Lotro Archet Scenery

Returning to LotRO

I did say I'm giving Elder Scrolls Online another try, didn't I? But when I was looking for an alternative to Rift, I also remembered LotRO - well, that, plus they announced the Legendary server. I have a lifetime account, so returning is quite easy for me. You get shop currency once a month with … Continue reading Returning to LotRO

Rift Greater Vicious Wyvern Beastmaster Pet

Pet classes and MMOs

I have often seen people ask "Will there be a pet class?" before an MMO released and it appears that this is the deciding factor in whether they're interested in the game. I personally am torn when it comes to these classes: I actually enjoy playing a pet class sometimes, but not as my main … Continue reading Pet classes and MMOs

Mini Geekwatch

Too bad we don't have pictures of baby asuras or I could've used one for this update. ;) The one announcement I'd been waiting for just came: Lotro's Yule Festival starts on December 20! Yaaay. They just tweeted it. That's good because rumour said that it won't be here until January. As you can probably … Continue reading Mini Geekwatch

Promotion time! ^^

As soon as we saw it, I created a Google+ page for us. So, if you like, follow us at Google+. We're going to be linking to our blog postings over there but so far, discussions or comments have been added there a lot more frequently (well, at my personal G+ account up until now … Continue reading Promotion time! ^^

MMORPGs and their expansions

Recently, there's been a lot of diversity regarding Lotro's upcoming expansion "Rise of Isengard". I'm not even going into the pricing "issue" now. But I've seen a lot of people argue about "there's not enough content to call it an expansion" and the other side that says "all I want is in there, so there … Continue reading MMORPGs and their expansions

Lotro Cremello Mounts: The winners were rolled

We used our 0 - 99 dice to decide for the 6 winners. Our winners are: 1. Sylvyn 2. Ferret 3. Sarah 4. Chris Galbraith 5. Saelarien 6. Immanuel We will send out the emails now (that is, within the next half an hour or so). Please respond to it! As we wrote in the … Continue reading Lotro Cremello Mounts: The winners were rolled

Contest at CSTM: “Secret Grove” Ring

Speaking of "giveaways", Casual Stroll to Mordor is having another contest. You can win a gorgeous ring (see the bigger picture here) by sending in a screenshot (no interface, no names, no photoshopping) of your character wearing his/her favourite outfit. Hop over to their website to read all about it and enter. It is open … Continue reading Contest at CSTM: “Secret Grove” Ring

Rise of Isengard – what will I get?

I preordered Rise of Isengard, LotRO's next expansion, as soon as it became available. However, I still don't know what I'll get. Three features are listed: 1) 3 new zones Dunland, Gap of Rohan and Isengard. With those, we'll get lots of new quests. Storywise and questwise, I will get something new and hopefully, it'll … Continue reading Rise of Isengard – what will I get?

Screenshots in Guild Wars 2

Rubi was one of the lucky people to visit ArenaNet and she has written about her experience playing Guild Wars 2 here. Now, apart from the good stuff (and me mostly skimming it because I don't want to know every detail before I've been able to play it myself :) ), one thing stood out … Continue reading Screenshots in Guild Wars 2