I’m back!

I managed to play Rift this morning. Just for half an hour, but it felt so good to use my left hand again. I still don't have a diagnosis, but all this "rest your wrist, don't use it!" was garbage since it probably/very likely never even was a tenosynovitis. All results so far say that … Continue reading I’m back!

Project: Wildstar Housing

I did it! I managed to get my second character to level 14 which is where you unlock your housing plot. In case you're now sitting there in front of your monitor pondering the amount of effort it needs to get to 14 - don't bother. It's fast. I'm just slow. ;) My Rift housing … Continue reading Project: Wildstar Housing

Christmas present: Glider skins!

Before Christmas, I had gotten a nice surprise in the mail. My former colleague (from when I had that horrible-job-from-hell) had not just sent a Christmas card, but also an 800 gem code for me! I immediately went to the GW2 shop in-game and browsed through the items. While I like the basic glider skin, … Continue reading Christmas present: Glider skins!

Winners of Week 2

First of all, a "status update" on the 4th giveaway: It was originally planned to start it this Thursday. But when I did that, I had not known that I would carry a fridge + freezer combination upstairs into our flat with bookahnerk and that I'd sit here on Tuesday evening licking my wounds (well, … Continue reading Winners of Week 2

Summer break for Nerdy Bookahs

The days are getting warmer and warmer and summer is fast approaching. But unfortunately, this is not the reason for this post's title. For the next month or two, both bookahnerk and I will be very busy in that thing called "real life". Additionally, we are going to move to a new flat which also … Continue reading Summer break for Nerdy Bookahs

Asking for player feedback

It comes with my job that I know more about questionnaires than I could have ever dreamed (if I ever did dream about making questionnaires and analysing the data afterwards when I was a kid ^^). So naturally, I also watch how game companies ask for feedback. Recently, Warhammer Online set a rather sad example. … Continue reading Asking for player feedback

First posting

First posting here. My boyfriend's wanted to start blogging for quite some time and so we decided to collaborate and share a blog. We're both not posting on a daily basis, so it seemed to be a perfect fit. :) He was the one who got me into MMORPGs while I was the one who … Continue reading First posting