Get the Rift expansion for free!

Rift changed their expansion's name to "Prophecy of Ahnket" (due to some legal issues with a charity) and used this moment to start a little promotion: Everybody who logs in from now until May 14 gets the newest expansion for free! After that, you will have to pay for the expansion again, but it will … Continue reading Get the Rift expansion for free!

Recent experiences in Rift…

Starfall Prophecy, the latest Rift expansion, released on November 16. There has been some controversy about this expansion. The raid will not be released until later, but this was actually announced long before the expansion was released. After the expansion's launch, however, some features had to be disabled. Some of them have been enabled again, … Continue reading Recent experiences in Rift…

Making friends in Rift and Guild Wars 2

Last week, Rift's expansion "Starfall Prophecy" launched and yesterday, Guild Wars 2 released another content patch. Both games made me very happy as the patches feature my most favourite animal ever. Guess what animal that is! No, not dogs. Although that's true. Not rabbits either, although those are also my favourite animal. But no, my … Continue reading Making friends in Rift and Guild Wars 2

More Starfall Prophecy Tokens in Rift

When the expansion was first announced, Trion told us that we would get a Starfall Prophecy token each day when claiming our daily login chest. The main goal for players was to get Opie, a tiny squirrel mount that lets you reach artifacts more easily (if they're hidden in hard to reach places). But it … Continue reading More Starfall Prophecy Tokens in Rift

Finally got my Opie!

If you pre-purchased the expansion when Trion announced it and collected the Starfall Prophecy tokens by logging on every day (which fortunately, I was able to do), then you should have 50 of these tickets today and can get your Opie mount! I had seen pictures of the mount, but I never noticed that it … Continue reading Finally got my Opie!

Revisiting World of Warcraft

Who isn't back to World of Warcraft? This was the question I asked myself a lot lately when looking at blog posts or tweets. And once I mentioned it to bookahnerk, we were off on nostalgia lane. "Do you remember how..." and all that. We knew we would not go back to WoW ourselves. After … Continue reading Revisiting World of Warcraft

Rift livestream: Information about the expansion (Blaugust Post 6)

I fell asleep yesterday trying to follow the Rift livestream with information about their expansion "Starfall Prophecy". So I decided to read up on what was said, but I couldn't find anything online (if there is, please point me to it!). I'm listening to it now and figured I could also just write down what … Continue reading Rift livestream: Information about the expansion (Blaugust Post 6)

Rift: Starfall Prophecy’s Launch Date speculation (Blaugust Post 5)

(Update: The expansion will launch on November 16!) While the next expansion for Rift "Starfall Prophecy" has been announced yesterday and pre-purchases are live, we do not know a launch day yet. But we did get some kind of estimation. Since bookahnerk and I just did some counting, I figured I would share it here, … Continue reading Rift: Starfall Prophecy’s Launch Date speculation (Blaugust Post 5)

Rift’s “Starfall Prophecy” revealing (Blaugust Post 2)

While I was having guests over, the Rift universe got expanded - well, not yet. But apparently, there was a sneak peek or leak or a bug revealing the next expansion. Since the screenshots are still available and public in the official forums, I'll just assume that writing about what the players found is fine … Continue reading Rift’s “Starfall Prophecy” revealing (Blaugust Post 2)

Personal highlights of Heart of Thorns

Heart of Thorns has been released for several weeks now and the shiny "newness" is wearing off. Instead of writing a full review - which I know I would start and never finish - I will just list a few of my personal highlights of this expansion. First of all, it managed to suck me … Continue reading Personal highlights of Heart of Thorns