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Trove: New UI & graphics settings

The latest patch, “Blitz and Glitz Edition“, got released today. It is mostly new costumes (in the shop). But they also added the new UI to the game and some new graphics settings to test out. A few days ago, they had already posted a teaser for the UI and it did get some criticism. So, Avarem asked to test it out first and give feedback then.

Of course, I had to test the changes right away. Not the costumes, as I don’t care too much about costumes in Trove. But I wanted to have a look at the shiny new user interface!

New user interface

Here is the direct comparison. Old on the left, new on the right.

Here is my opinion: The icons seem to be much smaller than before. Looking at it closely, they probably aren’t. I guess because of the rest of the design, they just look small. What I really like is that the shortcuts are now listed above the actual icon which means that the icon itself isn’t hidden by white text. Yet, I am missing two clues that were very important for me when I had just started playing: The display of the “hub” icon (“Press H to get to the main hub”) and the two indicators above the “hub” button indicating whether you’re showing your adventuring skill bar or your crafting skill bar. I do not need those images anymore now, but I clearly remember that they helped me starting out in the game because I could easily see that I had the wrong action bar activated – after seeing that there are two different action bars to begin with thanks to those two icons in the middle. This is no big deal, it’s just something I would like to see there.

One thing I definitely criticize is that the amount of charges left for my healing potion (the “Q” skill) is still not easy to see. Those are 13 charges I have there, not 3.

I like the colours and the general look of the new UI, though. The quest/star bar on the upper right also looks nice, although it wasn’t bad before either. With the new colour, I think it stands out more, though, which could help especially newcomers to notice the star bar up there in the first place.

New UI: Crafting bar

New UI: Crafting bar

The picture above shows the UI with the crafting bar activated. The green background (seen on the icon at the “2” skill) highlights which button you have activated now. So I would place green blocks now with pressing my left mouse button. The “5” skill isn’t too ideal, though. It’s the non-activated grey blocks… I think. No, it’s actually “charcoal”. I’m not sure if it was easier to see before, but I am noticing now that it’s difficult to figure out what colour it is exactly unless you’ve got it highlighted or look in your inventory for the tooltip. Yes, while the skills in the action bar have tooltips when you hover above the icon with your mouse, the crafting bar does not have this feature. Another thing I would like to see.

So, in short: I would really like to see tooltips on the crafting bar as well as an easier to see number of remaining charges for my healing potion. I would also like to see the action bar indicators and the “hub” icon back. Other than that, I’m really happy about the new UI!

When you're in the middle of a fight, the dark red in front of the dark grey background is easy to miss...

When you’re in the middle of a fight, the dark red in front of the dark grey background is easy to miss…

Edited to add: After playing with the new UI, I noticed that I don’t notice my health dropping low with the new UI. The health bar is only half of the sphere now and the red is too dark to be noticed fast since the background is also quite dark. This is, of course, less than ideal. ;)

Graphics changes

“There are now some new graphics settings that are testable for high end users (coming soon to actual video settings near you).
Type /postbloom to test out bloom
Type /postssao to test out ambient occlusion.”

In case you want to test them: You can disable them again by typing “/postbloom off” and “postssao off”.

The Bloom setting:

The Ambient Occlusion setting:

I don’t think there is even one game where I like the bloom setting. I turned it off again after taking the screenshots. But I actually like the ambient occlusion. So far, it also works nicely on my PC, but I stood in the club world, afk while writing this blog post. ;)

The thing is: Those screenshots don’t show that much. Especially with bloom, I actually don’t see a difference and in game, I don’t see that much either. Ambient occlusion, on the other hand, looks very nice in game! On the screenshots, a lot gets lost again. But look closely at the glass house on the left.

