The winners have been drawn

Good morning! I have just drawn the winners of our recent anniversary-giveaway. We had 3 in-game t-shirt codes which have been won by tatu meskanen, Blackheart and H. J. de Bruyn. Congratulations! Then we had one Guild Wars party item giveaway which has been won by Gorzagorz. We will need to schedule a time and … Continue reading The winners have been drawn

Fireworks 2nd anniversary

2 years of Nerdy Bookahs!

Update, March 23: Comments are now closed. Winners will be drawn tomorrow, when I'm properly awake and not too tired. ;) It's been two years since we started our Nerdy Bookahs blog. Two years ago, I was playing Rift and Lotro, Guild Wars 2 had still been far away in the future. As the name … Continue reading 2 years of Nerdy Bookahs!

Blog Carnival: Memories of waiting for Guild Wars 2

This entry is part of Guild Mag's 4th Blog Carnival. Just because I'm hosting this blog carnival over at GuildMag doesn't mean I'm not participating this time. ;) So far, the blog carnivals have always been written by both of us together and we're going to keep this tradition especially with this topic now. 2006-2008 … Continue reading Blog Carnival: Memories of waiting for Guild Wars 2