Summary of the Trove AMA with Avarem

First of all, for those who aren’t interested in Trove: Please excuse the “imbalance” here in this blog recently. But I’m sure that every gamer understands the excitement when a new game launches. Expect this to change in favour of Guild Wars 2 again, once the expansion launches (whenever that might be… *cough*). :)

Two days ago, Avarem posted an AMA on the official forums and it was met with a lot of enthusiasm. Reading through the countless posts he made can also be quite a lot of work, so I thought I should pick out some personal highlights to ramble about them here.

Trove Login Screen

What is pretty clear from the way he responded to people asking about queues etc., is that Trion did not expect so many new players. I get that queues happen every time an online game launches. I remember ArcheAge (yes, also published by Trion) having queues with a few hours of waiting time when it launched. Trove, at least, had queues of under one hour. They kept writing that they added more servers and did optimizations and that we should see the queues disappear or get shorter but for me, queues were at a consistent 30 to 50 minutes. Apparently, demand grew as fast as the (server) supply did. Looking at Steam, where the game got released as well, revealed that they were in Steam’s “top 10 games played” (no. 5 right now). I seriously believe them when they say they did not expect to have such a popular game! It seems that they took highest priority (as they should) which means that content updates are not the highest priority right now. I assume once the launch dust has settled, we will get lots of new goodies. Some of which Avarem talked or hinted about already in this AMA. But enough about queues. They are annoying to deal with and they are no more fun to write about either and it’s much more fun to look at what’s coming to Trove next.

Even before launch, the playerbase had asked for a better trading system. Currently, you need to be online at the same time and stand at the same trading post to initiate a trade. This can be a bit difficult to achieve especially when you want to trade with somebody from another time zone. But even back then, Trion already said that they will give us some easier method to trade and that it will come post-launch. This “trading system” is coming. No details yet, other than that it will be “more automated“.

In the beginning, Trion said that Trove will not get PvP. And I get it: They keep adding new classes and I would imagine it to be very difficult to balance them properly. So, “serious PvP” is out of the question (my personal opinion here!). But they have since changed their mind when it comes to “no PvP at all!” and they are working on some fun “Trovey” PvP. The important part for those who cannot stand PvP: It will not be mandatory – and probably not too serious. They are already working on the next new class, but it has no biome yet. It will have a new weapon type. At some point in the future, they will look at all classes again to see if they need some improvements (and maybe we will see some balancing for PvP, but who knows…)

Trove Ship Chaotic Clipper

When it comes to “more stuff to do”, something called The Shadow Tower will come to Trove next. Unfortunately, it seems to come before the underground update which has already been postponed before. Poor thing… other content keeps pushing in front. ;) Anyway, they will show or talk about The Shadow Tower more in their livestreams (on Twitch, usually on Fridays). Speaking of their livestreams: Inventory space will get an expansion, apparently, and this is another thing that they will talk about in their next livestream.

The Neon City biome is currently not part of the challenges, but it will be added in the future. Some lore may also be added to Trove at some point. At the moment, there is hardly any backstory to the game. They had some in the tutorial, but I’m not sure if they took it out again.

Clubs may see some love. I left out some ideas Avarem mentioned or ideas from players that he liked, as it sounded more like an “if we can somehow make it work” and less of a “this will come”. Avarem himself, at least, doesn’t give many details or specific ideas other than this: “Future of clubs: more building, more connection to the game, more progression.

For those on Macs, there’s good news for you: They are working on a Mac client! For those in Oceania, hoping to reduce latency, there aren’t such good news: They don’t have a data center in Oceania, so there are currently no plans to add servers located over there.

There is no policy about multiboxing yet, but we will hear from Trion about that soon, apparently.

One last thing: Since Avarem replied to somebody who has issues logging in, I thought it’s worth mentioning it here as well. If you have problems, send an email to – this is where you will get help! They also look at what bugs people are reporting, so they can work on fixing them. Considering how many new players have joined Trove recently, I would assume you need some patience until you get a reply, but yeah, there you go. :)

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Post-launch Impressions: Is Trove a good game?

Trove launched last Thursday and a lot of people are curious whether this game is any good. I will try to give you an impression of the game, but will try to keep it short(ish). There is a quite simple reason for this: This is the 4th time that I’m writing down my impressions of Trove. The first time was in July 2014, when Trove was still in alpha. The second time was during closed beta in October 2014. The third time was during open beta in February 2015. You may also notice quite a lot of similarities between this post here and the one from February. I had tried to write a new impression piece, but found that so many things from the post in February still hold true that I decided to rework this blog post and bring it up-to-date instead of writing everything again.

