Surviving Mars

Personal Top 11 of 2018

The last time I've done such a list was in 2016. I started this blog post with the title as "top X", because I have no idea how many games this list will have in the end. When trying to figure out which games should be on the list, my first stop was my Steam … Continue reading Personal Top 11 of 2018


Summer sales – uh oh…

What did I say about too many games, but not enough time? I completely forgot about summer sales. But so far, I've been a good little geek. I bought SimAirport which has been on my wishlist forever. Since it's early access, I was very careful at first and didn't want to buy it right away. … Continue reading Summer sales – uh oh…

Ghost of a Tale - main character

Games/Expansions in 2018 that I’m anticipating

New year, new games! For me, 2018 begins with a hopefully great expansion coming: Civilization VI's "Rise and Fall". It will be released on February 8, which coincides with me leaving my current job. It also coincides with us moving across the country, but that will happen later that month. So in between packing our … Continue reading Games/Expansions in 2018 that I’m anticipating