GW2 Ascended Wupwup blade

My precioussss… and drop luck

My last few days in one picture. I finally got my engineer's weaponsmith crafting to 500 which left me almost broke. Then I could craft the Wupwup blade today. If you want to tell me that a berserker's sword would have been the better choice: Shush! I love those colours. I wanted such a weapon … Continue reading My precioussss… and drop luck

GW2 Costume Brawl Plush Griffon

Costume Brawl without spending gems?

Update (September 28): This guide does not yet include the quaggan tonics. I will add them in later. I bought the pirate outfit from the gem store some time ago. Funny thing is I had totally forgotten about that afterwards and was surprised when I saw that my charr engineer wasn't wearing his town clothes … Continue reading Costume Brawl without spending gems?