3 “code bundles” to give away for Atlas Reactor (all codes are gone!)

(Update: All codes are gone!!)

We still have a few codes left for Atlas Reactor and since there is an expiration date attached to them (first Monday in September), of course, we would like to see them get to new owners soon! So this giveaway is a bit different from the ones we usually do. The first three people to comment here stating that they would like the codes will get them.

But first, a short reminder of what these codes are about:

“Atlas Reactor is a turn-based battle arena. It has the obligatory PvP mode, but it also has a nice PvE mode where you can either play against bots with other players or purely with and against NPCs. So even if you like such a game but do not like PvP at all, Atlas Reactor offers you the chance to enjoy it anyway.” (quoting myself here)

If you belong to the first three people, you will get an email with three codes (for this, please make sure to enter a valid email address into the “email” field):

  1. Grey’s Citadel Skin
  2. Two loot matrices (after entering this code, you will receive two loot matrices again once the game has launched as there will be a wipe in between)
  3. A beta code (to be used by yourself or given away to a friend).

One word again about the beta: Everybody can sign up and play the game right away!  However, there are some restrictions. If you buy the game, there are no further restrictions. If you get a beta code, there will also be no restrictions for as long as the beta is taking place!

The end of this giveaway is obviously when three people have commented or when the first Monday of September has come as the codes expire then!

Cities Skylines: Natural Disasters (Blaugust Post 16)

A few days ago, I had seen that Cities Skylines will get another expansion and that they planned to announce it at gamescom. On Wednesday evening while chatting with bookahnerk, I said to him: “I am interested, but nothing more. As much as I like the game, it just can’t keep me playing. I guess what I’m missing is something like disasters to keep me on my toes.”

When the announcement started on Twitch, I was watching it and was really hoping that it would be something I would like, at least (After Dark was great, Snowfall wasn’t if you ask me). However, they managed to exceed my expectations as they will apparently deliver exactly what I wanted!

The expansion/DLC will release at some point “in winter”. Boo to that! I really wish I could get my hands on it now. Or at least see some more. They did not have anything to show other than this trailer.

One thing they said got me really excited as well: The “disaster editor” will be free for everybody. So modders can create scenarios for us to play! And old save games will work with Natural Disasters as well, so you can now build the perfect city that you want to play with disasters once it’s launched. :) Not much else is known at the moment, I think. At least, there is no price tag to it yet and no definite release date other than “in winter”. But at least, there is a Steam website for it already.

So, I went from “I want to know what the DLC will be, but I will probably not buy it” to “OMG! GIEF NOW!” within only a couple of hours. :)

Atlas Reactor Giveaway: Grey’s Citadel Skin, Loot Matrices and more beta codes!

(Update August 22, 9 pm local time: This giveaway is closed. All winners will get their codes via email, so you won’t have to do anything. Just wait a bit…)

Trion has been very generous and as such, we did not only get codes for Rift, but codes for Atlas Reactor as well. In case you have not heard about the game yet, Atlas Reactor is a turn-based battle arena. It has the obligatory PvP mode, but it also has a nice PvE mode where you can either play against bots with other players or purely with and against NPCs. So even if you like such a game but do not like PvP at all, Atlas Reactor offers you the chance to enjoy it anyway.

Devilian Shimmering Devil Wings

Having said that, we are giving away 10 beta codes. Atlas Reactor has a “Free Mode” which is available right now already. Download the game and play it. However, there are some restrictions. Once you buy the game, you are free from all these restrictions. Or, if you use a beta code, you are free from these restrictions throughout the beta. So, even if those codes are not necessary to try out the game per se, they still add some very nice convenience (like being able to try out all freelancers right away). Once the game goes live, you will either return to the “Free Mode” restrictions or you can buy the game to get rid of them.

Please keep in mind that there is going to be a wipe before the game launches! But the skin will stay and you will receive these extra loot matrices again.

Atlas Reactor_Loot Matrix

In addition, we also have 10 Grey’s Citadel Skins and Loot Matrices to give away. The first is an “exclusive” skin for Grey, one of the freelancers in Atlas Reactor. The second is a reward you get for gaining a season level. Loot matrices can also be bought in the store in case you want your unlocks faster. As I wrote above, there will be a wipe, so your unlocks will be gone once the game launches. However, you will get the two loot matrix items again:

“Players who redeem these codes will get these Loot Matrix items again after the post-Beta wipe when Atlas Reactor launches.”

I am not sure how many Atlas Reactor players follow our blog and/or how many of our readers are interested in the game. So we will split as we did the last time: Write “Beta” and/or “Grey” in the comment field (you can try your luck with both prizes).

So, once again, there are the prizes:

  • 10x Beta Code
  • 10x Grey’s Citadel Skin + 2 Loot Matrix items

Rules and Important Notes

  1. One entry per person! Please stay fair! Your IP address gets logged when you comment, so we can see if you try to enter several times.
  2. Leave a comment with the keyword “Beta” and/or “Grey” to enter the giveaway.
  3. Leave a valid email address when commenting. It will only be used by us for contacting the winners and nothing else! Enter said email address into the “email” field, do not add it to the comment field as that one is public! We will send an email to the winners with the codes you’ve won.
  4. The codes are only valid until the first Monday of next month (September 5). It’s probably best for you to enter them right away at the official website.
  5. No debating about the outcome! We will randomly choose the winners.
  6. This giveaway will run from today until 22. August (9 pm our time!). Click the link to check for the time in your timezone.
  7. If you have not commented here before, your comment will have to be approved by me or bookahnerk before it becomes publicly available. Do not make a second or even a third comment. We will approve your comment as soon as we can! :)

Last but not least, good luck to everybody who participates!

