Devilian Beta Key

Trion is hosting a live stream right now about Devilian, their upcoming game (imported from South Korea). Devilian is a persistent-world action RPG. I have only been able to get a sneak peak at the game so far, but will definitely try it out again during the upcoming beta. And – so can you, if you’re fast enough and enter the code below.

Here is the message from chat, including the code that you need (must be claimed by 4:00 pm PDT TODAY):

FREE Closed Beta from Oct 22-26. Go to and enter this code: Z7KW-WDMJ-G6KM-TE6X-HGCG (must be claimed by 4:00pm PDT TODAY ONLY).

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Rift Krill companion pet

As you may have noticed, we are currently getting an extra “log in gift” while Trion is celebrating the release of the new soul “Primalist” and the new zone “Planetouched Wilds”. Today’s gift is the “Krill” pet. There’s a caveat: Only one character on your account can actually have that pet (from this log in box). I usually try to fit pets and mounts to my characters, so I don’t just claim it with my main character. In Rift, that’s different. Most companion pets are a bit on the ugly side if you ask me (I’m sure they’re still adorable pets, but I still prefer my Ducklar).

So, when logging in now, I did a quick Google search and could not find any images. Then I just thought: Yeah, it’s probably going to be ugly anyway, I’ll just claim it with my main character.

I was… well, right. But maybe that’s just me and others find the Krill cute. :) I’ left my dwarf in the picture for size comparisons.

Rift Krill companion pet

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Busy October

As I mentioned back in August, October is a pretty busy month with several games releasing or adding updates that I’ve been looking forward to. There is one notable exception. Van Helsing: Final Cut was supposed to launch on September 23, but on September 22, they made an announcement saying the release was postponed and rescheduled for October 7. On October 7, a few hour before this supposed launch, they announced that the release is delayed again. What I don’t mind at all is postponing, so we get a finished and polished game. What I do mind is a company apparently not knowing this is necessary until a few hours before launch. It looks as if this company was a bit clueless when it comes to estimating how much work still needs to be done. Or they did know, but did not want to tell us until basically the last minute. Either way, I am annoyed with how they handled it – twice, I may add. I am not annoyed that they want more time to test and polish the game. In fact, I think we can all agree that this is even a good thing. They obviously care about the game and want it to be in a good state.

And for me personally, it makes October a little less busy. :p

Cities Skylines After Dark

So, what have I been doing? Apart from preparing for the new semester at university (some big change is happening which caused us quite some extra work and will continue doing so for the next year, at least… which also means more work hours and, of course, more money for me!), I spent my free time playing Cities Skylines: After Dark. But only until the day that Prison Architect released. Since then, I have spent the bulk of my gaming time building prisons. They added campaigns which slowly introduce you to the game and show you the features you can use to have a good and well-functioning prison. But don’t get me wrong about “After Dark”. I really love that expansion! It’s just that I’ve been waiting so long for the release version of Prison Architect. The game was “complicated” enough already, so I did not want to get into the game during alpha where things were constantly changing or features were being added.

Prison Architect

Thanks to the campaigns, it is now very easy to get into the game and accustomed to what you need to do and it’s just a lot of fun to build and expand your prison and take care of your prisoners.

Wildstar Motorcycle

Wildstar is another big item on my list and, as was to be expected, the game had quite a lot of problems after switching to free to play with login queues and lags. By now, I have not seen any queues anymore and have not experienced lag either, even on a Friday evening. So I assume that everything is under control now and we can all enjoy the game now. I do, at least! My medic is level 23 now. I know, I know. I am levelling very slowly. But that’s because I want to enjoy the time I am playing the game without rushing to max. level.

This weekend, I am also dipping my toes into Blade & Soul which has its technical alpha until Monday evening. It seems… Asian, for lack of a better description. I will probably write more about it later.

Last but not least (on my list) is Guild Wars 2. The last beta weekend has come and gone and I tried out the ranger specialization (druid) for a tiny bit and the engineer one (scrapper) for a bit more. I have now made the decision to bring the mesmer and the engineer into Heart of Thorns. I used to play warrior most of the time, but she has gotten a bit boring to play lately and the specialization didn’t sound exciting to me either. The first time I had started playing an engineer, I said that I love this profession, but what I really want is a melee weapon. Now it’s here and it felt great! Although I will still play my mesmer first, as she is much more advanced already (gear-wise, for example, but also much more hero points which are needed to unlock the specialization and new skills). The expansion will launch in 13 days, so in October, making it a perfect end to a busy gaming month.

