Mastery Rank 100!

I’ve been working towards this goal ever since Trion introduced chaos coins! A chaos coin can be used to increase your account’s “chaos factor” by 1. For every chaos factor, you get one chaos chest a day if you log in to the game. You can get chaos factor in different ways:

  1. You pay a monthly fee and as long as you are subscribed, your chaos factor is increased by 2 and you get 2 chaos chests per day.
  2. For every $1000 spent, you get one chaos factor (and thus, one chaos chest per day). Yes, 1000.
  3. You are lucky and win a chaos coin in Trion’s Trove livestreams on Twitch – guess who got lucky there? Yes, bookahnerk!
  4. Chaos coins can also rarely drop out of a chaos chest. These chaos coins are tradeable – guess who got lucky there? Yes, bookahnerk and consequently me, as he gave that chaos coin to me.
  5. Reach Mastery Rank 100 and get your chaos factor raised by 1.

Once I had gotten the chaos coin from bookahnerk, I had stopped “hurrying” with the Mastery. It was no longer that important for me, because I already had one chaos chest a day anyway. But then when I got closer and closer to 100, I noticed I started hurrying again, focusing on doing those things that gives me mastery points. And today, finally, I was *this* close to 100 when… the server crashed and stayed offline for about an hour or so. So yes, I think that was my karma. Sorry everybody who couldn’t play either because of that. :p

The server finally came back online and a mere 15 minutes later, here I am, proud owner of “chaos factor 2”.

Trove Mastery Rank 100

This post is not part of Blaugust 2015. ;)

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Ask Nerdy Bookahs: Trove Edition – Blaugust Day 26

It’s time for another “Ask Nerdy Bookahs”. We have looked through the search terms that led people to our blog for which we know we do not have fitting answers in our blog posts and we’re trying to cover those topics here now. For better readability, I am changing the plain “search terms” to correct the grammar and add the missing question marks. :p

Trove is the newest game and officially launched on July 9, 2015. Naturally, there are quite a few new players out there and a huge proportion of questions leading to our blog are about Trove. That’s why I am going to start with questions about Trove, but there are also a few about Guild Wars 2 – and surprisingly, even some about Lotro, even though I haven’t been writing about this game anymore in quite a while. So, I will ignore the Lotro questions. I wouldn’t be of much help anyway. ;)


How to get the N-0 Depth Scoper in Trove?

Plasma fishing is not in the game yet and this fishing rod seems to unlock plasma fishing. So, you will have to wait a bit longer until you can unlock and use it. I imagine it will unlock like the other fishing rods as well: Go to the central hub (hold the “H” key). Look for the two little lakes and find the “Nautical Assembler” next to one of them. This is where you can craft the fishing rods.

Trove Nautical Assembler

What currency do you buy fishing poles with in Trove?

I am going to link you to the wiki which has a nice list of the different poles. Click on “expand” to see them all.

Which character uses pirate ship?

All characters can use the ships. As soon as you are in water, you can “summon” your ship (if you unlocked one). You can buy the boat “SS Dinghy” in the hub (press “H”). There are two lakes with a house next to it. Within that house, you will find the NPC Saltwater Sam who will sell you that boat for 500 glim. Make sure to also get a sail.

What to do in Trove?

Lots of things. It depends on what you want to do. There is no PvP (see next question) yet. But other than that, you can go kill mobs, or build in a club world or build in your cornerstone or level up different professions like gardening or fishing. Of course, there are also various different goals you can set for yourself like having all classes at maximum level or having the best equipment possible or getting your mastery rank to level 100 (which ultimately means doing a lot of the aforementioned stuff as all of that, with the exception of building, adds to your mastery rank), so you can get a chaos chest every day.

Is there any pvp in Trove?

I know I covered this in previous blog posts. However, since Trion did announce that they are working on PvP, I figured an update wouldn’t hurt: No, currently, there is no PvP in Trove, but they are working on some kind of PvP. It will definitely not be the open world kind where you can get attacked and killed by other players even though all you wanted to do was take a stroll and do a few dungeons.

Cat soultrap drop rates

As far as I know, cat soultraps do not drop. You buy them from an NPC in the Treasure Isles (the large water area). Look for ships that have a sail with a red bearded pirate on them (see picture below). Those can have the cat soultrap vendor on them. In general, the red-bearded sail means that there is a vendor on the ship that sells you something for Glim. What exactly they sell you is random, as far as I know. So if you’re looking for one particular vendor, you will have to look for lots of those ships until you’re lucky and find the right one.

