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The 10/10 Project: Everquest (Day 2)

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Everquest is the second game for Syp’s 10/10 project. This will not be a long post, however. As you can probably guess from this, I did not play it long. But let me tell you a bit more about what

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The 10/10 Project: The Missing Ink (Day 1)

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The first of the 10 MMOs that I’ll be playing for the 10/10 project was “The Missing Ink”. All in all, I had 30 games on my list and went through them to see what they’re all about. Some were

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Star Corsairs – f2p browser-based space MMO (a first impression review)

Star Corsairs is still a rather new game having been released on October 17 (according to the developer’s blog entry). I added Dave Toulouse on Google+ some time ago. The first time I heard about him was on Massively (his

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RPC Köln 2011

This weekend, we had the roleplay convention in Cologne. Bookahnerk and I went there. Originally, to hear Martin Kerstein (German community manager of ArenaNet) talk about Guild Wars 2 – but we didn’t actually stay that long, so we missed

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Heart of Thorns LaunchOctober 23rd, 2015
1 month to go.

All of my posts this month belong to the Blaugust 2015 event. You can join at any point during August if you like!

Trove has officially launched! (Referral link)

Here is my latest review of Trove and here are some helpful tips for Trove to get you started. :)

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