Still, I don’t play Trove for its fabulous graphics, so this isn’t important for me either way. The user interface is the much more important change for me and I think I can certainly live with it quite well. :)

Guild Wars 2 vs. Rift vs. Trove: Part 2 (Lore)

GW2 vs Rift vs Trove logo

This is the second part of the blog post series “Guild Wars 2 vs. Rift vs. Trove”. The first part was about “Basic information“. This part now focuses on the lore of the games. Once again, my goal is not to say which game has a better lore. Neither do I want to bore you with lots and lots of tiny details of the story. Instead, I want to give you an overview of what the main story is about and to give you a feeling of the world that you will enter should you decide to pick up the game and play. There will be a comparison, but I will definitely not call any game superior here.


As the title and introduction text already suggest, this is a blog post about the lore in those three games. Do not continue reading if you don’t want any story spoilers!

I am now going to start the lore part with the big mystery question:

Does Trove have lore?

trove-logoThe answer isn’t as easy as one may think or hope. Yes, it does have lore, apparently. It just doesn’t really seem like it. The game does not have a consistent world, but rather ever-changing maps which are generated as soon as players enter the map. It has biomes with undead, with pirates, but also with candy-fied enemy NPCs. It has lava, water plasma and chocolate lakes. It even has candy fish! And fish in lava, too. But so far, there is no coherent story part and no real background lore. With the recent revamp of the tutorial, they added lore cubes to it, but those aren’t present in the general world. Those cubes tell a very short story.

The tutorial takes place in the ruins of the Sun Goddess’s temple. Apparently, the Moon had become jealous of her. Something – it says “a great shadow” got released and the only way to save the world was for the Sun Goddess to sacrifice herself.

The main story in Rift when you first enter the game

Rift_Logo_transparentThe lore in Rift is delivered mainly through quests. There is a comic book that came with the original Collector’s Edition, but as far as I know, this is all there is outside of the game. Some more information can be found on the website, like general information on Nightmare Tide, the game’s second expansion and in the lore forum, a sub-section of the official forum. The developers posted a timeline there about the events in Rift back in 2011.

Rift_Lore_Book CollectionApart from quests, you can also “collect” books in Rift which, once collected, you can click on and read through. Of course, those aren’t real books with several hundred pages. But they do give additional lore and they are neatly stores in the collections tab of your character panel.

I actually had to go and read through several postings on various different places to find out more about the lore myself. I’ve known bits but I admit, I’m not the person who always reads the quest texts. :p There are lots and lots of names to memorize when you want to get into the lore and I have always had problems telling the important figures apart (who’s the bad guy, who’s the good guy? And who is the good guy turned bad? ^^). So, I will try to summarize the basic lore as much as possible. Let’s start with the world of Rift as a whole. It consists of several planes of reality. Each plane “belongs” to a certain element. E.g. water, air, but also death and life. The name of the physical world we are on is “Telara” and it is located between those planes. Telara was created by five gods called “The Vigil” who used a material called Sourcestone to do that. The names of the gods are Bahralt, Tavril, Thedeor, Mariel-Taun and Thontic. For this short introduction to the lore, the names aren’t going to be important anymore. I just thought I should add them in case you start playing and come across the names in the game. However, the Vigil aren’t the only gods in this world. In fact, the exact number of gods is unknown. Another group of gods that is known and that caused quite a lot of trouble is called the “Blood Storm“, six dragon gods. Each of them represents a different plane of reality: Regulos (Death), Maelforge (Fire), Laethys (Earth), Greenscale (Life), Crucia (Air) and Akylios (Water). All of them wanted to control Telara and tried to invade it with their legions while also fighting against each other. This gave the inhabitants of Telara and the Vigil the opportunity to eventually fight back. All Blood Storm gods with the exception of Regulos were imprisoned on Telara. Additionally, the Vigil placed a Ward around Telara to protect it from the invading forces from the planes. All could have been peaceful and well now.

So, let me summarize: We’ve got Telara in the middle of the planes now with a Ward made by the creators of Telara, the Vigil, to keep the invaders out.