(This post is part of Blaugust.)

Action RPGs and me (Blaugust Post 12)

I finally finished playing Torchlight 2 not too long ago. In general, I really liked the game. The pets are cute, but useful, although mostly to send them off sell your found items and bring back more health potions. The story was okay, the settings were great and the bosses were really well done! There was only one thing I did not like and that is the classes. Yeah, in a game where the focus is on fighting a ton of mobs, this is kind of bad, isn’t it? I sticked with the Embermage as it seemed to be the most interesting class, but I did get bored with it pretty soon.


Next up in my Action RGP gaming backlog is Van Helsing: Final Cut. I have just finished chapter 2 and if I understood it correctly, there are 9 chapters in total (or was it 12?). So there is still quite a lot ahead of me. I chose the Protector class and more or less force myself to stick with this game for now. The gameplay itself is great, the story is interesting and I love the ghost, Katharina. I just cannot warm up to any of the game’s classes. Other than the Protector, there is the Elementalist which is basically a mage. After playing a mage in Torchlight 2, I really want something else. Then there’s the Bounty Hunter, Umbralist, Phlogistoneer and Constructor. If there is one thing to say about the game’s classes it’s that they are not your traditional fantasy/steampunk classes – or class names, at the very least! Still, I did not really love playing any of these classes. Some classes have a cooldown on their main attack which is something I really cannot stand in an Action RPG which is why I chose the Protector now. Standard sword and shield and on the right-mouse button, I have a skill to rush into enemies.

Grim Dawn Shaman

In Diablo 3, my problem was the opposite. I liked too many classes and could not choose which one I actually wanted to play. So I would really like to replay the with another class soon. I also actually never got far in Diablo 2 and want to do that at some point. And there is also Victor Vran that I’ve only played the first tutorial mission or so. There was something with jumping up walls etc. which made the game very interesting, but I figured I should first finish Van Helsing before I really get into Victor Vran. Last but not least, Path of Exile is also pretty great – or so I’ve heard, as I never got far there either.

As you can see, I have lots of Action RPGs to play, right? There is no need at all to get another one to add to my already long list of these games. I told myself that and yet, somehow, Grim Dawn sneaked into my Steam library. I don’t even know how that happened! I must have miss-clicked when I looked at the game (hey, miss-clicks happen! Ask a certain German politician… :p). What sold me here was the classes. I chose Shaman now, but I’m not too far into the game, so I don’t know how good or bad this choice will be. But from the available classes, you can choose a second one. That reminds me of the good old Guild Wars. I haven’t yet made my choice on what second class I want to get. But as I said, there are a lot of other games and I really want to focus on Van Helsing first before diving into Grim Dawn. I guess the other games will just have to wait a bit more… And yes, I do realize that I have a problem and a very weak willpower when it comes to resisting these games… ;)

How many times can you change your payment model? (Blaugust Post 10)

When Atlas Reactor was first announced, that game was planned as a free to play game in which you would unlock freelancers either with in-game currency you get by playing the game or by spending money. Just like League of Legends, for example. After some time of testing, they announced a change in their business model which was actually – as far as I could see – very controversial across the player base. The new payment model was “buy to play”. While it is more fair to pay one price and then get the whole game for free, having this paywall there also meant that they risked leaving out a huge amount of players who either can’t spend that much money at once or don’t want to spend any money. Some like to try/demo a game first before they spend money on it, for example. But games like Atlas Reactor live from getting a big player base, so players can find matches fast.

Atlas Reactor PvP with Lockwood

Not too long ago now, they announced that they would make changes to their payment model once again. But don’t worry: If you bought it because they said it would go “buy to play”, then nothing changes for you. If, however, you were part of the “I can’t/don’t want to spend money on it (yet)”-crowd, then it’s probably time to cheer. They added a “Free Mode” to their game. At the same time, they also removed the in-game store. According to the news post, they received a lot of feedback that the game still felt like a “free to play” game with the amount of stuff you could buy in their store. But since they went buy to play, they decided to get rid of the in-game store altogether now. While of course, I’m cheering because I get more stuff for “free” (well, I need to play the game to get those rewards instead of just taking out my wallet), I also hope that they will still get enough money by selling the game itself.

The change I do, however, absolutely love is them adding the Free Mode! You can read more about it here on the official website. Free Mode is basically a not time-limited demo where some features are locked. You can’t access all freelancers, for example. But you will get access to 6 freelancers which switch every week to other 6 random freelancers. Each free player will have a randomized selection. I think that’s a really good idea, because then not every free player is queueing with the same freelancer.

I guess all of this means that they really do use alpha and beta for testing and trying out things before settling with something, but I don’t remember seeing something like this before where a company made this many changes to how players can play and acquire the game. It just makes me wonder how potential players view this and if maybe it also affects trust in the developers with the changes in how you can access the game. For me, nothing will change, as I already did buy into the game and do not regret having made this choice. I actually do like “buy to play” and I got to test the game and know I want to play it. It just seems a bit… fickle. Or maybe insecure even. So I really hope that they have found the best solution now – both for us players as well as for them as developers.