Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (June 2018): New games and E3

Do you know when we had our last Bookahneer's Geekwatch? In September 2016! To be honest, I actually forgot I had this column and whenever I had a few gaming things that got me excited, I thought: Nah, that's not worth a whole blog post. But that's exactly what this column is for, after all. … Continue reading Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (June 2018): New games and E3

Rift Greater Vicious Wyvern Beastmaster Pet

Pet classes and MMOs

I have often seen people ask "Will there be a pet class?" before an MMO released and it appears that this is the deciding factor in whether they're interested in the game. I personally am torn when it comes to these classes: I actually enjoy playing a pet class sometimes, but not as my main … Continue reading Pet classes and MMOs

Paeroka’s Ponderings: Defiance 2050

I had originally planned to write about my impressions of the Defiance 2050 beta, but for several reasons, I have not been playing it enough to warrant a whole and substantial blog post about it. During the first beta weekend it was mainly due to pain in my hand. Defiance, thankfully, is a game that … Continue reading Paeroka’s Ponderings: Defiance 2050

Defiance Cruising

Defiance2050 PC Closed Beta Keys Giveaway – closed!

  Sorry, there are no keys left!   The PC beta for the upcoming "reloaded" Defiance, called Defiance2050, is taking place this weekend. The beta is up from today (that is, in something like 11 hours from this post - I'm not exactly sure due to time zones and me not having had my morning … Continue reading Defiance2050 PC Closed Beta Keys Giveaway – closed!

C64 Mini

First Impressions: C64 Mini

My brother and I didn't get along when we were kids. However, even we had some things we could do without yelling at each other. It was only a handful of things, but they were there and they are the most precious childhood memories now, of course. One was how he taught me playing table-tennis. … Continue reading First Impressions: C64 Mini

C64 Mini

Gaming nostalgia weekend

Bookahnerk and I will be spending this weekend (re-)visiting good old gaming times. Ultima Online started their version of "free to play" (or free trial, if you prefer) called Endless Journey yesterday. This was his favourite MMO back in the day and to some extent still is. I never played the official game. I only … Continue reading Gaming nostalgia weekend

Civ VI_The Netherlands

One month later…

One month has gone since my last blog post. A lot has happened in real life, and in my game worlds as well. I am now unemployed - partly because I couldn't keep my job when moving, partly by choice (to concentrate on finishing my dissertation thesis before looking for a new job). I have … Continue reading One month later…

Ghost of a Tale - main character

Games/Expansions in 2018 that I’m anticipating

New year, new games! For me, 2018 begins with a hopefully great expansion coming: Civilization VI's "Rise and Fall". It will be released on February 8, which coincides with me leaving my current job. It also coincides with us moving across the country, but that will happen later that month. So in between packing our … Continue reading Games/Expansions in 2018 that I’m anticipating

Alabaster Perinoor Silks Costume Front

Giveaway: Alabaster Perinoor Silks Costumes for ArcheAge

(The giveaway is closed. The winners are: Milkyy, Entaia and The Lover Boy. Congratulations!) We both don't play ArcheAge, but since we're part of Trion's Creator Programme, we sometimes get codes for games other than Rift to give away. We're happy to share these with you, of course, even if we don't play the game … Continue reading Giveaway: Alabaster Perinoor Silks Costumes for ArcheAge

Atlas Reactor Giveaway: Razer Chroma Skins

This giveaway is closed! Thank you for participating and congratulations, Maltroth! I recently won a code for Razer Chroma Skins in Atlas Reactor in a Trion Twitch stream - and then bookahnerk kindly pointed out that I already have them. So, since I don't need it, what better thing to do than to give the … Continue reading Atlas Reactor Giveaway: Razer Chroma Skins