Finally: Reus 2 got announced!


Ten years after the original game, Reus, released, the developers announced the sequel, Reus 2! When I first heard about it, I got really excited! I love Reus – even though I actually never played it that much… but I did listen to the soundtrack so many times and I still believe that it’s one of the best game soundtracks I ever heard. I also really like the game. It’s just, once again, that I felt I was bad at playing it and then usually decided to play other games instead.

The announcement trailer reminds me a lot of Reus. It’s the same sounds even, very similar graphics, … so we will have to wait and see what exactly the differences are to the first game which I assume the developers will reveal as development of the game progresses. The games are both tagged as “God Games” and strategy games (with the relaxing tag as well). I would personally add “puzzle” to that list because you have limited space available (the planets are basically tiny) and you need to place certain animals or minerals in your biome to keep the inhabitants happy. There are symbiotic effects for some of them that you can take advantage of. So you need to strategically place these resources.

There are a few screenshots on the Steam store page for the game (which are also part of the Press Kit) and one especially stands out. It shows some star constellations in the upper part of the image and some planets.


“Doomed Planet” – this doesn’t sound like anything that was part of the original Reus. So for now, we need to wait until they reveal more about the game. But the few pictures that we have and the short video give this warm familiar Reus-vibe. I’m really optimistic about the game here!

What do you think?

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