duck in oven

Bookahnerk’s honey-mustard glazed chili-duck

You know the drill by now: It's time for a new cooking recipe! This year, I sat back and watched bookahnerk prepare it as he always does this one dish. We had honey-mustard glazed chili-duck with potato wedges and field salad. Ingredients for the duck: - 1 duck breast per person - honey - mustard … Continue reading Bookahnerk’s honey-mustard glazed chili-duck

Today’s Recipe: (Hessian) Green Sauce

Regular readers may know that I am from Germany and to be even more precise, I am from Hessen (best state in Germany, of course - well, at least geographically, since we're in the middle and can reach all the other parts of Germany relatively easily). We have a few traditional dishes here (and apple … Continue reading Today’s Recipe: (Hessian) Green Sauce

Six years… wow

Today marks our 6th anniversary of the blog. We have posted a total of 593 published posts (594 as soon as I hit "publish" on this one) which means that we have about 100 posts per years which translates to one post every three to four days. This is not bad! I often wish I … Continue reading Six years… wow

Personal Top 9 of 2016

I have seen several people and gaming sites make their "top x games of 2016" and when wondering which games I would put on my list, I thought: "Oh well, why not publish it here?" Maybe you're already sick of seeing these lists, but stay with me for a bit longer... my list is a … Continue reading Personal Top 9 of 2016

Adding new hobbies (Blaugust Post 9)

...and then she was gone. I did quite well with Blaugust and then decided to take a few days off. I have several drafts with ideas on what to blog about, but I just didn't feel like blogging at all recently. The reason is pretty simple: I started a new hobby. Starting anything new is … Continue reading Adding new hobbies (Blaugust Post 9)

Gaming without the internet

So on Tuesday while working from home, the internet stopped working. We figured it may be our modem, but the company wanted to test some other things outside first. Needless to say, we spent the rest of the evening without internet. I decided that it's time to check out which games I can actually play … Continue reading Gaming without the internet

Nerdy Bookahs and their travel guide: Freiburg & Strasbourg

It is once again time for a real-life related blog post. Back to this blog's roots, basically, but in real life instead of wandering through virtual worlds. This time we did go to a part in Southern Germany, to the wonderful town called Freiburg, and on our way back home, we made a detour to … Continue reading Nerdy Bookahs and their travel guide: Freiburg & Strasbourg

Apple pancakes

Our regular readers may already know about my urge to change this blog's content to one focusing on cooking recipes. This year is no different. The urge returned! But I thought this time, I would give a little nod to our past as a blog focusing on games. So, I figured I would give a … Continue reading Apple pancakes

Easter gaming holidays!

I am looking at five days without work. Surprisingly, other than an afternoon spent with my family, there are no plans at all - that I am aware of right now, at least. Which means that I will try not to act like an adult with lots of responsibilities and things that "should be done" … Continue reading Easter gaming holidays!