An additional note: An online game’s launch is usually accompanied by queue times etc. when a lot of people want to play the game at the same time. I will not write about this here, though, as I’m certain this will be resolved over time just like it has in all other online games I have played at launch. :)

 What is Trove?

You may have heard people say that Trove is just a clone of some other game, for example, Cube World, Minecraft and even Terraria (yes, seriously). But it has more than enough differences to not be called a clone. It is a voxel-based game where you can roam through non-permanent maps with several biomes that each have a different look and house different (crafting) materials, NPCs and dungeons. You collect equipment which makes you stronger. You can then either upgrade those items in the forge to make them stronger or wait for a better item to drop (both is possibly and viable as quite a lot of items drop in the game). The “Loot Collector” lets you collect the items’ skins and gives you crafting material in return which is needed to upgrade items. There are also some crafting professions in the game and you can build – both in your club world and in your cornerstone (more on that later).


Good news for EU players: European servers were added! Here is how it works: On the Glyph launcher in the upper right corner, you choose your region. Don’t worry, you can change this every time you start the launcher and you can also still play with your US-based friends even when you choose EU here. It’s just the “default location”.

Trove choose EU server

Every time you leave into the adventuring world, that is when you go through the portals leading to the low level areas, the uber-portals and the sky realm portal, you will be placed on servers located in the EU. You will have a much lower latency than when you play on the US servers. If, however, you see a friend online who plays on US servers, you can still click on “join” in the game and play together with them. All of this happens seamlessly and there are no separate databases. It’s just “hopping” from one server region to the other. You won’t even notice which region you’re playing in – well, other than the latency, of course. Other than that, there are no “servers” to choose like you have to do in Rift or Guild Wars 2.

Character customization and classes

When you first get into the game, you choose a name and the class you want to begin with. That is all there is to customization initially. You can also have only one character per account. But don’t worry, you will be able to customize your look later and you will be able to switch classes very easily. The one character you have can switch between all available classes! Currently, Trove offers 11 classes: Knight, Gunslinger, Fae Trickster, Dracolyte, Neon Ninja, Candy Barbarian, Ice Sage, Shadow Hunter, Pirate Captain, Boomeranger and Tomb Raiser. For me, there is currently enough variety and I have several classes that I really like playing and several that I don’t like. I really enjoy Candy Barbarian, who is a melee class that can heal herself and increase her attack speed (both bonuses also apply to other players nearby). The Pirate Captain is a ranged class that comes with a little parrot which you can “place” behind a cannon and who then shoots said cannon. The sounds coming from that parrot are too adorable! And with all the “BOOM” coming from that class, enemies go down quite fast as well.

Trove Candy Barbarian

Candy Barbarian

Trion has also kept adding new classes over the course of alpha and beta with the latest, the Tomb Raiser, arriving with the game’s launch. Because of this, I wouldn’t be surprised to see even more in the future.

Before you can switch to a different class, you need to unlock it (no real-money-purchase required!). Once you have it unlocked, you can switch to it by using the “Class Changer” which is an item that looks like a wardrobe. (Update July 18, 2015: With one of the next updates, this item will no longer exist. You can then just hit “J” (default keybinding) and change your class this way). You also level each class independently. Level 20 is max level, by the way. Although you can gain another 20 levels by wearing max level gear. So basically, it’s almost like having several characters. I really love having alts, but I don’t miss having “real” alts at all. Another item in the game, the “Barbershop”, lets you customize the look of your character. You can find both those items in the main hub (entered by pressing H). There are various hair, eye and skin colours as well as hair styles to choose from. Also of note is that you can hide the look of hat and face items! Every class gets its own look which means that if you choose pigtails with your pirate captain, you can choose a mohawk for your candy barbarian.

Trove Barbershop

Other than collecting items to become stronger, you will also want to collect those items to get their skins. The tooltip will tell you whether you already collected that item’s look or not. Throw it into the “Loot Collector” where it will be destroyed, but the look will get collected (and can consequently be used whenever you want) and you will get materials in return which are mostly needed for upgrading other items. This is one of the aspects of the game that I love! There are already so many styles to choose from that it’s really difficult to decide for just one. Thankfully, every class has its own equipment and style slots. So, items that you equip with one class will stay with that class even if you switch to a different one. You can have a classy monocle-wearing candy barbarian and a silly tetris-cube wearing knight.