The bad thing with this Ward is that it’s been getting weaker through the centuries. I mentioned the Sourcestone above already. The Guardians (one of the two factions for player characters in the game) use this to commune with the Vigil. The other faction, the Defiant, use it to build and power their machines. Jostir, king of the Mathosians (the playable human race on Guardian side), died about 25 years before “current game time”. His two sons (Aedraxis and Zareph) fought over the throne. Aedraxis used machines powered with Sourcestone and managed to get a crack into the Ward in the process. Additionally, he was corrupted by Regulos. To put it shortly: With this crack, the Rifts came. Rifts are tears through which the forces from the planes can enter Telara. In game, they are open world events… more on that in the PvE part of this blog post series. Hardly any place is safe from the rifts. I will leave the rest of the story to be told in the game.

The role of your character in this world

You are still following, right? So, Aedraxis was corrupted by Regulos. Longer story short: Regulos is back in action.

You can either play a character in the Guardian or in the Defiant faction – and you are an Ascendant (more on that in a bit). Guardians get their Ascendant status from the Vigil, while Defiants use their sourcestone-powered machines built by Eth  (the human race on Defiant side). The Guardians are strictly against using sourcestone in this way, see it as blasphemous and some also claim it to be the source of their current problems (as sourcestone was used when the Rifts appeared – see above).

Defiant or Guardian - Choose now

Defiant or Guardian – Choose now

Now it’s getting a bit trickier. In the “original timeline”, the Vigil chose people to be Ascendants! They returned them back from the dead to fight against Regulos and his legions. However, only those who believed in them and followed them

Asha Catari

Asha Catari

rigorously got chosen. Asha Catari was not one of them. She did get resurrected by Orphiel, a Defiant who used a source-stone powered machine for this resurrection process. The Guardians fought against the Defiants and wanted to destroy not only their machines, but their whole existence. At the same time, apparently, they failed the fight against Regulos. This is where Defiant players enter the game. All hope is lost, basically. But they are able to resurrect their own Ascendants by using their machines and – this is why telling the lore gets a bit tricky now – they also have a time machine and send you, the player, back in time to before Regulos won the fight.

While your character, being an Ascendant, is basically a “special snowflake” in the world, there are many Ascendants. I don’t like it that much when an MMO treats the story as you are the only and the strongest special person around. Having several special people is much more realistic considering all the other players around you fulfill the same role anyway.

The game has been out for four years now, so of course, a lot of things have happened already. I am not going to write about all of these happenings here, however, because I don’t want to spoil all content for you. This is just the basic and short summary for you to get to know what the main story is all about when you enter the game. If you still want to know more about what has happened since the game’s release, I found a nice little summary in the lore section of the official forum.

The main story in Guild Wars 2 before you first enter the game

GW2_Logo_kl_transparentGuild Wars 2 takes a slightly different approach to delivering the story to its players. There are no traditional quests in the game. Most of the main storyline is delivered by their living world and personal story concept. The personal story starts out differently depending on which race and which options you chose during the character selection screen and also by what you choose at certain points throughout the personal story. It does eventually end the same for every character, though. The personal story is finished at some point and does not continue. Instead, the living world concept took over after the game’s release. The living world so far has seen two “seasons”. Season 1 was only temporary and cannot be played through and experienced anymore now. If you want to know what happened there, you have to rely on outside sources. Season 2 needs to be bought or played through with a player who previously unlocked it. It is similar to quests. You just don’t need to visit a quest giver in the world, but instead, can access each story’s steps in your character panel. This is also where you can find very short summaries of what happened in each story step (both for the personal story as well as for the second season of the living story).

As the name already suggests, Guild Wars 2 is a sequel. The original game, Guild Wars, takes place 250 years prior to where we are in Guild Wars 2. If you want to experience the original story, you can buy the game (3 campaigns and 1 expansion – the campaigns are all “standalone games” and can be played through without owning the others) and play through the story.

