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The 10/10 Project: Everquest (Day 2)

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Everquest is the second game for Syp’s 10/10 project. This will not be a long post, however. As you can probably guess from this, I did not play it long. But let me tell you a bit more about what

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The 10/10 Project: The Missing Ink (Day 1)

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The first of the 10 MMOs that I’ll be playing for the 10/10 project was “The Missing Ink”. All in all, I had 30 games on my list and went through them to see what they’re all about. Some were

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Star Corsairs – f2p browser-based space MMO (a first impression review)

Star Corsairs is still a rather new game having been released on October 17 (according to the developer’s blog entry). I added Dave Toulouse on Google+ some time ago. The first time I heard about him was on Massively (his

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RPC Köln 2011

This weekend, we had the roleplay convention in Cologne. Bookahnerk and I went there. Originally, to hear Martin Kerstein (German community manager of ArenaNet) talk about Guild Wars 2 – but we didn’t actually stay that long, so we missed

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Trove has officially launched! (Referral link)

My latest review of Trove.

Some helpful tips for Trove to get you started. :)

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