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Coming to Trove next: Welcome Screen, Meownts & Budgies

Trove’s development isn’t slowing down. Here you can find the written notes from last Friday’s livestream. You can also watch the video on Twitch. Everything they showed during the livestream (as opposed to merely mentioning and talking about it) will go live this Tuesday!

The video settings will find a place in the user interface, so you won’t have to memorize what to type in order to activate them. I just wish they would add that to the club interface as well. Anyway, another time, I suppose. :)

Trove Graphic Settings

Graphic Settings

As Avarem mentioned in the last “AMA” in the Twitch chat, they are going to add more things to buy with glim. I am usually around 10k glim, so 60k sounds like a lot of new stuff but not too much to be overwhelming. You literally get glim by just riding through the world (the grass and flowers on the ground can be harvested when you ride through it with your mount and it drops glim) or fished up. So, no matter whether you take time out of adventuring to go fishing or if you just go adventuring (which will always have you on a mount because it’s much faster to travel this way), you will earn glim! I am mostly looking forward to the new mounts.

So far, we have had a lot of dog-mounts, the Pemblocks. Finally, the cat-lovers among us will get their mounts as well: Meownts are entering Trove! They will basically work like Pemblocks do. You need the basic mount (“Pemblock” or “Meownt”) to craft the special versions. So when you drop your first Meownt (or Pemblock), you will have to make a choice whether to keep the basic version as a mount or use it in the crafting station to craft another version, e.g., the Permafrost Meownt.

Trove Permafrost Meownt

Permafrost Meownt

For me, the biggest addition to the game will be the new Welcome Screen. It won’t just say “Hello! Good to see you again!” it will also tell you about the bonuses that will be active on every single weekday. This is a new feature. So far, we can get 500 cubits by doing the star-quest every day and that amount is raised to 1000 on Saturdays and Sundays. Additionally, we will get different bonuses on the other week days: Mondays will be +20 % for harvesting (this is related to the gardening profession). Tuesdays, you will get +50 % ore when out in the world mining. On Wednesdays, you will get 100 % more glim from adventuring. This is important: It is NOT more glim by fishing, but by riding through the world on your mount as explained above. On Thursdays, monsters will drop more special crafting items (bleached bones, faerie dust and so on) as well as adventure boxes. The items within the adventure boxes will have the same drop chances as on any other days. And on Fridays, you will get 50 % more shards from doing Shadow Arenas and Dark Hearts (those are in the sky biome).

Trove Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen on the live server after the patch (April 28)

So far, when I did not have much time for playing Trove, I saved my gaming time for Saturday or Sunday to get more cubits. But now, with the new bonuses every day, I can choose which bonus I want and try to get some gaming time in on that day. The only downside I see is that if, for example, you always have to work late on Thursdays, you will always miss out on that bonus as the bonuses are specific to certain days. But in the long run, these may not even make such a big difference.

Trove Pink Budgie Buddy

Pink Budgie Buddy

The new Welcome Screen will also show you what kind of Adventure Boxes are currently dropping. The new ones (probably also releasing this Tuesday, I assume) are Budgie ones which can contain a Budgie mount. No longer are those Rift-only. :p The general drop rate for Adventure boxes will be reduced come next patch, by the way, but as mentioned above, the drop rate will be increased on Thursdays. So if you’re really only after the Budgie and have limited play time, try to get gaming time in on Thursdays. Of course, I brought up the example of work and Thursdays because that is the one day during the week where I have to work longer and won’t have that much time to game. :p But yeah, I don’t think this will be a big issue. One day, I will have my Budgie!

The Vox Budgie!

Rift_Vox Budgie_itemTrove is already finished with updating and the first thing I did now was log in, log out, switch to Rift and grab that little mount out of my inbox. It’s “bind on pickup”, so you can’t trade or sell it to other players. You will get this mount with every character on your account! You should probably just make sure that you’re using the same Glyph Account for Trove and for Rift so that your accounts are basically “linked”.

Without further ado, here is my dwarf on her new Vox Budgie which every Rift player can get by levelling one class to level 20 in Trove. Trove is free to play, so there’s no money barrier stopping you from getting that sweet little cutie.