Additionally, there are three novels that take place before the main story of Guild Wars 2 starts: Ghosts of Ascalon, Edge of Destiny and Sea of Sorrows. They were written to bridge the time between the original Guild Wars and the sequel.

The world of Guild Wars 2 is called “Tyria“. Do not confuse this Tyria with the other Tyria, the continent. ;) Tyria, the world, is only one among several in the Mists, the “proto-reality that exists between the worlds”.

Tyria, the world, consists of several continents of which Tyria, Cantha and Elona are the major known ones. In the current time, players do not have access to Cantha or Elona and we do not, in fact, know what is going on over there. The land route to Elona has been sealed on Queen Jennah‘s order because of “dark events” going on there. Jennah is the Queen of Kryta and Kryta is one of the regions in Tyria mainly inhabited by humans. Cantha, on the other hand, is cut off from Tyria because of Zhaitan, one of the Elder Dragons (more about those in a bit). With Zhaitan awake and active again, any ship trying to sail to Cantha would be sunk.

So, about those Elder Dragons now – they started to rise about 250 years ago with Primordus being the first. There are six different Elder Dragons in total: Primordus (Fire), Jormag (Ice), Zhaitan (Death and Shadow), Kralkatorrik (Crystal), Mordremoth (Plant and Mind) and a dragon suspected to be in the Unending Ocean. The name of the sixth Elder Dragon is not yet known and since nobody has heard anything, it is assumed that this dragon hasn’t awoken yet.

The Elder Dragons had been asleep for about 11,000 years. Naturally, not much is known about the history in the present time, though the dwarves – now near-extinct and the ones alive are turned to stone – had preserved some knowledge in their legends as did the Jotun. Now they are back and together with their champions and their minions, they destroy everything in their paths – or, even worse, turn every creature into their mindless and will-less minions that fight for them.

One group of adventurers, called “Destiny’s Edge“, was the first to slay one of the Elder Dragon’s champions, the Dragonspwawn. They rose to fame for this heroic deed, but when something went wrong, they – all coming from different racial backgrounds (Asura, Charr, Human, Norn and Sylvari) – could not overcome their partly culturally based distrust for one another, some blamed each other for the death of a beloved former group member and the rest of the group eventually split up. Not long after, your character enters the scene…

The role of your character in this world

Every character enters the world near their racial main city. You begin with a story related to choices you have made during the character creation process. I would say the story is pretty “local”. You certainly do not start out as a hero and throughout the personal story as well as the living story, you gain recognition among the NPCs. In Season 2, you will have some NPCs even calling you “boss”. It is also safe to say that of course, your path will lead you closer to the Elder Dragons and you will play a role in fighting against them.

As you can tell, I’m being deliberately vague here. While I do want to introduce you to the basic lore of the game, I do not want to give you too many spoilers, because I think this would seriously diminish your fun in the game. I will get more into the different races’ in the next piece of this blog post series where we will look at the options available during the character creation process. So, this is all I am going to tell you about your character right now.

If you still want to know more about the history of Tyria, I can recommend the lore videos by WoodenPotatoes.

Conclusion so far

Rift’s strength, if you ask me, is that they also give you the collections to go out there and find all the little lore pieces. Additionally, you can feel the threat everywhere and the open world events make sense. And last but not least, neither faction is the “good” one. Both believe that what they are doing is right.

Guild Wars 2’s strength, on the other hand, is the strong and active community making sure that you can read all about the lore or listen to podcasts telling you about it. The continuous addition of content (up until season 2, at least. At the moment, we’re waiting for the expansion) has moved the main storyline further quickly. There is also lots of information to be found outside of the game including novels and the first game, Guild Wars.

One note about fantasy and steampunk: Even though I mainly mentioned machines in the Rift section, Guild Wars 2 has just as many steampunk elements in it. So if you really cannot stand steampunk in your game lore, neither of those games is a good match for you. Other than that, if you care about lore and want to get into a world full of story, I think both of those games will give you that. Trove, on the other hand, is very, very, very light on lore.