Trove Cat Soultrap Vendor

Cat Soultrap Vendor

What’s the difference between the male and female head?

I thought there’d be an obvious difference, but when I had a look at the faces just now, I could not find one. Apparently, you can even have the same hair styles? Although I did not check if all of them are identical for both genders.

To show you all the available faces, I took screenshots of them all. Hair style, hair colour, skin colour and eye colour are the same across all faces.

Trove Faces

How to change the UI looks?

I’m afraid you can’t. You can’t resize the UI and you cannot move it in any way.

Will plants grow while I’m not playing?

Yes. Simple answer. :p

Should Trove add more ways to get cubits?

Oh, a question where my opinion counts, I guess. Yes, I think we should have more ways than we currently do (500 per weekday and 1000 per day on Saturdays and Sundays if we do dungeons as well as a few one-time gains through gaining certain mastery ranks and doing the first introduction missions to the game). But I don’t think it should be too much, because quite a lot of things are unlocked with cubits in the in-game store (or alternatively, if you are impatient, with real money). I think this system is actually quite neat. I like having the feeling that I’m slowly working towards something by not having all the cubits I need at once. At the same time, if you are really impatient and don’t want to do the dungeons to slowly earn your cubits, you can also choose to spend real money which, in turn, will give income to the developers. Just so nobody misunderstands: The stuff you can buy is not necessary to play the game!

This post is part of Blaugust 2015.






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Best “Main Theme” from a PC game – Blaugust Day 25

Bookahnerk was preparing our “pen and paper” roleplaying session and played around with the music. He’s going to add background music and mostly uses songs from the various game soundtracks that we have acquired over time. He also uses several programmes together to add e.g. thunderstorm and various other ambient noises where it fits.

So, he was playing the different songs when this one song started and I said to him: I’ve got a new topic for Blaugust: “Best…” – I didn’t get further than that as he finished my sentence. “Best main theme ever” for both of us, without a doubt, goes to Baba Yetu from Civilization IV. Raise your hand if you left the game open at the “launch screen” just to listen to the song. :p

There are a lot of awesome songs out there, a lot of catchy ones, even a lot of songs where you can probably easily sing along… like this one:

But for me at least, nothing comes close to “Baba Yetu”. It just feels so strong and powerful.

Number three on my list (yes, I would put the Skyrim one on no. 2, but mainly because it stays in your memory so easily) is “the theme song that is no theme song”.

I think before launch, ArenaNet had added that theme to play during a trailer or teaser video and I, among others, thought that this was the main theme. I’ve got to say I was disappointed to hear the real main theme then as it doesn’t come close in comparison. It has grown on me by now, but I still very much prefer the Norn Theme – even though in general, I am not a fan of the Norn at all. Sorry!

I could go on and on and list so many other great soundtracks. It’s actually a shame I usually play with the music turned off nowadays. But we’re usually watching streams or Netflix or just talk, and the music gets distracting quite fast that way.

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The Repopulation – Quick first impression (Blaugust Day 24)

The Repopulation banner

The Repopulation is currently on sale (until September 4) and you may be wondering whether it’s worth those 14.99 € (or whatever it is for you).

I bought Early Access back in February and I really wish I could tell you all about my impressions now and whether I like the game or not. But that is part of the issue I have with the game: I have not been able to write about my opinion, because I don’t know whether I like it… or not…

My issue with The Repopulation is not that it’s a bad game per se (I felt that was necessary to stress this!). My issue is that I have a hard time “getting” into the game. After having had access  for months now and playing around here and there, I still don’t feel “at home” and I still feel that I am missing a lot and I am still confused a lot.

It is not as intuitive as, for example, Project Gorgon. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that it requires effort that I usually can’t invest in the evening, because my day job requires me to read, think, write and read more. Once I’m done with work, I prefer having a game that does not require me to read long text and think even more. ;) Don’t get me wrong, I like complex games. If that wasn’t the case, I would just go and play some Facebook games…

So let me just state a few very basic first impressions. This is by far not a complete list!