Coming to Trove next: Water update, Pirate Captain, more mounts…

Yesterday’s Trove livestream on Twitch brought us some news on what to expect next in the game. I tried to catch and write down all the interesting bits: Dances, new mounts, information on the next new class (the Pirate Captain), the water and underground updates, recent additions to the game and upcoming changes to existing things.


They started by showing dances! Every class will have its own specific dance and the Dracolyte will apparently get two: The Dracolyte’s dragon form has a gangnam style dance.

Trove Dracolyte dance

Dracolyte dancing Gangnam Style


After that, they showed us four new mounts. The first, the War Horse, was designed by Trion. It leaves little hoof prints on the ground, but seems to be lacking legs… Anyway, interesting dark look there!

Trove War Horse

War Horse

The other three mounts were designed by players and will enter the game soon. I remember seeing two of them on the forums and really liked the design, so I’m excited to get them! Scoops is a little ice-cream panda bear. It’s just fitting that you will need cupcakes to make it. The tail is a cherry and it has a spoon in its mouth ready for ice-cream, obviously! So, save your cupcakes if you want this mount, just to be sure you won’t have to spend hours grinding for them (I have no idea how many you’ll need…).

Gadget Cat looks like a robot-y mount, but you will get it from the pirates. Flux was mentioned, but I’m not sure if that was a definite “you will get it for flux” announcement.

The third is one that hadn’t caught my attention on the forum, but the Shadow Angler certainly looks cool! This apparently will be tied to fishing which is a new profession that we’ll get at some point in the near future. Either way, both fishing and pemblock were mentioned, so we’ll see how exactly we can get our hands on this mount.

By the way: If you make a costume or a mount and it gets added to the game (you need to build up hype from the player community for that to happen), you will receive 10k credits and 300 codes for the item that you can give away as you like.


Mounts recently added

They also showed two mounts that were added with the sky update. The Floating Formula is based on the carpet mount and you can get it from Runecrafting, the latest crafting profession added to Trove. The second mount, the Nimble Nimbus, is a cloud-mount. It drops (very rarely) out of crystallized clouds which can be found in the new sky biome.

Water Update

The next update will focus on the water areas. Before they added the sky biome, they had already added the pirate ships where you can exchange glim and flux for allies, mounts etc. But this was just the first step and we’ll get to see more work done in the water area within the next month, apparently. Boats were mentioned in the livestream. The sea water will also be higher with the update. Sea of Regret will probably be raised sooner than Sea of Tranquility when they add boats.

They did not go into too much detail, but we know that they’ll add deep water, boats, fishing and a water-based class, the Pirate Captain. Unfortunately, they could not show the new class yet. The concept is done, but that’s about it, apparently. They did tell us that it’ll use one pistol as its weapon.

Underground Update

They did not stop there with the announcements of what’s coming next. Once the water update is done, the underground areas will get updated as well! Of course, we got even less details about that area, but they could already tell us that we’ll get a complete underground world with mag rails and even caves that are underwater (I guess it’s just very fitting to combine the water and underground systems while they’re at it… :p).

Other stuff

  • Trade chat will be increased to 150 people, up from 70.
  • Neon Ninja ultimate will pierce through NPCs. Not through walls or objects, though.
  • Sky Guardians are meant as optional, boss-like content in the sky. They are going to add more rewards that can drop in order to make the fights more appealing. They are hard to solo, but that is intended.
  • Trove has two designers and two animators. Small team, but the second animator was added recently, so it sounds like they are expanding. ;)
  • They will be at PAX East.

Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (January 18, 2015)

Guild Wars 2 Bookahneer's GeekwatchWelcome to the first Bookahneer’s Geekwatch in 2015! The Geekwatch is the place where we post about miscellaneous gaming news that we find interesting.

Something is coming to Guild Wars 2. We know that this something is called “Heart of Thorns” and that more information will be coming on January 24 during PAX. If you’re one of the many people who can’t go, there will be a livestream on Twitch as well. As usual, time zones may be confusing. The panel starts at 8.30 am PST. But for our convenience, ArenaNet added a Save the Date-page which lets you add this panel to your google, outlook or apple ical calendars. I tried it out with Google and it nicely adjusted the time to my local time zone (17.30 or 5.30 pm Berlin/Paris time, by the way!).