Dungeons, adventuring and crafting

Trove World MapAs I said above, the game is about adventuring in the world. After the short tutorial, you start by going through the level 1 – 3 portal in the main hub. Just look for the huge tower with shiny and colourful portals. Each world is randomly generated. In these worlds, you find dungeons: the smaller “one boss dungeons” are the simple towers on the map. The fortresses are dungeons with two smaller bosses and one bigger, more difficult, boss. The scrolls are dungeons with one boss that drop a crafting recipe. There are also crafting materials in the world that you can harvest. And, of course, lots and lots of blocks! When you collect blocks this way (switch into build mode to do so), you will only get the standard colours. You will need to collect the recipe for a special colour before you can craft that block. Once you can do so, they usually require standard coloured blocks and some other crafting materials that you get from adventuring in the world.

There are several ways to craft items in Trove. Before you can start with crafting something, you will need access to the appropriate crafting stations which are usually items that you craft first. Crafting has several purposes. For one, as I just said, you can craft blocks with different looks. You can also craft things like furniture for your club world or your cornerstone. Trion has also started implementing professions. You can level all of them, so there is no need to choose one. At the moment, we have gardening, ringcrafting, runecrafting and fishing. The latter is not a profession where you craft anything per se, but I thought it doesn’t hurt to mention it here.

Clubs (known as “guilds” in other games)

You can join up to five clubs in Trove. Every club can have one club world which is permanent (that is, not randomly generated whenever you enter it) and it lets you build things in there. Since you can join up to five different ones, you can also create one for yourself and have your own personal world to build in (and your own club chest in there for additional storage space!). What I really like about the clubs is that while you can only “represent” one at a time – your club’s name appears above your head – you can chat in all your clubs simultaneously. And you can enter every club’s world even if you’re not currently representing them.

Trove Club World part

A part of our club world


You get a cornerstone which is a little place in the adventure worlds. This cornerstone moves with you! You will notice empty spaces in the adventure worlds with a !-sign. Click on this (“E” on your keyboard) and your cornerstone will appear. When you die and previously placed your cornerstone in that world where you died, this is where you will respawn. You can also put everything you need like your personal chest or crafting stations on that cornerstone. Nobody can access your personal chest. If they click on it, they will only get access to their personal chest! Additionally, nobody else can build on your cornerstone. But be careful when fighting while you’re standing on yours. Some of your skills destroy blocks and this means that you can indeed destroy your own creation during a fight. Every change you make to your cornerstone is permanent. So whenever you “call” your cornerstone again, it will reappear just as you made it. I have seen quite a lot of creative cornerstones already. Mine is mostly “functional” as I put everything I need in there. I am now trying to get a bit more creative and have started imitating some biomes on the different floors of the tower I built. The second place is your club world. It starts rather small (still much bigger than your cornerstone, though), but can be expanded quite a lot.

Mastery level

Trove MasteryEverything you unlock in the game – skins, allies, gaining a level – will also give you “mastery points”. Every gained Mastery Rank gets you something in the game. It starts with +3 % maximum health, but there are also cubits (the in-game currency), special skins, materials and even credits (the currency you buy for real money)! So, I can already tell you that even though there are some things you can only buy with credits, there are also some credits rewards that you get simply by playing the game.

How “free” is “free to play” in Trove?

That depends entirely on what you want and how much you want it. :p You buy credits with real money. Cubits are the game’s currency that you earn by playing the game. Some things cannot be bought with cubits. Extra storage tabs in your personal storage chest, for example. But as I said, you can circumvent that by making a personal club and putting a club chest in there for extra space. Other things are cosmetics or mounts. Those items also give you mastery points, which means that if you want to get all mastery levels, you probably will have to spend real money. On the other hand, this is not needed to play and enjoy the game. You will not feel like a “second class citizen” if you decide not to spend money on the game.

There are items that you can buy which give your equipment stronger stats or a better stat combination faster. However, it’s just “faster”. You can also get there by simply playing the game. Additionally, in Trove, you always work with your fellow players, not against them. I have never seen or heard anybody complain because you did not have the perfect stat combination on your weapon. In fact, nobody knows what you’re wearing and nobody can even see how much damage you deal. So, you may get some things faster, but they will not make you gain an advantage over those who do not pay. Additionally, for me it’s part of the game to try to get the equipment that I want and buying items just to maybe get a stat combination faster than by playing the game is not how I want to spend my money. So altogether, this part may be something that’s not too nice, but in general, it isn’t important. You are not able to buy a weapon with better stats, for example.

