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Coming to Trove next: Fishing, Ships & the Pirate class

Trove_Pirate CaptainAfter postponing the update for a week, the Fish ‘n’ Ships update will finally land in Trove coming Tuesday (March 31).

You can preview what’s coming in their latest livestream video on Twitch. Or you can read the summary written by Bragi in the official forum. Also, since it was originally scheduled to go live last week, we know quite a lot of what’s coming. This doesn’t make it any less exciting, of course!

Please note that the update will come about three hours earlier than usual as Trion is doing some other maintenance which affects the time slot they have to use to update the game.

One thing I’m still confused about is whether the class will be called “Pirate Captain” or “Pirate Lord” or maybe just “Pirate“. At least, the official announcement of next week’s patch only calls it “Pirate” with nothing else added. But that’s just a small detail. Altogether, this class looks like a lot of fun to play. :) I know that I will definitely buy the class as soon as it comes out. You may remember that the newest class is always the most expensive one. The ones released before the newest will get cheaper then. This means that the Pirate Captain will cost 8000 cubits, the Shadow Hunter will then cost 6500 and the Ice Sage will cost 5000 cubits like the other classes.

Trove_Pirate Captain Parrot

So far, I have always bought all classes for the maximum amount of cubits, even though it probably wasn’t worth it. While I did play the Candy Barbarian to level 20, the Ice Sage and Shadow Hunter did not get played much. I just ended up not liking them enough. Since levelling up a class gives you mastery points, though, I will level them up one day. Probably together with bookahnerk, though, as playing those classes alone isn’t fun for me. Anyway, the Pirate – what do you think about that class? A silly question, I assume. It’s a pirate, after all. With a parrot. On. A. Cannon. I think it’s a very neat detail that the parrot is usually flying right next to your shoulder, but when you use your skill on your right mouse button, you “throw” it onto a cannon. For the duration of this skill, the parrot is sitting on top of the cannon controlling it.

Trove_Pirate Captain Decoy

The Pirate also has a skill where it calls Decoys. That one is similar to the Fae Trickster. But with the latter, the Decoy looks identical to the actual class. I’m not sure how good the pirate’s decoys are, but they seem to do the trick… ;)

Another important note is that the Pirate does not use energy regeneration! So, if you’ve collected items or when you find items while playing, your preference should be with items that do not use a stat that’s useless to you. In order to regenerate energy, you will have to collect the doubloons that appear when you’re shooting at enemy NPCs. But only your parrot skill needs energy. I guess that basically means that the doubloons are the wage you’ve got to pay the parrot, so it fights with you. :p

The second major addition will be ships. We now know that the ships will also have stats. When you’ve got mastery level 70 you get a boat. But that’s quite a long road, especially for a new player. The fastest way will be to pay $20 on March 31 and buy the Pirate Pack which will give you the Pirate class (although you can buy it for cubits, the in-game currency, as well), the two available costumes for the Pirate and two ships (Ghost Ship and Draconic Ship). You will also be able to buy the ships individually, however. The Draconic ship will be able to sail on lava without taking damage.

Trove Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship with Ghostly Sail

I’m not sure how else you can get a boat, especially when your mastery level isn’t high enough yet. Mine isn’t, for example. They did previously say that you will have to play the game to get the bigger boats, even though some boats will be in the shop. So, I assume the two mentioned above are the boats in the shop and the rest will be acquired in the game. Fine with me. I just hope that I can at least get a tiny little boat right away! Another detail that they mentioned in that previous livestream is that the new biome, the Treasure Isles, will drop “Golden Seashells” which you will need for the boats. So make sure to spend time in there and collect those items if you want a boat!