While playing Trove yesterday, a warning message was broadcasted to all players. With an upcoming patch, warpseed will be used to trade for treasure. The message says

Trovian economic update – Pirates are on the way and they want your warpseed in exchange for treasure, probably a good idea to start saving it

Trove_pirates want warpseed

I really like that Trion announces this upcoming addition in-game. I have seen it quite often that people who “only” play the game without hanging out on livestreams, Twitter or the official forums miss such announcements and then believe they get a good deal for a previously very cheap item because they did not realize it’s getting another use soon and will be worth a lot more at that point. As far as I know, we don’t have any details yet on what exactly those pirates give us in exchange, but “treasure” does sound promising, at least. I have stopped using my warpseed for gardening for the time being and am looking forward to giving it to pirates instead. Also… pirates! Who doesn’t love pirates? :)

And while I’m already talking about Trove: The game is still in beta, but the recent Producer Letter makes it sound like they want to get out of beta very soon. I guess this is going to be an exciting year for us Trove players!

Meanwhile, Rift is having another of their promo events where you can buy – rather expensive in my opinion – troves which may contain a neat mount. I love the design of the arclight rider, but I will not fall for gambling my hard-earned money just to maybe get said mount. Anyway, you can also do two dailies that give you 20 “enduring sourcestone battery” per day. For the low price of 850, you can buy that mount. The event started on January 15 and will end on January 22 giving you a maximum of 160 of that currency via those dailies. As you can see, you will need more of those promo events before you can buy the mount.

Rift_Capacitor Competency

Anyway, there is also a new minion, the “Mech Anik”. This is earned through an achievement called “Capacitor competency” which you can find in the “Promotions” achievements tab. There is a 5 minutes minion mission (“Arclight Rider Power Couplings”) found in the usual 1 minute XP mission stack. Once you have completed this mission 10 times, you get this minion card sent via in-game mail. Please note that this mission appears randomly in the 1 minute XP mission stack. It is also apparently on a cooldown. So, after you have completed it, it won’t immediately reappear in that mission stack. Bookahnerk had a pause of 17 minutes between two of them. I had a break of about 20 minutes in between two of those missions.

Trove Robo Raptor mount

Trove_Robo raptor mount 1Sometimes, I can’t believe my luck. I had a look at the dev trackers I’m following earlier today (for Guild Wars 2, Trove and Rift) and saw this post where Ocho explains that the Robo Raptor mount in Trove is an exclusive giveaway item they are handing out to streamers in order to help promote them.

I had a look at who was streaming Trove a bit after that. The first streamer with the most viewers was one of those with loud music going on (usually not the gaming soundtrack) and I can’t stand that. Music in the background is fine. But I watch streams to see the game and hear about it or at the very least, hear what the streamer has to say. The second one I clicked on was Sirregular. Exactly the kind of streamer I prefer. The music can barely be heard. ;)

Trove_Robo raptor mount 2Anyway, he gave away two Robo Raptors today (he has a few more codes, in case you’re looking for Trove streamers where you can win that mount) and guess who won the second code? Yes, ME! I don’t know how much I’ve already won that was Trion-related. Probably too much for my own good.
I jumped right into the game to have a look at this mount. It’s so cute! Probably a perfect fit for when I’m playing my dracolyte (I was too excited to take screenshots, so I didn’t switch my class from knight to dracolyte now).

As it turns out, there was no need for that filler blog post earlier. I could have just waited a bit… ;)

If you want one for yourself, go watch this site. Quite a few streamers put it in their headline if they have a giveaway.

LotRO: PAX/GC-mount giveaway

Yes, you read the headline correctly. We have a giveaway. As I’d hinted (very subtly ;) ) in one of my previous entries, we brought back 6 extra coupons for mounts (people got them but didn’t always want them). You can see it in the picture on the left.

Steeds of Middle Earth have a picture of it as well (see: Cremello Mount).

In order to participate in the giveaway, you only need to answer one question: What is the name of the dragon in the new 24 man dragon raid coming with Rise of Isengard?