With the launch of the game, Trove also added an optional sub, called “Patron”. You get some bonuses like extra XP, higher crafting speed, 2 chaos chests per day. Again, none of that is needed to play and succeed in Trove.

You can earn up to 500 cubits on weekdays and 1000 cubits on Saturdays and Sundays. This means that in a week, you can earn a maximum of 3500 cubits. Cubits cannot be traded with other players. So, by paying with real money, you can buy some things immediately that are time-gated otherwise. So yeah, there are items and things you can buy faster with credits than with cubits or by playing the game and then there are cosmetic items that are exclusive to the shop. Decide for yourself if that fits your definition of “pay to win” or not. I personally say it’s not.

How can I help with the development of the game?

Now we get to the part where I think Trove really stands out! They are a small development team and for that, they do bring us new content and additions to the game quite fast. However, the community certainly helps out a lot! Players can create dungeons, item skins, mounts and costumes. They also said that if your mount or costume gets added to the game, you receive 10k credits and 300 codes of said item to give away as you please. You’ll also get credited in the game. Your username gets added to the item’s tooltip, so everybody knows this is your design.

 Now that we’ve covered all of that: My opinion of the game in a nutshell

I really enjoy the game, but it could not be my “one and only game”. There is no PvP yet, for example. Thankfully, they already announced that they are working on giving us some fun PvP. It would not really fit into the game if they made it “serious”, so I’m looking forward to what they will bring us. For me, it’s not that I need PvP to enjoy a game, but I need PvP from time to time in general. Without it, I simply play another game when I feel like doing PvP. There are also no quests or storylines in the game. So, if you can’t live without this or “serious” PvP, then this game may not be for you. But I really like hunting for good items (stat-wise or because of the look), Diablo-style, from time to time. I also really love building stuff. And I love the look of the game!

In short, it’s a fun game that I’ve already spent playing for countless hours. I don’t really have any big goals in there other than getting all classes to max level and finding nice gear for them (okay, mostly good looks!) and making my cornerstone look nice.

Trove CollectionsOne thing I do not like is the user interface. Trying to find a skin I want to equip takes an awfully long time. They are sorted by where you find the skin. But this means that if you want to look for a nice staff skin, you have to go through all the different lists and it just takes a long time. I would also love to be able to choose “favourites” for easier access. The same goes for the other tabs like allies, mounts and so on. I will not talk about the text chat in Trove, because that one is still bad and Trion knows this. They are working on making chat better.

In closing, I really enjoy the game and like playing it a lot. I do hope that the shop stays as it is and that they won’t overdo it: Mostly fun items, but the vast majority of cool-looking items are still coming from playing the game and not from opening my wallet. I understand that a company wants me to want to buy something and they need the money to survive, of course. But there’s some balance that should be kept where you can get fun stuff for free and fun stuff for money. I like hunting after things I want instead of simply buying them and I really enjoy the creative possibilities that this game is giving its players. It is not a game I could spend daily for several hours every day (unless that time is spent building in my club world or my cornerstone), because adventuring can get repetitive. But for me, it’s a perfect game to play for a bit after work.

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Trove: Pre-launch patch

In a few hours, the pre-launch patch will be deployed. You can find the full patch notes in the official forum. I am not going to rehash every little note in there, but will comment on a few aspects. So, let’s look at a few of my personal highlights!

Glyph_Choose regionWith tonight’s patch, the European servers will finally arrive. Don’t worry, though, we will not get separated from the rest of the world (that is, the US servers :p) and we will not get our progress wiped either. Here is how it works: When you enter an adventuring portal, you will be placed on a EU server when you chose “Europe” in the upper right corner of the Glyph launcher (in the upper right corner similar to how Rift, Defiance and ArcheAge work). You will still be able to play on US servers by choosing this option in the Glyph launcher. Or, when in game and already on EU servers, clicking on “join” to play with friends or guild mates. Other than that, nothing will be changed. A little caveat: entering a shadow world currently separates players. Since this is in the “known issues” section, it’s safe to assume that a) they know about it and b) they are going to fix this. ;)

Trove Pirate Captain Level 20The sky portal (can only be placed in club worlds, so this is where you may find one) will lose its level requirement again. This is one thing I really love because it used to not have a level restriction. With one of the recent patches, a restriction of level 24 (I think) was added which basically locked me out. In case you’re wondering: Yes, max level is 20 in Trove for your character class. However, the stronger the equipment, the more levels are added to your character’s final “level count”. My pirate captain is currently my highest character. She hit level 20 quite some time ago, but her equipment isn’t too strong, so the total is level 22. I wasn’t too worried about that part, since I’ve been doing other things recently instead of focusing on getting her stronger gear. But being locked out of the sky portal was a bit unfortunate.