Update (March 30): Avarem posted a screenshot on the forum. This one clearly shows that the SS Dinghy will be available from the glim pirate merchants (the ones whose pirate image on the flag has red in it) for 500 glim. The Worn Sail will be available for 250 glim. In case you don’t have any glim yet, go farm it to be prepared for tomorrow’s update. :)

Trove_Deconstructing Fish

Deconstructing the Hub Hugger

The third big feature will be fishing. This is probably my favourite of the three. No matter which online game I’m playing, if there is fishing, I will do just that! It’s such a great thing to do when trying to relax from a day at work. The fish you catch will need to be put into the Deconstructor, so that you get useful resources. They also explained how the fishing poles work in their previous livestream.

Update (March 30): Avarem posted a screenshot on the forum. You can buy your basic fishing pole from the glim pirate merchants (the ones whose pirate image on the flag has red in it) for 200 glim. A lure will cost 10 glim per piece.

If you’re annoyed with how tedious trading is (you and the person you want to trade with have to stand next to a trading post together), then the following news will make you happy: Avarem said that they will work on making trading easier, possibly around or right before launch. The word “auction house” was mentioned, but they did not say they will add one. They want to make sure that trading will work and fit to their game and the major goal is to “make it easier to trade”. Either way, I am happy that they acknowledged this. I don’t know if I really need something like an auction house, but being able to trade items with a specific person even if you’re not online at the same time would be great. For example, via in-game mail.

One last thing I want to comment on is the possible change to cubits. So far, you can get 500 cubits on a weekday and 1000 on a Saturday and a Sunday. There is no way to get more cubits as they are not tradeable and the “quest” can only be done once a day. They are planning to add more quests which you can do to earn more cubits. The problem with cubits is that when the items you can buy for cubits are tradeable, you can just make several alt accounts, farm cubits and buy everything that way. Instead, the stuff you can get for cubits will not be tradeable and then they can also increase the amount of cubits you can earn. I like that, because at the moment, I sometimes only log on to get my daily amount of cubits, but then log out again. Avarem also said that they will add enough items that you can buy for cubits, so there’ll definitely be an incentive to play the game more to earn more cubits and buy whatever they’re offering.

I really hope the patch will come on March 31st and not be delayed by another week, because that day is also my last work day before I can enjoy a 1,5 weeks vacation. I am definitely planning on spending some more time in Trove then trying to catch all the fish! :)

Bookahneer’s Geekwatch: Now with more community!

Guild Wars 2 Bookahneer's GeekwatchWelcome to today’s Bookahneer’s Geekwatch! The place about miscellaneous interesting things about gaming.

I’ve always really liked the idea of Bookahneer’s Geekwatch and using this column to write about short news pieces that I wouldn’t be writing otherwise. However, lately it felt a bit obsolete as I posted gaming news for our three main games in other formats most of the time. I always liked the idea of having a look at other fansites and blogs, though, to see what they are up to. So I figured that we could use this column for both, bits of interesting gaming news as well as looking at other blogs and fansites.

Let’s start with the newest blog on my reading list that I only found because the owner left a comment here. – As a side note, for all those new to blogging: If you want to get noticed, interact with others! Comment on their blog posts and engage in conversations about their posts. This is how others will get to know you!


The Shapestone Journal is a blog dedicated only to Trove. The only one that’s focusing on the game as far as I know and the only other blog regularly writing about Trove other than ours. But I wouldn’t mention him here if the only reason was “he is the only blogger about Trove”. I also really enjoy his content! He summarizes the news we get from Trion’s live streams just as we do. But if you know me well enough, you know that I don’t see something like this as a competition. I quite like knowing that I can write about the news from the live stream, but I don’t have to, because the players can read the news elsewhere regardless. :p What you can also find there are guides. I’m going to recommend one post here now, it’s the guide to craft the Neon Nightsky wings. I’ve personally not looked into those too closely so far, because I have not yet been able to handle the wings properly. So, I don’t even need to think about crafting some special look. ;)

By the way, if you know of any other Trove blogs – or maybe you’re even the owner of such a blog -

dragonseasonThe second post I’m going to put on a pedestal here, so to say, is from Dragon Season. Yeah, you may wonder why I decide to feature a post from the very fan site that I am part of as well. ;) But this is special! Tilion has been away from the gaming world for some time and now that he is back, he is also back with new articles. I really liked this one where he looks at things we would love to see in Guild Wars 2‘s future.