The combat is the worst culprit for me. I just never know which weapon goes with which skills and what I need to use in order to fight in the way I would like to fight. Yes, I’m also very newbish when it comes to guns and all that stuff. Having never played any “shooter” games, I really have no idea about those kinds of weapons.

However – and that’s what I like about the game – there seems to be plenty of stuff to do without combat. The crafting is another thing I haven’t gotten into yet, but I worked my way through the tutorial and it seemed pretty elaborate and I can definitely imagine spending my time crafting in The Repopulation. One really nice feature are “Generated Missions“. NPCs send you mails with little jobs for you to do. I spent quite a lot of my play time with my first character in Freedomtown (the starter area for one of the two factions in the game) without fighting anything, basically just running back and forth between NPCs handling their requests. It was nice, as I got to know the world a bit better and it did give me some kind of immersion in the world.

The tutorial was recently changed. You now start in a completely different location and with different quests. I think it works much better. Or maybe that is because it’s in the “open world” and I really love the scenery! Still, there was one quest that wasn’t well done at all: The quest told me to go “up on the hill to the North” quest. I went north and the game told me I should not leave the tutorial area without completing training first. And here I thought this quest was part of the tutorial and thus, was part of my training! So, I went back, walked around in circles, tried to find “the hill to the North”, but all I could find was the path out of the tutorial area. Eventually, I had enough and just went north. Again, the message on the screen told me not to leave the area, but I ignored it that time – and sure enough, I arrived where the quest had wanted me to go. Yes, I know this is just a minor complaint, but when this happens within the first minute of somebody playing the game, this is frustrating.

NPCs have a life! You may want to hand in a quest but the NPC you’re looking for just isn’t there. That may be because it is evening and he’s in the nearby pub. Or it’s during the night and the NPC is at home asleep. I was also told that NPCs remember my actions and may react to me differently in the future based on that. Now this is something that I really like and would love to explore more!

As you can see, I have gathered a few impressions, but it’s by far not enough to judge the game. I have also not tried to read up on the game’s functions and features too much. Don’t quote me on that, but at the moment, I would say that if you’re interested in a sandbox MMO set in a science fiction universe with lots of relatively complex features (not to be confused with “complicated”) and freedom when it comes to choosing skills for your character (no set classes, this game is skill-based!) and open world PvP in some zones and if on top of all of that, you also don’t mind reading a lot, then I would say those 14.99 € are a good deal to jump into the game right now. Or, in other words, even though I still haven’t figured out the game, I do not regret having spent money on it at all.

I also found an article that seems quite useful: “The Repopulation for Noobs“- sounds exactly like something I should read. ;)

This post is part of Blaugust 2015.

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Keeping my blogroll up-to-date – Blaugust Day 23

I know I often neglect my blogroll, but it became quite clear when Blaugust started and I saw the amount of familiar names… only to realize that while I do know them and more or less regularly read their blogs (whenever my time allows, at least), I never added them to our blogroll. This is quite embarrassing, to be honest, and I hope nobody felt ignored because of that. It’s just that I always forget that blogroll even exists.

I also wish that WordPress had a more functional “blogroll” as it’s currently basically a list of links I added to the sidebar which I try to keep updated. Every now and then, I go through the links to see if the blogs are still updated. And every now and then I find a new blog that I know I haven’t added yet. But more often than not, it happens that I realize I never added somebody. The next step will of course be to go through my list of blogs I read and check whether I have also added them to the blogroll.

Also, if you have a blog, post about games (it should have something in common with our blog, right? ^^), write mostly in English (or German) and feel you should be on our blogroll, contact me and I will add you! This goes especially to my fellow Blaugustians… Blaugusters? But of course, it’s not only limited to you. As I said, I just often forget the blogroll exists, but it was never my intention to keep anybody off the list. I also quite like expanding the list and giving our readers suggestions on who else to check out! Which brings me to the one “caveat”: Of course, we will reserve the right not to add somebody to the blogroll. But this is usually limited to blogs or websites advertising for “gold sellers”. This is a big and definite “no!” for us.

This post is part of Blaugust 2015.

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Heart of Thorns LaunchOctober 23rd, 2015
1 month to go.

All of my posts this month belong to the Blaugust 2015 event. You can join at any point during August if you like!

Trove has officially launched! (Referral link)

Here is my latest review of Trove and here are some helpful tips for Trove to get you started. :)

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