Welcome, new Steam Guild Wars 2 players!

GW2_Guild Beach Party 2013

Now with the influx of new players (at least, I hope and think that we’re seeing new people join the game now), I went to check our two old guides for Guild Wars 2. As it turns out, the one about switching the starter areas has become kind of obsolete as ArenaNet thankfully made it a lot easier in the meantime. It’s still there as it contains – now up-to-date – information on how to get to the other starter areas and when to enter the cities, etc. But as I said: It’s all very easy now!

I don’t get the level restriction for entering cities, though. That sounds kind of arbitrary unless it’s another spam-prevention measure to save map chat…

Our second guide shows you the different regions by level. The five zones starting with level 1 each are the starter areas that you can play on immediately (you will start in your race’s starter area, but can bring up the map “M” and choose any of the other ones by clicking on their waypoint).

Guild Wars 2

The community in general is friendly and I have already seen veteran players parked in the races’ starter areas offering to answer any questions the new players may have! There is also the game’s wiki which you can open from within the game by writing “/wiki (search term)” into the chat window.

What I don’t get is the “steep” entry price to unlock the game and get everything from the core account. You need to either buy the newest expansion or the bundle of the first two expansions or the complete edition which costs close to 100 €. If you choose any of the expansions now, then you will still have to purchase the living story content later if you want to unlock that content. I don’t know how much this will cost… But either way, it’s a big step from “completely free” to “basic game” after they removed the base game as a separate purchase. I would have prefered ArenaNet to offer something like “spend anything equivalent to 5 – or 10 – € in the gem store in order to unlock all features of the base game”.


What do you think?

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