GW2 New Lion's Arch

New Lion’s Arch

Can you believe that after all the screenshot galleries I've made for Lion's Arch in its various stages, I have never made one of the rebuild town? You can see the original Lion's Arch in this post (from April 2012). About two years later, in February 2014, I made a second gallery because I felt … Continue reading New Lion’s Arch

Lake Doric in Kryta

I admit, it does feel a bit like cheating when I'm filling my picture-count for IntPiPoMo with a blog post like this. But when I thought about what kind of blog posts I could do with pictures (other than the regular ones as I always include at least one picture with each blog post), this … Continue reading Lake Doric in Kryta

Kessex Hills in Kryta

It has been too long since I made the last post for my Guild Wars 2 screenshot gallery. In the meantime, ArenaNet finally let us use the first person view! Additionally, we can now also glide in Tyria. I did not use the gliding too often for these screenshots, but not having to type "/sleep" … Continue reading Kessex Hills in Kryta

GW2 Lion's Arch 2.0

Lion’s Arch post-Scarlet

Back during the beta weekend events, I already did a screenshot gallery of Lion's Arch. I've always loved the style of the city and I couldn't believe it could be a target and be destroyed one day. I did take the cues, though, and before anything happened, I did another screenshot gallery, just so I'd … Continue reading Lion’s Arch post-Scarlet

GW2 Lions Arch 1.1

A last look at Lion’s Arch

I know I have already released a post with a screenshot gallery for Lion's Arch, but for quite some time, I've felt it doesn't do the city enough justice. You can see my character in quite a few of those pictures and I actually don't like that at all (and am still waiting for the … Continue reading A last look at Lion’s Arch

GW2 Ascalon Iron Marches

Iron Marches – Screenshot Gallery

I love the look of Ascalon in Guild Wars 2: The ruins from the times when humans were living in that area and now the new modern buildings that the charr have constructed. It could be such a great place - if there wasn't the Dragonbrand going right through the area. Oh, and ghosts. There … Continue reading Iron Marches – Screenshot Gallery

Caledon Forest in Maguuma Jungle

Caledon Forest is the first region you enter with a sylvari character. I never paid too much attention to it other than realizing that the sylvari get in touch with risen pretty fast. When I went through this region again to get all the screenshots, I found an asura who told me about the Soundless. … Continue reading Caledon Forest in Maguuma Jungle

Labyrinthine Cliffs

The latest patch introduced the Labyrinthine Cliffs. This is a region in Maguuma Jungle that is only accessible by boat (you take it in Lion's Arch). Labyrinthine Cliffs is high up in the air, so there is a lot of jumping. I found it so beautiful that I decided to add it to the screenshot … Continue reading Labyrinthine Cliffs

Mount Maelstrom in Maguuma Jungle

As nice and beautiful as the snowy regions look in Guild Wars 2, they do not come close to the jungle areas if you ask me. Mount Maelstrom is such an area and I've broken my own record. When I was done with taking screenshots, I had 482 screenshots in my folder. Sorting them and … Continue reading Mount Maelstrom in Maguuma Jungle

Diessa Plateau in Ascalon

Diessa Plateau is a typical charr region. There are lots of trees and the region is full of bright autumn colours. Then there's the ruins that are typical for the regions of Ascalon. They remind the travellers that at some point, humans were living here. And in between, there's newly built charr houses, barracks, and … Continue reading Diessa Plateau in Ascalon