Coming to Trove next: Boats, fishing and the pirate class

Trion have been teasing us with the water update for a while now and in this Friday’s livestream, they revealed some more information and finally showed us boats and fishing. Some of the things they showed will go live next week, some will come the week after. As usual, I will give you the most important news here, but won’t go into every single detail.


Trove_N-0 Depth Scoper

N-0 Depth Scoper – the fishing pole for plasma

The newest crafting profession, fishing, will come. By unlocking different fishing poles, you will be able to fish in different liquids. The basic one allows you to fish in water, but apparently, lava, plasma and chocolate will be available as well. Getting a special lure (like the one pictured on the left) will unlock the ability to fish in certain liquids (plasma in this case). The fishing poles themselves are more or less cosmetic, though. You can then use any of the fishing poles that you have to fish in the liquids you have unlocked.

Trove FishingYou will also need lures which can be bought at a vendor. Which fish you can get also depends on the liquid, the biome you’re in and on the time (not sure if they mean a day and night cycle or a season). Once you’ve got a fish, what can you do with it? Of course, you deconstruct it! I do not want to imagine that in detail, to be honest. ;) Anyway, one example given was the “Fat Catfish” which will give you a lot of glim if you deconstruct it. A special crafting resource that will come from fishing is the “Ancient Scale” which can be used to make a bigger boat.

We will be able to fish in our club worlds, but not every fish will be available this way.


Trove_Basic Sail

Sails and boats have two different slots

Next up was boats. They will come in different sizes. For example, clipper-sized boats, but also bigger ones (galleon-sized). There will be an equipment slot for the boat and one for the sail. So you can probably customize the look of your boat a bit this way. When you’re on your boat, you will have a “free camera” view. Navigating the boat will be different from moving your character. There will be acceleration, for example, and steering.

There will be some boats in the shop, but for the bigger boats, you will actually have to play the game. ;) The Treasure Isles will be where you will be able to get whatever you need for the boats. “Golden Seashells” will drop there (and/or they’re going to be harvestable) which you will need to craft those bigger boats.

Trove_Bigger Boat

One of the bigger boats available

Pirate class

The Pirate class will be shown in detail in next week’s livestream. The most important bits now.

  • It’s called the “Pirate Captain”
  • Right mouse button throws down a cannon. You can upgrade that cannon.
  • Basic attack is called the “Plunderbuss”
  • As you hit things, doubloons will spawn that upgrade your cannon
  • First mouse button is a decoy pirate (“Proxy Pirate”). A bit like the faerie trickster, but the pirate explodes when it dies.
  • Your ultimate is a mortar

Some things that are coming next week

  • They’ll increase the number of layers (or lairs? I actually have a hard time understanding Avarem and I don’t know what “layers” ares, “lairs” would make more sense…) that spawn in an adventuring zone
  • The dance pad will get music added, apparently
  • Two equipment pieces per dungeon
  • Adventuring Treasure chests that sound like they function like chaos chests with changing rewards. But the adventure chests drop within the game. No credits needed to purchase these as opposed to the chaos chests.
  • One of the items you can find in such a chest is the “Pink Cookiephant” – quite obviously, a pink elephant mount. Those mounts will be quite common. They mentioned a 5 % drop rate.


4th Blog Anniversary: Let’s celebrate with giveaways!

Blog_a id_deutsch

Update: This giveaway is closed. We will announce the winners here in our blog soon!

Today is the big day! Our blog is celebrating its 4th anniversary. 4 years of writing mostly about Guild Wars 2, and more recently, Rift and Trove as well. 4 years of writing about first impressions of various other games, writing about community, events and so on! We have also recently started publishing a few of our posts in two languages: English and German.

