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Gaming disappointments of 2015

In general, 2015 has been a really good year for me gaming-wise (or in general even!), but there are also a few negative points that stick out for me. Not games in general, but part of the games that I

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Wintersday Giveaways 2015: Week 4 (Win the Ultimate Edition of Heart of Thorns!)

This is it. This is the fourth – and last – of our giveaways. It will run from now until December 25, so right on time for Christmas. And yes, it’ll be full of awesome prizes. Once again, thank you to ArenaNet

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Rift and Trove are giving me… SAB?

Us poor Guild Wars 2 players have been yearning to set foot into SAB (Super Adventure Box) again for months now and it doesn’t look as if we’d get it back any time soon. Now Rift and Trove (both developed

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Wintersday Giveaways 2015: Week 3

This is the third of four giveaways we are hosting this winter. Here is what you can win this week: Guild Wars 2 – 1 grey Rytlock t-shirt in size M + 1 lanyard + 1 HoT metal pin NCsoft (Wildstar and Blade

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Wintersday Giveaways 2015: Week 2

This is the second of four giveaways we will be hosting within the next four weeks. Here is what you can win this week: Guild Wars 2 – 1 black “Heart of Thorns” t-shirt (with the green “Heart of Thorns”

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