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Blogging 101: A little fly on the wall…

Day 11 of “Blogging 101” asked me to take a daily prompt and make it fit to my blog’s content. The first prompt was boring as I had more or less just written about it anyway. I opted for the

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2015 in screenshots

As I previously said, Haffle’s “Screenshots Of The Year 2015” post inspired me to do something like this myself. Instead of going by game, I will try to go through the year by months. January 2015 was all about the

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Winners of week 3

The winners of Week 3 have been chosen. Before I announce the winners, let me give you the link again to our last week’s giveaway with the chance to win the Ultimate Edition of “Heart of Thorns” among other things!

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My personal top 5 of 2015

I like lists and it just seemed appropriate to put a “top 5” list here for the games that caught my attention the most in 2015. As I said in my post about gaming disappointments, it has generally been a

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Games I want to play during winter break

To be honest, the list of games I would want to play during my break is much too long, especially considering we’ll be gone visiting family for about half of the time anyway. But there’s that. A list of games

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