Guild Wars 2: A FAQ for new players

You may already know the first version of this FAQ. I decided to rewrite it, update it and put newer screenshots in. So here is the new version. A very special thank you goes to Tasha Darke for reading through it all. I was hoping for a few bits of corrected grammar but she gave … Continue reading Guild Wars 2: A FAQ for new players

Criticizing Guild Wars 2

DISCLAIMER: If you want to criticize my post, feel free to do so (constructively, of course). However, if you want to do so, please READ it. Especially point 4 and its subject line: I complain about their marketing strategy. I do NOT complain about the skimpy armor. I even say so in the text. Read … Continue reading Criticizing Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Screenshots – Cloth Armour

I have to admit, I never paid that much attention to the necromancer skill videos. It's a nice enough class but not high up on my priority list (which, as of right now, looks like this: warrior, ranger, mesmer, guardian/engineer, elementalist/thief/necromancer). But I was trying to look for cloth armour that isn't as revealing as … Continue reading Guild Wars 2 Screenshots – Cloth Armour

Naming and customizing your characters

I showed my STO character to my colleague (believe it or not, we actually do work in between chatting about games, I just don't blog about our work here ^^) and told her how much time I spent on her... probably about an hour all in all (though that did include looking up which traits … Continue reading Naming and customizing your characters

Tenedra’s Yule Outfit

I saw this Yule outfit on Cosmetic Lotro yesterday and wanted to have it, too! Unfortunately, my tailor doesn't have the Forochel reputation yet and I haven't so far found anybody to make it for me (our server's AH is always rather empty, too - is that normal or is it just our server? We're … Continue reading Tenedra’s Yule Outfit

Rise of Isengard: The good and the bad

This is a "first impressions" posting. ROI hasn't been out for long and I haven't seen everything. Please also note that I'm not saying ROI is bad. I'm also not saying it's good. ;) Let's start with the 'bad things'. Some are my own (subjective) opinion. Other things I've seen mentioned on the forums (so … Continue reading Rise of Isengard: The good and the bad

Outdated! Guild Wars 2 in a nutshell – a FAQ

There is a newer version of this article which you can find here. (Updated: January 17, 2012) What do we know about the game so far? I'm trying to keep it as short as possible. Knowing me, I will fail at that. ;) For further reading, I'll include links. This is also for people who've … Continue reading Outdated! Guild Wars 2 in a nutshell – a FAQ

Of merchandise, collector’s editions and Sylvari

Some time ago, a small package had arrived. I recognised the sender (a German site about online games). I was curious and opened it and... had no idea why I'd received the package. Then I slowly remembered. I'd participated in a giveaway-thingy and apparently, I had won (no email notification about it, I checked! ^^). … Continue reading Of merchandise, collector’s editions and Sylvari

Sylvari week coming soon! Asura still left

Yesterday, ArenaNet announced that the Sylvari week will take place before Gamescom. They will also be playable at Gamescom. I can't wait! :) But let's look at some dates: Gamescom will be from August 17 - August 21. If Sylvari week is to take place before that, it will have to start before August 16. … Continue reading Sylvari week coming soon! Asura still left