Apple pancakes

GW2_Plush Tybalt Backpack_13Our regular readers may already know about my urge to change this blog’s content to one focusing on cooking recipes. This year is no different. The urge returned! But I thought this time, I would give a little nod to our past as a blog focusing on games. So, I figured I would give a small tribute to Tybalt (*sniff*) and dedicate this recipe to him.

Apple pancakes!

Light and dark apple pancakesWhen I was a kid, I actually never liked pancakes or crêpes. There were two exceptions to this rule. Number 1 was crêpes (with Nutella) when it was freezing cold outside, usually when I was at a Christmas market with my family or later with friends, but only one each year or so. And number 2 were my mum’s apple pancakes. I refused to eat them when she had not put apple in them. Yes, even if there was chocolate. There had to be apples. A few months ago, I remembered those apple pancakes and really wanted to make them, but did not have my mum’s recipe. In the past, when I had asked my mum for recipes, she often said: Oh, I don’t remember! – So, I went to the internet and searched a recipe database until I had found a recipe I really liked. I altered it a bit to fit to our tastes and now I can share it with you.

The ingredients should be enough for two people. I think it was something like 6 pancakes in total. You will need:

  • 3 eggs (fresh ones!)
  • 190 g flour
  • 190 ml milk (I use low-fat)
  • 190 ml mineral water (with gas)
  • 2 apples (unless they’re big ones, then one – or still two if you really like apples)
  • oil for the pan (I usually use about 10 ml here that I put on a paper towel which I use to “wipe” through the cold pan)
  • 2 g sugar (really, just a bit)
  • a bit of salt
  • baking powder (as much as you need for 190 g flour)

About the apples: We use red ones, usually Braeburn or Pink Lady, though Braeburn is better if you ask me.

Peel the apples and cut them into slices or smaller pieces. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Add a bit of salt, the sugar, flour, baking powder, milk and water to the egg yolks and mix it well. Beat the egg whites until stiff. Add the stiff egg whites to the dough. Be careful, though, as the “fluffiness” should not be mixed away. Then put in the apple slices.

Heat up a pan. Add the oil. Wait until the pan is reasonably hot (not too hot, but not cold either – this depends on your oven). Add some of your dough now (about 1/6, but this also depends on the size of your pan… you could also make mini pancakes, after all). Wait until the pancake is “stiff” on one side and doesn’t stick to the pan’s surface anymore. Then carefully turn it around and wait again until it’s “stiff”. These steps can’t really be “measured” in time as every pan and stove is different. Also, some people like their pancakes a little darker than others. So it comes to personal preferences. I usually wait until I can safely turn it around with no issue because the pancake is loose in the pan.

As an additional warning: “Fresh” eggs are preferred because depending on how much heat and time you give the pancakes, the inside can still be a bit more liquid. So it’s safer to have eggs that are as fresh and possible.

I hope you enjoy these April pancakes! Bon appetit!

SAB is back!

We have been waiting for the longest time, but the day is finally here: The Super Adventure Box is back! And yes, check the day: It is still March 31. This is not an April Fool’s Joke.

Since this really does make a lot of people very happy, ArenaNet decided to give Rata Sum – or the corner with SAB, at least – a more festive look.

Rata Sum SAB is back

Now, please excuse me, I have some jumping to do!


The hunt for my main character – again…

It seems that I can never make up my mind when it comes to the question of which character should be my main. I am waiting for the day that somebody creates the perfect class for me. I know by now that I prefer something tanky with tricks up their sleeves. I love spellcasters, but get bored of casting spell after spell. The wizard in Black Desert Online has a mix of spells and melee, so it should fit perfectly, but I am not sure yet.

BDO_Wizard on mount

To be honest, I mainly chose him because I could play him the best. The combat in Black Desert Online – as far as I can say with my limited experience – is awesome. It very much depends on your movements with evasive abilities and such. But the controls take a lot of time to get used to them. I don’t think I have ever made a list of skills for a character that isn’t even level 10 yet. But just to give those of you who do not play Black Desert Online, but may be interested in the combat, a taste, here is an example for my wizard, level 14. You can apparently use hotkeys (1, 2, 3 and so on) for some of those abilities, but some skills get weaker when you do that or cost more resources. I also don’t think I should be using each of those skills, but I really want to at least know all the skills. For me, there is nothing worse than “forgetting” about some skills my character has or – when it is a game where you can put all your skills on hotbars – not having all available skills on a hotbar, even if it is a skill you never use because of the build you chose.

