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Coming to Trove next: Welcome Screen, Meownts & Budgies

Trove_Treasure Isles Biome

Trove’s development isn’t slowing down. Here you can find the written notes from last Friday’s livestream. You can also watch the video on Twitch. Everything they showed during the livestream (as opposed to merely mentioning and talking about it) will

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The Vox Budgie!

Trove is already finished with updating and the first thing I did now was log in, log out, switch to Rift and grab that little mount out of my inbox. It’s “bind on pickup”, so you can’t trade or sell

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Coming to Trove next: Water update, Pirate Captain, more mounts…

Yesterday’s Trove livestream on Twitch brought us some news on what to expect next in the game. I tried to catch and write down all the interesting bits: Dances, new mounts, information on the next new class (the Pirate Captain),

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Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (January 18, 2015)

Welcome to the first Bookahneer’s Geekwatch in 2015! The Geekwatch is the place where we post about miscellaneous gaming news that we find interesting. Something is coming to Guild Wars 2. We know that this something is called “Heart of

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Trove Robo Raptor mount

trove feature image

Sometimes, I can’t believe my luck. I had a look at the dev trackers I’m following earlier today (for Guild Wars 2, Trove and Rift) and saw this post where Ocho explains that the Robo Raptor mount in Trove is

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