As has become tradition, we’re celebrating our anniversary with a giveaway. This year, however, it’s a bit different as TrionWorlds as well as ArenaNet support us. A big thank you to their community managers for their help!

Here are the prizes.

Guild Wars 2

  • 5 mini llamas
  • One in-game package of yet to be determined items (I can already tell that the package will be worth at least 250 gold – unless the prices for those items plummage within the next few days :p)
  • 3 grey GW2 t-shirts (2 x size L and 1 x size XL)
  • Germany only (sorry – blame the postage fees…): 1 Plush Charrlie

That’s 10 prizes altogether. Well, 9 1/2 considering only a few of our readers can win the plush charrlie. We may have another giveaway with international charrlie shipping in the future. :p


  • 1 Hellbug Mount
  • 3 Storm Legion: Infinity Editions (Collector’s Edition of first RIFT expansion)
  • 5 Demon Helms

9 prizes for Rift. Unfortunately, I am not sure what exactly the Infinity Edition includes now. The best information I could find was this thread from 2014. That is, I assume it does NOT include the souls that came with Storm Legion. But it includes the Brevanic Portal Generator which lets you teleport to any porticulum you want once per hour. I personally love this item and am using it constantly when playing. There is also the Cyclone Mount and the Mini Regulos.


  • 1 Costume Mystery Box
Trove Costume Mystery Box

The Costume Mystery Box contains one random costume!

With the prizes for Rift and Guild Wars 2, I found it just did not look complete without a prize for Trove, too. I had thought about giving away a costume and bought a costume mystery box. Out came the one costume that I’ve really wanted to have, the Balefire Beast. So please understand that I could not give this one away. Instead, I bought a second costume mystery box and did not open it (I only opened the first because I thought you had to open it before being able to trade it, but I’ve tested it now and the box can be traded, so all is well)! Not knowing what’s in there, there is no danger of me wanting to keep it. :p

Now on to what you need to do in order to participate in the giveaways. First of all: You can participate and win in all three giveaways, Rift’s, Guild Wars 2’s and Trove’s. However, you can only win once per giveaway – not a big deal for Trove, of course, since there is only one prize to be won.

Please reply to this blog post with the following information in order to be put into the prize pool. Also, please read the following rules carefully. As always we will draw randomly and every participant has the same chance of winning! No bonus for friends and guildies. Sorry. :p

1. We want you to comment and give us the following information:

  • Question for the Trove Giveaway: What’s your favourite biome in Trove?
  • Question for the Rift Giveaway: What is your favourite playable race (in any MMO you know) and why?
  • Question for the Guild Wars 2 Giveaway: What is your favourite class/profession (in any MMO you know) and why?
  • Preferred t-shirt size (only for the GW2 giveaway): L/XL/No t-shirt, please!
  • Guild Wars 2 Display Name (for the in-game items):
  • If you live in Germany – would you like to win the Plush Charrlie: Yes/No

2. Leave a valid email address when commenting. It will only be used by us for contacting the winners and nothing else! Enter said email address into the “email” field, do not add it to the comment field as that one is public!

3. From all participants, we will randomly choose the winners. We will begin from the top of the prize list. Again: You can participate and win in all three giveaways. But you can only win once per game.

4. The winners will be contacted by email and receive their item code. Do NOT leave the email address in the comment field! For the t-shirts and the plushie: Please reply within 14 days and give us your address, so we can send the prizes. If you do not reply within 14 days, we may choose another winner.

5. No debating about the outcome! We will draw randomly and everybody has the same chance of winning. :)

6. The giveaway is open for participants until Sunday, March 22, 2015, 22 6pm Berlin Time (CET).

7. One entry per person! Please be fair.

Please note: We will be away at the Foostival, so we may not be able to draw the winners immediately on Sunday evening!