Charr Engineer

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First steps in Wildstar Reloaded

As you may have heard, Wildstar had a “relaunch” with its new “free to play” business model last Tuesday. I actually had to wait for a few days before I could properly play on the server. As you can probably imagine, or maybe you have even seen it yourself, the launch was met with issues due to the amount of people wanting to play. It did remind me quite a bit of the Trove launch: Trove also has one server for everybody and they, too, had issues with lots of players trying to connect at the same time. And once you actually managed to get into the game, there was lots of lag, rubberbanding and so on. Wildstar’s f2p launch was no different, actually. I usually stay calm and patient for a few days before I wonder if the company really knows what they are doing… :p

Right now, I opted to write about Wildstar instead of trying to play as there is a queue to get into the server. The server itself has gotten more stable, I think. I played during off hours yesterday and today (starting at 8.30 am on a weekend means lots of free space on the server… ^^), so the server was behaving quite nicely then. During the week, I do not have that luxury, as I need to work like so many others. So I was happy to get some gaming time in Wildstar this weekend.

What Carbine did to help ease the load on the servers was to add additional servers. For the EU PvE server Jabbit, there is now also Jabbit-2. As soon as the main server is stable again and the login issues are solved, they will merge Jabbit-2 into Jabbit. Fortunately, Wildstar has a system where you have to give your character a first and last name. So naming issues should not be a problem as long as you’re at least semi-creative… and no, “Shadow Hunter” and the like do not belong into that category.

Wildstar taxi ride

To be honest, the one change that I had really been looking forward to was the increased movement speed of our characters as long as they are out of combat! One of my main issues with the larger races in MMOs is that they always walk so slowly. Of course, movement speed has to be normalized between all races or else there would be an unfair advantage for the taller ones. But it does lead to awkward animations sometimes. The speed may be the same, but it just looks and feels so very different with an Aurin or the Chua compared to the big Granok. But my main character, Gechi Rosix, belongs to that race. I just love their overall look! Other than that, I could not resist and bought some NCoins to get my last two character slots. Carbine allows you to have 14 characters per server (there is one PvE and one PvP server per region, but this doesn’t really count for me, as I don’t like PvP servers). I already had 12 because I had bought the game before it went free to play. So I simply had to get those other two as well.

I still really like the world that Carbine created with Wildstar, so I really do hope the queues and lags and all that will be gone fast! But yeah, I think the server issues have decreased over the last few days. Either way, in case you were wondering whether you should have a look at Wildstar or not, my advice is to wait a few more days until things have settled down a bit or create a character on Jabbit-2 (and the appropriate equivalents for the PvP server and the US PvE/PvP servers) as they will get merged into the main servers later on, but they generally do not have any long queues and considerably less lag.

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GW2: Buffing my playstyle by 100 %

Guild Wars 2 is getting another balance patch this Tuesday and it looks like this one was made especially for me! :D

While I have every profession at level 80, the ones I’ve played the most are warrior, mesmer and thief – and all three get buffs to the weapons that belong to my favourites!

I know that rifle on warrior is bad and doesn’t do enough damage, but the longbow and I just don’t get along. Whenever I have to get into ranged combat with my warrior, I still take out my rifle. I also just really prefer the style of a rifle over a bow. When I saw the notes for the skill balance changes this morning, I squealed a little as the rifle will be getting a “bit of a damage buff”. The main question, of course, is whether it’ll be enough to get this weapon back to a competitive level compared with other weapons. However, as I said, I just really like this weapon and I love reading that it will get a much-needed buff!

GW2 Asura Mesmer

The moment my first mesmer got a sword in her hand was the moment I knew I had to play this profession! This was back during a beta weekend event where we were only allowed to play humans (ugh…). But this weapon still made it fun! Of course, I switched to asura as fast as I could which made the sword even more fun to play. Some of the asura combat animations are just too cute. I was surprised to read that the sword (main hand only) is getting its damage buffed as I hadn’t even known this was necessary. I have been playing with a scepter lately, though, so I did not pay attention to where the sword stands. And well, what do you expect from a person who plays her warrior with a rifle, eh? ;) Still, I take that buff and I’ll definitely try it out again after the patch.

GW2 Skkia asura thiefLast but not least, the thief. I had originally not even considered playing a thief, because I don’t much like relying on stealth or positional combat. But then I realized that neither is really necessary. What I really liked was the pistols (in any way and form: main hand, off-hand as well as dual-wielding). I don’t know what it is with rifles and pistols and me in fantasy games. Again, I think it’s so much more fun than the bow! And it is a lot more stylish with the thief, after all.

Thankfully, when I’m talking about weapons here, I’m talking strictly about games. ;) My love for rifles and pistols stops right at the “exit game” button.

Anyway, three weapons I love, three weapons that are getting buffed! Additionally, being able to see how much time I have left to put down the exit portal with my mesmer is priceless! Something I’ve been wanting to get for so long (3 years, to be precise… :p)! So far, I’m very happy with the balancing. Then again, I use a rifle with my warrior… what do I know? :p

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