You can reply here via comments until September 2, 2011, 23.59 Paris time (CET+1). This, coincidentally, is my birthday. I thought it would be nice to give away stuff on my own birthday. ;) (though technically, I’ll give it away on September 3, so one day after my birthday. But close enough! ^^)

Important things to note:

  • Leave a valid email address when commenting ( It will only be used by us for contacting the winners and nothing else!).
  • From all correct answers, we will randomly draw the winners.
  • We will then contact the winners first to make sure that their email address is valid and once you’ve replied, you will get your code.
  • This is because all codes have to be entered before the end of September 26 and we’d hate to send it away and it never gets activated.
  • One entry per person (IP addresses are always logged by wordpress.com when somebody comments)!
  • We have 6 coupons to give away. So 6 of you can win!
  • No debating about the outcome! We will draw randomly and everybody who answers correctly has the same chance of winning. :)
  • Edit: It’s September 3. My birthday is over and with it, the giveaway as well. We will now draw the winners and will contact them!

    Rift vs. LotRO vs. World of Warcraft – a closer look at all three MMOs (Part 8)

    Part 1: How much do the games cost and which extra security against hacked accounts do they offer?
    Part 2: What can I play (races and classes?)
    Part 3: What do the games look like?
    Part 4: What’s there to fight against (PvE)?
    Part 5: Who’s there to fight (PvP)?
    Part 6: Crafting
    Part 7: I want to be on my own sometimes (- or: What can do I solo?)

    Today’s topic: Fluff (aka “other”)

    Stuff to collect: Yep, all games have stuff you can collect. I have already mentioned the non-combat pets for Rift and WoW. LotRO does NOT have non-combat pets. If I remember correctly, I read somewhere that non-combat pets would cause too many issues with server performance. So only Loremasters can have them (they are LotRO’s pet class) – but when they have one of those little companions with them, they can’t have a regular combat pet out. So in this case, it probably doesn’t cause any extra stress on the poor servers. ;) The screenshot shows my dwarf in WoW with a little tree pet. It gets smaller and smaller the longer it’s out but once it gets into the water, it grows back to its regular size.

    All three games offer a variety of mounts. “Unfortunately” for LotRO, they are bound to Tolkien’s lore. So there are no rideable dragons or unicorns (or sparkling ponies – although I do have a glittering pony). Only goats, horses and ponies are available. Rift has standard horses but also weird looking Yarnosaurs and turtles. They also have mechanical horses. I would say that WoW offers the biggest variety with flying and ground mounts: Horses, dragons, motorcycles, mammoths – you name it, they probably got it. ;) The screenshot on the left shows my warden on her summer festival mount. The next screenshot on the left (a bit further below) shows my character in WoW on her flying dragon. The one below that one, on the right, shows my goblin on her “mount” (well, trike, obviously).

    Housing comes up sooner or later when people ask about MMOs. Unfortunately, most developers answer with: “Not in our game, no.” Only LotRO has housing. This, in itself, is very nice. And you can have a sweet little house. However, compared to how other games with houses solved this, I am sorry to say it but LotRO’s housing stinks! You have “hooks” which are predefined areas in a house where only certain items can go. For example: A rug can only go on two or three places in your house. No, you can’t put it in the corner. It’s either in the middle of the room or nowhere at all. You also can’t put a bed in the corner with a shelf next to it and a little stool. If there’s no hook for it, there is no way to put all the furniture next to each other. That’s especially fun when you have a table and a chair. Nope, don’t even think about putting them there next to each other where it’d make sense. ;) You also can’t give a different wall colour to every room. In some cases, two rooms only have one slot for the wall paint. So, it is very restricted! And even though players have been asking for changes over and over again, it doesn’t seem that Turbine sees this high on their priority list. Which is too bad but I guess I am in the minority when I say that I love housing and that’s a big part of what keeps me playing a game. If you want to decide between those three MMOs and you absolutely must have housing, then LotRO is the choice for you.