The next blog post will focus on the character creation as well as on the playable races and their background lore.

Coming to Trove next: Chocolate Fishing and Ship Cannons

trove-logoAnother livestream on Twitch was planned, but due to a “forced software update” technical issues arose, apparently, leading to Trion cancelling the Trove stream. As of this moment, they’re working on getting the stream set up for ArcheAge and Rift later on, but they weren’t able to show us a preview of what’s coming next in Trove.

Avarem, lead developer of Trove, answered a few questions in the Twitch chat that were asked by viewers. The chat scrolled by too fast (I really dislike auto-scrolling chat text, by the way), so I could not catch everything and I definitely missed the beginning of him answering questions. But what I did catch, I copied, so you can read it now. The “centered” text is directly copied from the chat.

1nsaint: @Avarem what was planned as preview on todays stream?
Avarem: @1nsaint it was the Meownt, Phoenix mount adventure box, chocolate fishing, ship cannons, and the new UI

The Meownt preview week in the chaos chest will start next week. This probably means that the Meownt will be added to the loot table of possible drops out of the chaos chests which you can buy for credits in the store. I looked for a hint of what the “Meownt” is, but could not find anything. I would assume it’s a mount, but no guarantee here. It’s just a guess. On the other hand, Avarem also said:

Avarem: it has a whole CATegory (get it) so you can guess where that is headed

With the latest patch, we got fishing, but only for water and lava. The other liquids (chocolate and plasma) have no fishing so far. But Avarem confirmed that chocolate fishing will come next week! Something else will change as well, though:

Shockfusion: @Avarem any changes to rares in fishing or the amount of glim from fishing?
Avarem: @Shockfusion Uncommon fish will go down some in how often they appear, so rewards for fishing will go down a bit, but not a lot, we’re also going to add more to buy with glim

Something else concerning fishing:

Avarem: also there’s a reason to have the lady of the lake fishing pole
Avarem: so don’t be sad, you people who were sad about that

I am not sure the “sad”-part belongs to the fishing pole. Again, the chat scrolled by too fast and I missed the beginning.

One last thing:

Avarem: If you haven’t seen our UI preview (not out next week, but some the week after) check out our official twitter account (@trovegame) or mine (@heyandrewk)

I assume Andrew referred to their tweet with a picture showing the ship cannons. I did not even look at the UI until I saw this chat message. But here you go:

Trove Teaser: Ship Cannons and new UI

Teaser: Ship Cannons and new UI


I guess we’ll have to wait and watch the official forum to see more info on what is coming to Trove next week.

Trove Pirate Class Giveaway by Kiwi and EnemyEX

Trove_Pirate CaptainThis is what I love about online games: The community around them. In this case, Kiwi and EnemyEX are having a “launch party” for tomorrow’s “Fish’n’Ships” update in Trove.

Read the post by Kiwi in the Rift forums where she posted an explanation on what is given away and how it’ll work.

The short of it:

  • From now until the servers go live with the update, you can follow @kiwidream101 and retweet her tweet for a chance to win the new Pirate class
  • She is going to level the new Pirate Class to level 20 and you can join her doing so.
  • On the way to level 20, there will be more giveaway
  • You can watch EnemyEX’s stream as they will play Trove together tomorrow (and where you can win robo raptors)

There is more to win. If you want to know what and how, go read Kiwi’s post! :) Also, if you want to level a character as well, don’t forget that you can join them! Having a level 20 character in Trove also means that you will get a pretty black budgie in Rift. So here is your chance to tag along and have fun!

Coming to Trove next: Fishing, Ships & the Pirate class

Trove_Pirate CaptainAfter postponing the update for a week, the Fish ‘n’ Ships update will finally land in Trove coming Tuesday (March 31).