The build mode got some love. I will have to test it out to see how it works, but being able to place several blocks at once is great! Especially when you’re building a floor in your cornerstone. They also fixed a bug where a block would reappear even though you had just removed it or it would disappear after you had placed it.

Another quality of life change is that you will now not only see dungeons on the compass when moving through the world, but also large dungeons and recipe dungeons. Since you will always get a recipe that you have not unlocked yet when you do such a dungeon, I find them very rewarding and am very excited about being able to find them faster (hopefully).

Deconstructor is renamed to “Loot Collector” (and will apparently also get a different look). The Loot Collector destroys the items you put in there. In return, it collects the skin of the item if you don’t already have unlocked it and gives you crafting materials. By the way, it does not only collect equipment items, but also fish and allies (only put them in there if you have them already unlocked. Otherwise, use them to unlock them on your account, as the Loot Collector will not do that).

Last but not least (for some people, at least), Trove is going to have Gamepad support. I’m not a fan of those, especially not on the PC, but it can be quite comfortable to use sometimes (like the car driving in LA Noire or the game Nidhogg in general). So if you like playing with a gamepad, connect it to the PC and then start Trove – yes, that order is important as the game will otherwise not recognize the gamepad.

Trove Questions

One thing I don’t like in the patch notes is that prices will increase for Europeans.

“Pricing has been updated to account for currency conversion rates. This means things will cost more Euros and Pounds.”

Since I would very likely buy a few credits sooner or later anyway, I decided to get them this morning before the price increases. I had a look at the current conversion rate. The credit pack I chose costs $2. The Euro price was 15.40 €. According to Google, $20 currently equals 18 €. This certainly explains why they would want to adjust that. As much as I hate to see this change, it is understandable. Of course, I also fully expect the price to be at least about 20 € (because of taxes etc.).

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Trove Carpet Mount Giveaway

The giveaway is now closed and decided that the first comment is the winner. Congratulations to kiMah. I will send you the code in a few minutes. :D

Trove Carpet Mount

A few weeks ago, I won another Trove Carpet mount on the livestream. I say “another”, because I already have one. Naturally, I can’t and don’t want to use the second one, but want to give it away to some lucky person here. Entering the giveaway will be quite easy:

Comment and tell me your favourite class in Trove

Yes, that is all. If there is more than one person entering the giveaway, a random roll will determine the winner. Also, please make sure to leave a valid email address (in the reply form below. Don’t put your email into the comment text field, please), so that I can send you the code for the item in case you’ve won! Last but not least, this giveaway will be open until July 9, 2015, 6pm CEST (Berlin time).

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Getting started in Trove: A few helpful tips

With the game’s officially launching this July 9, I thought it could be helpful to provide a few tips to get you started! Especially since you can already create an account and start playing right now if you want to!

In general, Trove isn’t a very complicated game and the tutorial explains a lot already. But as with every new game, some things can be confusing or unclear in the beginning.

Trove Barbershop

My character as an undead

First things first: You only have one character slot! Accordingly, you should choose your name wisely. This will be the name that others will know you by. But don’t worry about the different classes (there will be 11 different ones when the game launches). You can easily switch between those classes. Also, cosmetics can be changed for every class. Your Knight can be a white-skinned male with a mohawk and your Candy Barbarian can be a lady with ponytails – or an undead if you prefer that look. Not everybody is bothered by that, but I cannot create male-looking characters, because my character name is “Paeroka” and it just sounds female to me. I like having fitting names for my characters. Others aren’t bothered by that in which case you can ignore this paragraph. :p

Speaking of different classes: Equipment stays equipped with the class when switching to a different one. So, that really great sword on your Knight can only be found when switching to the Knight. If you want to use it with another class, you have to unequip it first. There is no “binding” of equipment, though, so unequipping something from a character is done with just a single click and you can even trade the item to somebody else if you want.

One thing I worried about when I first tried out was Trove was my cornerstone. I had placed it somewhere in the world where it had looked nice, but then realized that I would probably not find it again when I had left it to explore the surroundings. However, your cornerstone is not put on a static place. It moves with you and you can “call” it whenever you see a free cornerstone base. Just click on the sign with the question mark and your cornerstone will appear!


