of Sorrow’s Furnace. As for expansion the Crystal Desert and the story of what has become to Glint’s babies is something I’m really curious about.


  7. Krythorian says:

    In an upcomming expansion I would love to return to Vabbi and the Elonian dessert just to see how it goes for them now.


  8. Seriously Mike says:

    I would love to revisit Cantha in GW2. I started playing GW1 from Factions, I enjoyed it, I want more.
    Also, what’d Guild Wars 2 be without the holidays we know and love from GW1?

    (if my e-mail address doesn’t show, it’s bjornwestlander MONKEY – MONKEY is the “at” sign)


  9. Glenn De Loor says:

    As many people will agree, the Dervish class was pretty awesome!
    As for an expansion, I would love to see some kind of flying mounts!


  10. mmochick says:

    I also would love to go back to the vabbi, that place was so pretty with its flying carpets and pretty plant statues everywhere. I remember the first time I got there I was amazed such a beautiful place was stuck in the middle of a desert.
    I also loved the dervish and would love to see one and check in on elona in an expansion :)


  11. Decomposing Brains says:

    What i’d love to see was a grave dedicated to our GW1 character in the human town (if your character was human, this grave would be in the private area of your character, otherwise could be seen in a alie’s private area) or in a destroyed (or semi) “Eye of the north” once the time to fight jormag comes


  12. ChrisR says:

    In an expansion, if they add a new race, I’d like to see Tengu (and/or Quaggan! :) ) as a playable race.


  13. regendo says:

    I originally wanted to say that I’d love to see some of the armoursets from the original Guild Wars games again, but actually, I found out just today that there are some of these in the gem store.
    Therefore, I answer question 1b: I’d love to see Tengu vs. the Dragon Empire in an Guild Wars 2 expansion (didn’t check if anyone else already said this, I hope it doesn’t matter).

    I believe my email adress is already shown anyways since I’m logged in, but in case it isn’t:


  14. Dari Schulz says:

    I loved the “two-class-combining” – that you can choose two of them and combine their skills. What I really want to see are big dungeons (beside PvP is great, but I also love PvW).. so… big dungeons with more players than 5 :9 That would be great.


  15. chilari says:

    I’d like to see Verata make a return. He was always fun as a necro teacher in presearing and then as a big bad in Kessex Peak. He’s got life preserving skills, so why shouldn’t he return as a ghost or lich?


  16. Spinestalker says:

    I cant wait to see the other lands, especially to see what is going on with Elona, my favorite place from the original.


  17. Sjaco Pellikaan says:

    I’d love to see what happened to Cantha, since in the movement of the world it says it’s isolated and the last known emperor is the son of the emperor in factions. Also the jade wind’s effects are fading and the forest is coming back to life and the sea is becoming water again.


  18. Chris L says:

    This works for both questions: I really can’t wait to go back to the crystal dessert, I have a lot of memories there.


  19. Scott Carey says:

    1b. I would love too see some sort of evolution within the game, so like the evolution of technology within expansions the technology gets better and better. and mechanical objects get upgrades and new sorts of siege weapons and structures. Making this would really add a sense of realism to it.


  20. Middreks says:

    b) I would like to see more sPvP maps, dungeons and open world epic events in an upcoming expansion. An addition of a new race and/or class would also be nice :)


  21. Wergath says:

    “Tell us what you would love to see in a future expansion in Guild Wars 2.”
    In a future expansion, I would love to see a massive attack on tyria by the Asuran meta krewe, the Inquest. More specifically, I would like to see them find an invention in one of the abandoned Asura labs that is so volatile it threatens the very core of Tyria itself. The Inquest would -naturally- boast about their new find to the rest of tyria and thus the players.

    Players would then have to fight their way through the well-guarded and trap-filled Lab, knocking out scientists as they go before finally facing the Invention. In my imagination, it would be some kind of elemental golem initially built by its inventor to study the eternal alchemy on an elemental level. And then miss used by the Inquest to scramble the elements down to their basic, more manipulatable, cores.


  22. Quise says:

    b) In future expansion i want to get back to Cantha and get oportunity to swim in Jade Sea and run throught green Echovald Forest.


  23. Kida says:

    a) I’d love to see the return of some of the characters in GW1 and how they have changed during the transition from gw1 to gw2, overall, i would like to see a rich lore connecting the story of gw1 into gw2.


  24. Tommy Duong says:

    I’d love to revisit places in Tyria such as Ascalon, the Crystal Deserts, and the Mausoleum after 250 years to see the dynamic changes when I had played Guild Wars Prophecies as a kid. That would certainly bring back some wonderful memories!