    Also a nice thing for collectors: Titles. There are a ton of titles in LotRO. My hobbit is very proud to be the “Little Wonder” which she had gotten for finding different items in the newest zone Enedwaith. I don’t know if it is complete, but here is a list of titles. WoW has titles as well. Note that you can have a title in front of your name or at the end of your name here. Last but not least, titles in Rift.

    WoW and LotRO also offer festivals that fall accordingly to our RL holidays like Christmas, Easter,… LotRO also has a summer festival, WoW has Children’s week and so on. The screenshot on the left shows the maze in LotRO. It’s quite fun to run through it and there are several quests, even timed ones, that lead you through the maze. During these festivals, you can also usually get a new mount or non-combat pets (the latter only in WoW and not in LotRO). Unfortunately, WoW is not friendly to low level players! During the first WoW Brewfest (yes, on time for Germany’s Oktoberfest ;) ), they had fun ram races where you could get a Brewfest Ram for levels 40+. The next year, those rams were not available anymore and you had to be at max level in order to get the faster version of this ram. There was no explanation as to why the low level ram was removed. It just was. Luckily, those who had already gotten the ram in the first year could keep it (and upgrade it to the faster version). LotRO placed all its festival areas into the low level regions. There’s usually no problem at all to participate as a low level character! I don’t know if Rift offers festivals like this. They had a special event some time ago, though, with special rifts taking place all over the world and there were some open world bosses to defeat. Participation in the rifts and doing some special dailies gave you a special currency which could be turned in for special rewards. I think I chose another non-combat pet.

    WoW and LotRO offer addons. WoW has had them for a long time and thus, the addons are usually of a very good quality. It is also easy to install, maintain, load or unload addons. LotRO’s addons (or plugins, as they are called) are still in beta. If you have several plugins, you need to load them all manually by typing something like “load plugin XY”. Imagine what that is like when you have a ton of plugins. ;) Of course, plugin developers solved that problem by programming plugin managers. So you only need to load this plugin manager and can then load the other plugins easily without having to type any further commands. Plugins in LotRO are also heavily restricted in what they can do compared to WoW (no looking at the items in your alt’s bank while you are logged into your main character, for example). All in all, the current system leaves a lot to be desired especially when looking at the usability and the plugin interface. You also need to go to Turbine’s forum to the plugin section, find the appropriate thread with a specific download link and download some folders without which a lot of plugins would not work. Hopefully, Turbine can move that whole development out of beta soon and make it easier to use (it started last autumn, I think, when LotRO turned f2p). Still, there are a few addons that I’ve tested and really like. The screenshot on the left shows Palantir: the percentages on the left and the right show her health and power. The bar below my character has spaces to put pots in that are used to get rid of debuffs. The bar on the right shows a buff she’s just activated and how long it’s still active. This bar also shows debuffs if there are any on her. The screenshot on the right shows my character in Rift after she used some item that temporarily changed her appearance. The next two screenshots show mounts in Rift next to the mount vendor.

    Plugins/addons are often criticised. Especially when they are made mandatory by your fellow gamers or used in a way to easily spot the “n00bs” and make fun of them – or kick them from your group. There is the infamous “Damage meter” in WoW which shows everybody how much damage you have done and if it is not enough, you are ridiculed (well, not by everybody, of course. But it has happened!). And then there is Gearscore which adds all your items’ item levels. This alone doesn’t say anything about your skill as a player. It just says how great your gear is. And players started to not invite other players who did not have a high gearscore – even for content where a high gearscore was not necessary. But some players think another player with better items means that they must be a good player. Or, to turn the argument around: A player with a low gearscore must be a new (and thus, bad – or not-good, player) and thus, they would not want to have them in their raid.

    Trion is working on addons for Rift. So currently there are none in the game.

    Cosmetic items: Both Rift and LotRO let you equip items “cosmetically”. You can wear your regular gear but have the appearance of other items. That is very nice if there is this one item that is SO much better than your current one but you don’t like its look at all. LotRO supports this system by having tons of cosmetic items that don’t have any stats on them but only have a nice appearance. If you want to see some examples, have a look at Lotro Stylist and Cosmetic Lotro, two blogs that show different outfits that you can put together. WoW has no such thing. Rift and LotRO also let you dye your gear in different colours. Again, WoW has no such thing.