My character as candy barbarian in her cornerstone

If you’re wondering why you should even bother about the cornerstone: When you placed it in the world and then you die, you get resurrected there instead of at the spawning point of that world. So, placing it near you every now and then isn’t a bad idea. Also, you can place a lot of useful items in there like the Loot Collector that lets you deconstruct items to get materials.

You can join up to 5 clubs. Clubs are like guilds in MMOs. You can only represent one club at a time (the club name appears behind your name), but you can read and write in all your clubs’ chats and access all of your clubs’ worlds. If you’re just starting out and plan to have a little club with just a few friends, you can certainly do so. At the same time, having this little club and finding an already established club that lets you use all the convenience items (crafting stations, portals and so on), are not mutually exclusive!

Trove_Welcome ScreenWhen you log into the game, you will see a big Welcome screen. This one also shows you which bonus is active on which weekday. If you’re a casual player who doesn’t get or want to play that often, use those bonuses accordingly. E.g., wait for Mondays to harvest things you planted in your garden as you will get more loot harvested this way. On Wednesdays, you get extra glim from adventuring. This is the glim you get from riding through grass with your mount, for example. I personally try to do my daily (doing dungeons for extra cubits) in the Fae Forest regions as they sometimes have dungeons with an abundance of glim around them. I just ride through it all and then do the dungeon.

Trove Fae Forest and Glim

A dungeon in Fae Forest with lots of flowers (which drop Glim when you ride through them)

Often times, I find myself getting distracted when roaming the map to find dungeons. All that ore! I need to have it! But seriously, I have hardly ever run out of Shapestone (the purple ones) so far. Infinium, however, is quite different. Most of the time when something I wanted to craft required Infinium, I had to go get some. And this seems to be the general rule: When you need something, it definitely won’t be anywhere to find. So my advice to you would be to not get distracted and harvest all the ore when you’re actually on your way to do something else, but as soon as you see Infinium, make an exception and grab it!

Trove Infinium

Shapestone ore (pink ), Formicite ore (blue) and Infinium ore (yellow ) – listed in increasing rarity

And speaking of grabbing: There is no stealing from others! Everybody close to you has a chance of getting loot when you kill a mob. Everything you harvest (plants, glim, ore) goes to their inventory as well – that is, both of you get the same amount of loot each! And everybody gets XP for killing mobs. On the downside, this can lead to people following you around and not doing anything, but I have hardly ever had that happen. In most cases, the other players and I fought together and mined together peacefully and happily.

One word of advice for when you want to afk: Don’t do so in seemingly save spaces. Every now and then, a Shadow Invader will spawn randomly and it has only one target: You. These mobs drop from the sky, by the way (and in my personal experience, they tend to do so exactly in that moment when you decide to quickly go grab a coffee in the kitchen or open the door for the mail). You can usually hear them arrive, though, because they make quite some noise when they spawn.

Trove Personal Chest

Personal Chest UI (the lower half hiding behind the chat will be fixed soon)

When it comes to storage space, there are four different kinds of chests. One is the Personal Chest. As the name suggests, this is only for you! Nobody else has access to your storage. When another player clicks on a Personal Chest, they will only have access to their own stored items. The Club Chest and the Club Officer Chest are for fellow club members and/or officers. So be careful when placing items in there. Again, only those belonging to your club will have access to those stored items. Last but not least, there is the Community Chest. This one lets every single player access the same storage. So only put something in there if you want to donate it to whoever accesses the chest next and decides to take it. This chest is not for trading items. Use the Trading Post to do so.

Last, but probably not least, a rather new addition to the game are the “Challenges“. You can only participate when you have reached mastery level 30+, so this isn’t exactly a tip for beginners. But when a challenge is active, it lists classes that get a “bonus”. A challenge asks you to complete dungeons in a specific biome. When you do that with a class listed with a “bonus”, your count goes up by 3 for each dungeon completed instead of only 1. If you want to know more about challenges, read this guide on Waiting for Rez.

(Update July 16, 2015) – The price for a class changes over time from 8000 to eventually 5000 cubits. When it gets added to the game, it will be the most expensive one (8000 cubits). Once a new class gets added, the price will drop to 6500 cubits. Once two new classes have been added, it drops to the minimum price of 5000 cubits. So, if you’re low on cubits and can’t decide which class to unlock next, opt for the cheapest ones first. The newer ones will get cheaper one day. Each class will always be 1050 credits if you choose to pay with credits instead.

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Trove has officially launched! (Referral link)

My latest review of Trove.

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