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The future of The Repopulation

Rather exciting news appeared while I was sleeping: The Repopulation will come back*! The developers (Above and Beyond Technologies) decided to leave the Hero Engine behind and port the game to the Unreal Engine. “This is not a decision that

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First Impressions Review: Gremlins Inc.

(Update: They have added the “save last session” feature with their update on January 22, 2016) Steam’s Winter Sale just finished and throughout it, you could gain Steam trading cards for looking at the “Explore” queue of the store. I

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GOG Piñata – Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

GOG is currently having its “piñata sale” where you pay $3 (2,74 €) where you have no idea what kind of game you’re getting. They promise it will be anything worth between $9.99 – $44.99. You know how I am

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Valhalla Hills: First impressions

I’ve previously written about Valhalla Hills and my impressions from the outside, but now you can get an impression piece from me from the inside! I was the lucky winner of the grand prize of Blaugust and received a Steam

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Folk Tale: What has changed in the meantime?

Folk Tale_89

It’s been 8 months since I wrote about my first impression of Folk Tale. The game is still an Early Access game on Steam and it’s still in alpha state. You still cannot really play anything other than the tutorial.

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