Blog_a id_deutschabhier

Heute ist es endlich soweit! Unser Blog wird 4 Jahre alt. 4 Jahre, die wir vor allem über Guild Wars 2, und seit einiger Zeit auch über Rift und Trove geschrieben haben. 4 Jahre, in denen wir über unsere ersten Eindrücke von verschiedenen anderen Spielen geschrieben haben, über die Community, Events und so weiter! Seit kurzem veröffentlichen wir einige unserer Beiträge auch neben englisch auf deutsch.

Es ist ja schon ein bisschen zur Tradition geworden, dass wir an unserem großen Blog-Jahrestag auch ein Giveaway haben. Dieses Mal ist es aber anders. Wir haben nicht nur ein Giveaway, wir haben gleich zwei! Ein ganz großes Dankeschön an ArenaNet und Trion Worlds für deren Unterstützung und vor allem an die beiden Community Manager, die mir so schnell und freundlich geholfen haben!

Hier jetzt also die Preise, die ihr gewinnen könnt.

Guild Wars 2

  • 5 Mini Lamas
  • Ein “Päckchen” im Spiel mit Gegenständen, die wir noch nicht benennen – aber es wird mindestens 250 Gold wert sein… zumindest, solange die Marktpreise für diese Gegenstände nicht in den nächsten Tagen in den Keller fallen.
  • 3 graue GW2 T-Shirts (2 Mal Größe L und 1 Mal Größe XL)
  • Nur für Teilnehmer aus Deutschland (Sorry… die Portokosten…): 1 Plüsch-Charrlie

Insgesamt also 10 Preise. Naja, 9 1/2, wenn man bedenkt, dass nur ein kleiner Teil unserer Leserschaft den Plüsch-Charrlie gewinnen kann. Wir werden bald wahrscheinlich auch wieder einen internationalen Charrlie weggeben.


  • 1 Höllenkäfer Reittier
  • 3 Storm Legion: Infinity Editions (Die Sammler-Edition der ersten RIFT-Erweiterung)
  • 5 Demon Helms

Insgesamt also 9 Preise für Rift. Ich bin mir leider nicht so ganz sicher, was in der Sammler-Edition enthalten ist. Die beste Info habe ich in diesem Thread von 2014 gefunden. Wir sollten also mal davon ausgehen, dass sie Seelen nicht enthalten sind. Aber der Generator für das brevanische Portal, Mini-Regulos und das Sturmreittier sind auf jeden Fall Teil dabei. Den Generator verwende ich sehr häufig. Es ist einfach schön, mitten in der Pampa zu jedem Porticulum im Spiel gehen zu können. Hat natürlich einen Cooldown, aber gibt einem trotzdem mehr Wahlmöglichkeiten, als wenn man keinen hat. ;)


  • 1 Costume Mystery Box

Trove Costume Mystery Box

Es sah irgendwie seltsam aus, dass wir Preise für Rift und Guild Wars 2 haben und nichts für Trove. Ich hatte daran gedacht, ein Kostüm wegzugeben und hatte mir dafür am Wochenende auch so eine Box gekauft. Nachdem ich sie geöffnet hatte, um das Kostüm zu sehen, konnte ich mich aber einfach nicht mehr davon trennen. Es war nämlich genau das Kostüm, welches ich so gerne haben wollte. Ich habe aber eine zweite Box gekauft und öffne die jetzt auch gar nicht erst, um nicht wieder in Versuchung zu kommen. ;) Die erste hatte ich auch nur geöffnet, weil ich gedacht hatte, dass man die Box selbst nicht weitergeben kann, sondern nur das darin enthaltene Kostüm. Stimmt aber nicht, ich habe es ausprobiert. Die Box lässt sich handeln.