You can preview what’s coming in their latest livestream video on Twitch. Or you can read the summary written by Bragi in the official forum. Also, since it was originally scheduled to go live last week, we know quite a lot of what’s coming. This doesn’t make it any less exciting, of course!

Please note that the update will come about three hours earlier than usual as Trion is doing some other maintenance which affects the time slot they have to use to update the game.

One thing I’m still confused about is whether the class will be called “Pirate Captain” or “Pirate Lord” or maybe just “Pirate“. At least, the official announcement of next week’s patch only calls it “Pirate” with nothing else added. But that’s just a small detail. Altogether, this class looks like a lot of fun to play. :) I know that I will definitely buy the class as soon as it comes out. You may remember that the newest class is always the most expensive one. The ones released before the newest will get cheaper then. This means that the Pirate Captain will cost 8000 cubits, the Shadow Hunter will then cost 6500 and the Ice Sage will cost 5000 cubits like the other classes.

Trove_Pirate Captain Parrot

So far, I have always bought all classes for the maximum amount of cubits, even though it probably wasn’t worth it. While I did play the Candy Barbarian to level 20, the Ice Sage and Shadow Hunter did not get played much. I just ended up not liking them enough. Since levelling up a class gives you mastery points, though, I will level them up one day. Probably together with bookahnerk, though, as playing those classes alone isn’t fun for me. Anyway, the Pirate – what do you think about that class? A silly question, I assume. It’s a pirate, after all. With a parrot. On. A. Cannon. I think it’s a very neat detail that the parrot is usually flying right next to your shoulder, but when you use your skill on your right mouse button, you “throw” it onto a cannon. For the duration of this skill, the parrot is sitting on top of the cannon controlling it.

Trove_Pirate Captain Decoy

The Pirate also has a skill where it calls Decoys. That one is similar to the Fae Trickster. But with the latter, the Decoy looks identical to the actual class. I’m not sure how good the pirate’s decoys are, but they seem to do the trick… ;)

Another important note is that the Pirate does not use energy regeneration! So, if you’ve collected items or when you find items while playing, your preference should be with items that do not use a stat that’s useless to you. In order to regenerate energy, you will have to collect the doubloons that appear when you’re shooting at enemy NPCs. But only your parrot skill needs energy. I guess that basically means that the doubloons are the wage you’ve got to pay the parrot, so it fights with you. :p

The second major addition will be ships. We now know that the ships will also have stats. When you’ve got mastery level 70 you get a boat. But that’s quite a long road, especially for a new player. The fastest way will be to pay $20 on March 31 and buy the Pirate Pack which will give you the Pirate class (although you can buy it for cubits, the in-game currency, as well), the two available costumes for the Pirate and two ships (Ghost Ship and Draconic Ship). You will also be able to buy the ships individually, however. The Draconic ship will be able to sail on lava without taking damage.

Trove Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship with Ghostly Sail

I’m not sure how else you can get a boat, especially when your mastery level isn’t high enough yet. Mine isn’t, for example. They did previously say that you will have to play the game to get the bigger boats, even though some boats will be in the shop. So, I assume the two mentioned above are the boats in the shop and the rest will be acquired in the game. Fine with me. I just hope that I can at least get a tiny little boat right away! Another detail that they mentioned in that previous livestream is that the new biome, the Treasure Isles, will drop “Golden Seashells” which you will need for the boats. So make sure to spend time in there and collect those items if you want a boat!

Update (March 30): Avarem posted a screenshot on the forum. This one clearly shows that the SS Dinghy will be available from the glim pirate merchants (the ones whose pirate image on the flag has red in it) for 500 glim. The Worn Sail will be available for 250 glim. In case you don’t have any glim yet, go farm it to be prepared for tomorrow’s update. :)

Trove_Deconstructing Fish

Deconstructing the Hub Hugger

The third big feature will be fishing. This is probably my favourite of the three. No matter which online game I’m playing, if there is fishing, I will do just that! It’s such a great thing to do when trying to relax from a day at work. The fish you catch will need to be put into the Deconstructor, so that you get useful resources. They also explained how the fishing poles work in their previous livestream.

