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Guild Wars 2 vs. Rift vs. Trove: Part 2 (Lore)

Guardians starter area

This is the second part of the blog post series “Guild Wars 2 vs. Rift vs. Trove”. The first part was about “Basic information“. This part now focuses on the lore of the games. Once again, my goal is not

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Are you concerned about getting spoilers?


Heads-Up: I’m trying to be as vague as possible when I touch the area of the story and will not talk about the actual content! When the latest piece of the Living Story was released last Tuesday, I knew I

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Asura home instance: before and after personal storyline

We were curious to see how many things change in the home instance once you are done with your personal storyline. Flummi, my mesmer, is the only character that is through with her story so far, so I used hers

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Ask Nerdy Bookahs (November 21, 2013)

It’s time for another “Ask Nerdy Bookahs”. We have looked at the questions in the search terms that led people to our blog for which we know we do not have fitting entries and we’re trying to answer those questions

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GW2: Sea of Sorrows

We have been waiting for a long looooong time and it’s finally here! The book arrived today and thankfully, I had a short day at work. So I sat here waiting for the post to arrive and when it didn’t,

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