Jetzt aber endlich zu der Frage, was ihr machen müsst, wenn ihr eine Chance auf diese Preise haben wollt. Zuerst einmal der Hinweis: Ihr könnt bei allen drei Giveaways mitmachen und ihr könnt auch bei allen dreien gewinnen! Pro Spiel könnt ihr aber nur einmal gewinnen. Letzteres ist bei Trove natürlich eher irrelevant, weil es hier ja eh nur einen Gegenstand gibt.

Antwortet bitte auf diesen Eintrag mit den unten genannten Infos, um im Lostopf zu landen. Lest euch vorher außerdem unbedingt die Regeln vollständig durch! Zum Schluss haben alle die gleiche Chance, etwas zu gewinnen. Wie immer gilt: Kein Bonus für Freunde. Sorry. :p

1. Kommentiert bitte mit folgenden Informationen:

  • Frage für das Trove Giveaway: Welches ist euer Lieblings-Biom (“biome”)?
  • Frage für das Rift Giveaway: Was ist eure Lieblingsrasse von allen spielbaren Rassen in MMOs (egal, welches MMO) und warum?
  • Frage für das Guild Wars 2 Giveaway: Was ist eure Lieblingsklasse in MMOs (egal, welches MMO) und warum?
  • Bevorzugte T-Shirt-Größe (nur für Guild Wars 2): : L/XL/Gar kein T-Shirt
  • Guild Wars 2 Display-Name (für das Päckchen mit Gegenständen):
  • Wenn du in Deutschland lebst – möchtest du den Plüsch-Charrlie gewinnen?: Ja/Nein

2. Hinterlasst eine gültige E-Mail-Adresse. Tut dies aber bitte nicht im Textfeld des Kommentars, sondern in dem dafür vorgesehenen Feld. So kann keiner außer euch und uns die E-Mail-Adresse sehen.

3. Aus allen Antworten werden wir die Gewinner zufällig auswählen. Wir fangen dabei jeweils oben in der Preisliste an. From all participants, we will randomly choose the winners. Noch einmal der Hinweis: Ihr könnt bei allen 3 Giveaways mitmachen, aber nur einmal pro Spiel etwas gewinnen.

4. Die Gewinner werden per E-Mail angeschrieben und ggf. ihren Code direkt mit dieser E-Mail erhalten. Schreibt bitte auch nicht eure Adresse in das Kommentarfeld. Für die T-Shirts und den Plüsch-Charrlie: Antwortet bitte innerhalb von 14 Tagen und gebt uns eure Adresse, damit wir euch den Preis zuschicken können.  Wenn ihr nicht innerhalb der 14 Tage antwortet, kann es sein, dass wir einen anderen Gewinner auswählen.

5. Es gibt keine Diskussion über den Ausgang. Wir werden zufällig ziehen und jeder hat die gleiche Chance zu gewinnen.

6. Das Giveaway ist geöffnet für die Teilnahme bis zum Sonntag, den 22. März 2015, 22 Uhr unsere (deutsche) Zeit.

7. Bitte nur eine Teilnahme pro Person. Bleibt bitte fair. :)

Und ganz zum Schluss noch: Wir werden beim Foostival sein und werden deswegen nicht unbedingt direkt am Sonntagabend die Gewinner ziehen können. Bitte habt dafür Verständnis!

The Vox Budgie!

Rift_Vox Budgie_itemTrove is already finished with updating and the first thing I did now was log in, log out, switch to Rift and grab that little mount out of my inbox. It’s “bind on pickup”, so you can’t trade or sell it to other players. You will get this mount with every character on your account! You should probably just make sure that you’re using the same Glyph Account for Trove and for Rift so that your accounts are basically “linked”.

Without further ado, here is my dwarf on her new Vox Budgie which every Rift player can get by levelling one class to level 20 in Trove. Trove is free to play, so there’s no money barrier stopping you from getting that sweet little cutie.

Play Trove for a Vox Budgie in Rift

Update (March 10, 2015): The update is live and it is a mount. You can view screenshots of it here.