Update (March 30): Avarem posted a screenshot on the forum. You can buy your basic fishing pole from the glim pirate merchants (the ones whose pirate image on the flag has red in it) for 200 glim. A lure will cost 10 glim per piece.

If you’re annoyed with how tedious trading is (you and the person you want to trade with have to stand next to a trading post together), then the following news will make you happy: Avarem said that they will work on making trading easier, possibly around or right before launch. The word “auction house” was mentioned, but they did not say they will add one. They want to make sure that trading will work and fit to their game and the major goal is to “make it easier to trade”. Either way, I am happy that they acknowledged this. I don’t know if I really need something like an auction house, but being able to trade items with a specific person even if you’re not online at the same time would be great. For example, via in-game mail.

One last thing I want to comment on is the possible change to cubits. So far, you can get 500 cubits on a weekday and 1000 on a Saturday and a Sunday. There is no way to get more cubits as they are not tradeable and the “quest” can only be done once a day. They are planning to add more quests which you can do to earn more cubits. The problem with cubits is that when the items you can buy for cubits are tradeable, you can just make several alt accounts, farm cubits and buy everything that way. Instead, the stuff you can get for cubits will not be tradeable and then they can also increase the amount of cubits you can earn. I like that, because at the moment, I sometimes only log on to get my daily amount of cubits, but then log out again. Avarem also said that they will add enough items that you can buy for cubits, so there’ll definitely be an incentive to play the game more to earn more cubits and buy whatever they’re offering.

I really hope the patch will come on March 31st and not be delayed by another week, because that day is also my last work day before I can enjoy a 1,5 weeks vacation. I am definitely planning on spending some more time in Trove then trying to catch all the fish! :)

Bookahneer’s Geekwatch: Now with more community!

Guild Wars 2 Bookahneer's GeekwatchWelcome to today’s Bookahneer’s Geekwatch! The place about miscellaneous interesting things about gaming.

I’ve always really liked the idea of Bookahneer’s Geekwatch and using this column to write about short news pieces that I wouldn’t be writing otherwise. However, lately it felt a bit obsolete as I posted gaming news for our three main games in other formats most of the time. I always liked the idea of having a look at other fansites and blogs, though, to see what they are up to. So I figured that we could use this column for both, bits of interesting gaming news as well as looking at other blogs and fansites.

Let’s start with the newest blog on my reading list that I only found because the owner left a comment here. – As a side note, for all those new to blogging: If you want to get noticed, interact with others! Comment on their blog posts and engage in conversations about their posts. This is how others will get to know you!


The Shapestone Journal is a blog dedicated only to Trove. The only one that’s focusing on the game as far as I know and the only other blog regularly writing about Trove other than ours. But I wouldn’t mention him here if the only reason was “he is the only blogger about Trove”. I also really enjoy his content! He summarizes the news we get from Trion’s live streams just as we do. But if you know me well enough, you know that I don’t see something like this as a competition. I quite like knowing that I can write about the news from the live stream, but I don’t have to, because the players can read the news elsewhere regardless. :p What you can also find there are guides. I’m going to recommend one post here now, it’s the guide to craft the Neon Nightsky wings. I’ve personally not looked into those too closely so far, because I have not yet been able to handle the wings properly. So, I don’t even need to think about crafting some special look. ;)

By the way, if you know of any other Trove blogs – or maybe you’re even the owner of such a blog –

dragonseasonThe second post I’m going to put on a pedestal here, so to say, is from Dragon Season. Yeah, you may wonder why I decide to feature a post from the very fan site that I am part of as well. ;) But this is special! Tilion has been away from the gaming world for some time and now that he is back, he is also back with new articles. I really liked this one where he looks at things we would love to see in Guild Wars 2‘s future.