  25. ace1026 says:

    (a) I would like to see the hero system in guild wars 2 , I liked being able to add a hero to my group to quest when friends weren’t on.


  26. soulwblood says:

    I’d love to be able to cross the crystal desert to Elona in a future expansion :) that would be sweet ^^. Maybe we’ll have to follow Palawa Joko there :p


  27. Kim Oehlenschläger says:

    I really looking forward to Primordus when we finally get there :D Hurray for Ragnarok of Primordus :D


  28. Ashley Fisher says:

    I really would love to see them put the Lich costumes into GW2, I always wore that on my chars in GW1. It made my necro feel more awesome and deadly :)


  29. Kadja says:

    I would love to see Professor Yakkington again, he could for example have been frozen in one of his wanderings with Nicholas and thawed around the time we start playing :) he is so adorable with all the packages he carries and the actions anet has given him like:

    *Yakkington sniffs at your pockets a bit, and then nuzzles his head underneath your hand for a pet.*

    I just have a uncontrollable fascination for this character, additionally this would possibly bring back the weekly scavenge hunt from nicholas most of gw1 players are used to, and at least for me will definitely be a very nostalgic thing to bring back!


  30. Markb says:

    I’d like to see some traces of the very first missions of the original…the one where you spot charr over the wall, go toot the horn and such, mostly cause when I was bored I used to head back and go do these ones alone or with some new folks standing around.
    What I would like to see in future expansions is …A fight with zaitan, where you parachute of an airship and land on his back to then blow his armor of…wait…sounds familiar…never mind
    What I would like in expansions is to see those awesome cities receiving some war. They lack most of the strategics of wvwvw keeps, but I can’t help enjoying the idea of leaping through the streets of Divinity reach, all out guerilla warfare, fights going on where i have fond memories of sitting down to watch the surroundings


  31. Kaden says:

    After getting a look at the wall that encloses the Dominion of Winds I really want to look further. There are ruins already scattered all over the world but the jungle vines growing over the wall fit better into my mental concept of ruins waiting to be explored. I don’t think it will be abandoned inside but I like the architecture and setting enough that I want to look further.


  32. Jeshe says:

    For what I’d like to see in a future expansion, I’d love to see the Mursaat again (provided we won’t see them in the game already). The wiki has hinted that they might be back. That’d be awesome to see how much ArenaNet has changed them since GW1. They were a pain in the arse to fight, but I loved the way they looked. Same with the Jade Armors.


  33. Bryan says:

    a) I’d like to see the Ring of Fire since I suspect it’s been affected by the rising of Orr. Hopefully ANet didn’t just submerge it because it seems like an easy fix and they have a lot of story potential for it.

    b) Oh I definitely want some mounts or something along those lines, even if it’s purely for aesthetic reasons. I really really want mounts just because I want it. Haha.


  34. Aery says:

    As far as things from Guild Wars 1 I would love to be able to see again in Guild Wars 2, I think it would be great to be able to visit all of Cantha again, I love the whole setting and asian influences and just think it’s very breathtaking in general. Just think how much better it would look in HD! It’d also be great to be able to play as a riitualist again – probably my favorite class and always thought the character designs for them were really cool looking. :)


  35. Wedge7 says:

    Like many people have said above, I would love to revisit Cantha and see the changes that have occurred there in 250 years. Has the Jade Sea reverted back to an actual sea? Is the Echovald Forest alive again? What have the Luxons and Kurzicks been up to? Is Kaineng City still overcrowded and ramshackle, or has it grown and evolved?

    I guess this comment is both A and B, as I would love to see Cantha in GW2, and Cantha would make a great expansion for GW2 (along with Tengu as a playable race!).


  36. Cariadwyn says:

    I really would love to see housing in a future expansion. If done with the same dedication and as detailed as the rest of the world we have been shown till now, it would be awesome. This goes for single player homes and for guild halls. I loved the housing system of Everquest 2 and its possibilities. I’d be blown away if Guild Wars 2 would get something like that. Toying with furniture of different racial styles, getting beautiful new pieces to add to your collection from vendors or perhaps events, maybe even crafting your own furniture as a carpenter? Count me in!


  37. D. Morissette says:

    I hope that we revisit Cantha and Elona sometime in the game’s life. I hated Cantha with a burning passion when I was playing through, such convoluted walkways and ambushes by bloody am-fah. Elona, however, was gorgeous.


  38. Love Lidengren says:

    I would really love to see Henge of Denravi again, and Aurora Glade. Yes, Maguuma was my fav area. Oh, and Abaddon’s Mouth! For future expansion though, I would looove to go back to Kaineng City and The Jade Sea! As much as I love the old armor’s and weapons of Prophecies (especially Icy Dragon Sword), I love Factions armor’s even more!


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