One thing I like about game developers having more than one game is the possible cross-promotions. In this case, it’s Trion Worlds with Trove and Rift. Riftgrate reported on the Vox Budgie soon being available in Rift. They found some more info which you can read up on here.

In short: If you level a character to level 20 in Trove, you will get a Vox Budgie in Rift. This will be available starting this Tuesday when it will get patched in to Trove. What we don’t know yet is: What is the Vox Budgie? I would assume it’s a mount because so far, all budgies in Rift are mounts. However, it could also be a companion (non-combat pet). We don’t know for sure, but we will figure it out on Tuesday.

Trove Questions

Level 20 is the maximum level and in my humble opinion, it takes a while to get there. Of course, this is all dependent on your play style and how much time you have for playing Trove. My advice is that if you only want to play because of the Vox Budgie and you want to get to level 20 quickly, then you should give the Dracolyte or the Candy Barbarian a try. I found them the quickest to level while also being easy to handle in solo fights. The Candy Barbarian has a lot of heals available. Fights might last a little bit longer sometimes, but in return, I hardly ever had to use my heal potion (and thus, did not have to look for a cornerstone in order to refill my heal potion). Then again, I can’t really compare the two classes since my Candy Barbarian is level 20 and the Dracolyte is level 14. Both aren’t geared too well. The Dracolyte just seems to deal a lot of damage with ease while also being the most stylish of all classes. Hey, that’s important, okay? ;)

If you want to know more about those classes before deciding, Trove HQ has class guides: Candy Barbarian and Dracolyte.

Coming to Trove next: New UI, tutorial and more…

As is usual for Fridays, we had another livestream from Trion where they showed us what they are currently working on in Trove. It seems that development is going well and fast.

New tutorial

Instead of all the signs that you have to read, they will have more pop-up images that will tell you about the game and apparently, also about its story. It’s not fully done yet and sounds like a work in progress that will get more pop-up images over time.


… is coming! The wintery look of the hub will not stay with us for much longer. Winter pinatas will also be removed next week.


Two new costumes were shown: The “Sharp Shooter” for the Shadow Hunter: Musically-themed, obviously. The shooting animation has fitting graphics (little notes in the air) and Trion also added sound effects. This costume comes with a hat and a weapon skin, too! Very nice work here.

The second costume is the Blood Knight. Compared to the Sharp Shooter, it does look a bit boring… although it’s also simple and clean. Nice look altogether. Once you use your combat skills, you can see where it gets its name from, though!

Dance Pad

The Dance Pad is a Mag Rider and once you’re on it, your character starts to dance. This also means that Dracolytes can transform into the dragon form, hop onto that Mag Rider and keep dancing in gangnam style for as long as they want! The Dance Pad will drop from Chaos Chests.

Trove_Dance Pad_Dracolyte

Dance Pad with Dracolyte

New UI

Jen and Khari are the people responsible for the new UI. One preview was the window when opening Radiant Chests. More things to come soon in the future.

Trove_New UI Radiant Chest

New UI Radiant Chest

New VFX artist

They mention that a new VFX (visual effects) artist is starting next week.

Other Voxel MMOs

No, this isn’t news about Trove. But they mention a poll from MMOGames right at the beginning of the livestream: This is what they are talking about and Trove even came out in 2nd place! Yes, after heavily advertising in the stream, but I guess that’s what always happens when such polls appear. :p I’m linking it in case you are interested in this genre. Trove by far isn’t the only one, after all. I personally have only played Trove and a bit of Landmark. Completely different games, but both are voxel-based, so there you go.

The Radiant Steed was also shown in the livestream. This mount already is in game and can drop (very rarely, I assume) from Radiant Caches.

Trove Radiant Steed

Trove Radiant Steed

On the forums, the most noteworthy post is probably the one where they give us an update about possible European servers.

“We’re working on it.

There are a few requirements that lead to technical difficulties:
1) Trove needs to remain as one universe. We won’t be splitting into US/EU zones. […]”