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Folk Tale: What has changed in the meantime?

It’s been 8 months since I wrote about my first impression of Folk Tale. The game is still an Early Access game on Steam and it’s still in alpha state. You still cannot really play anything other than the tutorial. This sounds bad, right? But it actually isn’t, because this isn’t the whole picture! Some things have been added and more is waiting around the corner. You can now load and save in the tutorial (this was a pretty big issue when it first launched, so it gets its special mention here)! Also, the Location Editor Preview has been released just a few days before Christmas. I briefly mentioned it here in January. While it does not let you play the game, it lets you create maps. For some people, this is even better than actually playing a game. ;)

Folk Tale Road MapIn January, Games Foundry released a dev blog post with a rough road map of what’s coming in the next few months. The current version is According to the post “When is the next patch?” on the Steam forums, patch will be here in April 2014. That’s still a bit to go, but we’re getting mini patches in between. I’m not sure what exactly to expect from the Tower Defense Mini Game… so I’ll just wait and see.

All in all, it seems to be taking them quite long to get the actual game out and I can understand that people are getting impatient with it. We did know release wasn’t around the corner when the game launched on Early Access, but it’s been 8 months now. Still, I am usually an impatient person, but here, I’ll patiently wait until the day it is ready and play with what they give me in the meantime – and I’m having fun! But more on that in another blog post.

Folk Tale Location Editor Preview

Folk Tale Location Editor Preview

During all those months, Games Foundry has never been quiet. And that’s probably why I can be patient. I’m impressed with how often we are getting blog post updates and with the amount of information we are getting. When you’re looking at these blog posts, you know exactly what they have been up to, what is coming next and even approximate times when the next thing will hit the playable alpha client. On top of that, as can be seen in dev blog no. 20, they also explain what kind of changes they have made in the background. To be honest, I highly doubt I would have ever noticed them going from a grid-based system to a tile-based navmesh system, because I’m just lacking the knowledge about those things to even realize they exist. ;) I also didn’t even know that this information would actually interest me, but it did! It’s great to get such background information on why they are doing certain things in a certain way and how this will affect us.

Just as I closed the last post about Folk Tale, I will again answer the question:

“Do I recommend it to others?”

Folk Tale_70The answer hasn’t changed: It depends. I feel like I’m participating in the building process and I like that. The best part, though, is that it’s 100% public. Go follow the blog posts and watch for new posts on their Steam page, but do not buy it if you’re not sure you want to! You won’t miss a thing and you do not need to buy the game yet to read any those updates. On the other hand, buy it if you want to support the developers. And since we have gotten the Location Editor Preview: Consider getting it if you love creating maps, terraforming a little place for your dream village. Or check back in April to see what that mini game is that they have talked about.

Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (March 21, 2013)

Guild Wars 2 Bookahneer's GeekwatchWelcome to today’s Bookahneer’s Geekwatch! The place about miscellaneous interesting news related to Guild Wars 2 – and on occasion, other games.

Today is more about other games than about Guild Wars 2. ;)

So far, only games that were “released” could be sold on Steam. There has been controversy about at least one game recently that got released while not being ready in the opinion of quite a lot of customers. Valve has now started Early Access Games which lets customers buy and then play pre-release versions of games – if the developers put their game on early access. If the game is free to play, there is no entry restriction. It sounds like a good compromise and much better than just the pre-sales that we’ve been seeing more and more often where you also paid the full amount but didn’t get the game for months. I understand that developing a game takes a lot of time and especially for indie developers, it’s nice that they can get some money before the game is released while the customer can get their hands on the game without having to wait for its release. I just hope that those customers know what they buy access to at that point and don’t give bad ratings because the game isn’t polished yet.

Speaking of Steam, I’ve been following one game quite closely when they started Steam Greenlight: Folk Tale. It reminds me a bit of Cultures. They’re getting closer to their kickstarter campaign and a playable demo. Imagine that, a demo! ;) You can read more about the development on their blog. I quite like strategy games combined with building villages, especially when the villagers have something of a personality. In Cultures, you could give the Vikings names and you chose who got which profession. You could also tell them whom to marry. If you didn’t, then they occasionally asked you if they could marry person X from their village. It makes it just a little bit livelier.

Star Trek Online is getting its first expansion on May 21: Legacy of Romulus. It’s also going to be free which is always great. ;) I’m not playing the game anymore as it wasn’t enough “world” for me (Star Trek needs to be about exploration and diplomacy more than just fighting if you ask me), but I’m still happy to see that there’s development and new content coming.

Last but not least, have a look at Syp’s 10/10 Project. The short explanation is: Take 10 evenings (not necessarily consecutive) and play 10 MMOs that you haven’t played before. It sounds like a fun project, so I’m going to do it as well. The problem for me is that I’ve at least tried so many of the MMOs out there, that my choices are limited. I still have 28 on my list (some that I have never heard of) and I’ll go through them to decide for my final 10. Recommendations are still welcome, of course. ;) My plan is to have at least some variety in the games I choose. Try out something that I wouldn’t play otherwise.

Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (May 25, 2012)

Welcome to today’s Bookahneer’s Geekwatch! The place about miscellaneous interesting news related to gaming (will most likely include at least one piece about Guild Wars 2 ^^).

We’ve heard sad news yesterday: 38 studios layed off all their employees yesterday (including all from Big Huge Games). What I found fascinating and encouraging was how fast the hashtag #38jobs appeared. Not long after, a Google document was created listing the various gaming companies that currently have job offers available. That’s what I love about the internet and the sub-communities. People sticking together and helping each other out! Let’s hope those people that are currently without a job will find a new one soon!

The Guild Wars 2 community is as active as ever. Just two examples today: Tilion from DragonSeasonCom gave an interview about their website to Video-Games24.com. Since it’s a Greek website, most of us would probably not understand a single word, so Tilion posted the English translation. Valerian from commentarilies posted a really good piece about the melee mesmer in Guild Wars 2. Yes, I’m biased here because I myself fell in love with that class. Although so far, I prefer a pistol as off-hand weapon. I’ll have to try the other options more, though.

The last week of the Newbie Blogger Initiative is ahead of us. The World’s End Tavern has a list of the new blogs. Have a look at it and maybe you’ll find your favourite new blogger over there!

And last but not least, there’s Because We May starting on May 24 and running till June 1: Independent developers putting their games on sale:

“For the last week of May (May 24 through June 1) our games will be deeply discounted to celebrate online stores that give us control over pricing: The App Store, Google Play, Steam, Desura, IndieVania, and a few others.” (quoted from their website)