This page will host all our giveaways from now on. Please note that comments here will be deleted regularly to make space once a new giveaway starts! We will, of course, not delete any comments for ongoing giveaways!

To keep this post here short and precise, you can find the overall rules for our giveaways on a second page.

This giveaway is closed! Winners have been drawn, emails were sent. Please also check your spam folder. :p

  1. Win 1 of 10 Racing Snail mounts for Rift (keyword: November-Snail).
  2. Win 1 of 10 Radar Corgi pets for Rift (keyword: November-Corgi).

You can participate in both giveaways if you want! Winning in one does not change your chance of winning in any of the others.

Please note: All codes will expire after December 5. So if you win a code, be sure to enter it right away in your Trion account page!

Participating is easy enough: Make sure to read the rules. Here’s the short version again: One entry per person per giveaway. Winners will be selected randomly. You need to enter before the stated deadline and there is no debating about the outcome. Random is random, after all. :p The keywords are stated above which you’ll need to add to your comment if you want to enter the respective giveaway.

The deadline to enter is: November 20, 9 pm German time – Winners will be drawn shortly after the deadline (usually within 24 hours). As you can see, the giveaways are shorter than usual, because we want you to get on your racing snail and take the corgi for a walk in the new expansion maps soon! :p

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