Rift Dimension "The Last Home-Brew" on EU-Gelidra

Rift: A Halloween for dwarves

I've been wanting to make a dimension for Halloween ever since I realized it's only six months away. ;) however, as is with everything when it really wants to do something creative, I had no idea what to do. Sometimes I think it's a good idea to just check what other dimensioneers have been doing. … Continue reading Rift: A Halloween for dwarves

Wildstar Quiet Downs

Halloween in Wildstar

Shade's Eve, Wildstar's version of Halloween, started earlier this week. It features a new little instance and some quests in the two factions' main cities. I did try the instance, but eventually gave up. I assume it's a mix of different things: It seems to be more difficult for characters who are not at maximum … Continue reading Halloween in Wildstar