Main key
Name Hotkeys What it does…
LMB Staff Attack LMB Damage, MP-Reg
LMB Fireball S + LMB Damage, DOT, Knockdown
LMB Mana Absorption Shift + LMB Steals mana
LMB Earth’s Response A + LMB / D + LMB Damage, Floating
RMB Magic Arrow RMB Damage
RMB Lightning Chain Shift + RMB Damage, Stiffness
E Healing Aura E HP and MP-Reg
E Freeze S + E Damage, Freezing
E Healing Lighthouse Shift + E Heals
F Dagger Stab F Damage, Stiffness
F Lightning S + F Damage, Stun
F Earthquake Shift + F Damage, Bound, Stiffness
Q Magical Shield Q Shield
Q Protected Area Shift + Q Shield for group
Space Teleport Shift + Space

My brain really needs a list like this to be able to memorize the skills in BDO. You should have also seen my little lists taped to my monitor when I played the warden in Lotro. With a list like this needed, you can probably guess why it’s just not possible for me to play several characters at once. Maybe I am getting old and my brain just doesn’t adapt to new things as easily anymore. ;)

I also tried out the Tamer, but she is strongest when played with her pet which she gets at level 20. While I don’t mind having a pet around, it does annoy me when it is there constantly and I have to rely on it. Such pet classes are just not made to be my main character.

Having open world PVP and the ability to attack and kill basically every other player, I also want something that isn’t too squishy and who doesn’t die immediately in such a situation. Or rather, I really love playing a character that could survive long enough, so others are a bit discouraged and think twice before attacking me. A bit like the paladin back in vanilla World of Warcraft. ;)

BDO_Valkyrie Severing Light

So it seems to come down to two choices currently (until they release the missing classes that are already in the Korean version of Black Desert Online…): The Wizard – because he’s fun to play and I can easily memorize the skills – and the Valkyrie, a class that is supposedly more tanky with some support abilities thrown into the mix. The Valkyrie can only be played as a female character. The male equivalent would be the warrior which is similar, but has a few skills that differ. I tried, but I could not create a look that I like for my warrior, so he is automatically out of the competition. It could be the most fun to play, but in an MMO, I also need to like the look of my character! You may know the struggles I’ve had with choosing between my mesmer and my warrior in Guild Wars 2… I have given up and am playing both. The problem is just that with my limited time, I feel I should make a decision and stick to that one sooner or later. I can’t play two main characters in every MMO I choose.

For the time being, I guess I will just switch between those two and see which one sticks in the end. Seeing how so much of the game is still a big question mark for me anyway, I guess having two low level characters is smarter than having one at a higher level.

Atlas Reactor Alpha returns on March 31

Yes, that’s right! We will finally be able to play Atlas Reactor again come March 31. According to Trion, this is the last alpha test and the game will go into closed beta afterwards.

Atlas Reactor PvP with Lockwood

What I couldn’t find in the announcement is for how long this alpha event will last. Maybe this will also depend on how much feedback they need. Either way, I am very excited about this and can’t wait to play again. In case you are now wondering whether this game is interesting for you or not, you can check out my first impressions review. But as always, please keep in mind that being in alpha, a lot of the game is subject to change which also means that my first impressions review can be outdated quickly.

Or you can just watch the video (also embedded in the first impressions review post) of me playing Aurora in the last alpha event:

And if you want my personal opinion – just in case you can’t tell what I think by the fact that I am posting my excitement about alpha coming back the very minute I saw the announcement: This game gets two thumbs up from me. The only criticism I have right now is that we do not know yet how monetization will work. Other than that, I believe it will be an awesome game!

Been there, done that

It took me until now to get my first character with 100 % map completion. Luckily, I did not do it so I could maybe get a legendary weapon that I like if they ever make one. It just felt as if my account was not “complete” without having at least one character with that star attached to her name and the title available.

GW2 World Completion

On the other hand, I am really not sure I will do that ever again… even though I have two main characters and it would be tempting. But was it fun? No, not really. Some maps are great, of course, and others I just immensely dislike. Straits of Devastation (the Western side) and most of all Malchor’s Leap are such maps. Especially Malchor’s Leap. When I decided to work on map completion with my warrior, I went with Malchor’s Leap first, so I could do the nicer maps later. Altogether, I had 6 or 7 maps left that were not yet at 100 %.

I did stop to smell the flowers, mine some ore, participate in an event and, of course, take some screenshots, so that it ended up feeling a little bit more like a journey instead of a “grinding task”. As usual, for me the best part of this little two-day-journey was finding some really nice corners of the world that I had not seen or noticed before. Or stepping into corners I had not been at in quite some time. Either way, it was a refreshing change from Verdant Brink and I loved that I could glide through the areas while always landing on solid ground in the end (as you can guess, I am not a huge fan of multi-layer maps).