Which MMO mount do you like using the most?

Wildstar Junkyard Dog Hoverboard mount

Justin from MassivelyOP asked this question in their column “The Daily Grind” and rather than leaving a comment there, I prefer answering this question here.

I do go with mounts that fit my characters best, I think. In LotRO, my hobbit has her Cremello Pony. I don’t even remember how I got it and only saw that it’s a promotional item when I looked at the wiki entry now. It’s just that my hobbit warden – my former main character in LotRO – has always used this pony and it fits her so well, I would never dare make her change that. I also don’t play that character anymore, but whenever I’m playing with a hobbit character, this is the mount I choose.

However, my other LotRO characters don’t have special mounts. I just use whatever I placed on my skill bar at some point.

In World of Warcraft, I had set my eyes on one of the flying dragons with my draenei and this is still the mount I’m using with her – or would be if I still played the retail version of WoW. When I did last okay her, I felt really vintage with this mount as so many others have been added in the meantime.

WoW dragon smile

In Classic WoW, I’m playing a warlock and she uses her non-epic warlock mount. It was free, so that’s all she has anyway.

Rift_Vox Budgie_right side

In Rift, my character has Vox, a budgie. It was a cross-promotional mount that you got when you reached level 20 in Trove. The moment I had this, I didn’t switch back to my other mounts anymore – like the two-headed tortoise or the riding snail.

Guild Wars 2 is a different story. Each mount has a specific purpose. The springer, as the name suggests, can help you jump to areas above. The raptor mount, to add another example, lets you jump forwards. So, because of that, I use my raptor mount most often, but switch to other mounts depending on the situation. The game offers different skins for your mounts but they cost real money and so far, nothing has really caught my eye enough to make me spend that (and skins are super expensive! One that would interest me, the roadrunner skin, costs 20 €). I only have the Canthan skin for the raptor, but don’t use it. I have gotten too used to the standard raptor skin by now. You can dye your mount, though, and I often switch colors just because I can. So I guess this game doesn’t really make me stick with anything specific.


  1. “What do you think?” says your comment box, and the first thing I thought was: “Yay WildStar”, when I saw the header image and then: Hmm, no mention of WildStar :)

    Because one of my favourite mounts in any MMO ever was indeed my Aurin’s Hoverboard – the really plain boring one.

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    1. That was on purpose. :p I had wondered what to use as my featured image, then I remembered the hoverboard and it’s just a perfect image. But as I can’t play this game anymore, it didn’t get a mention here. But I was exclusively on this hoverboard with my character.


  2. If had I had to pick a favorite mount in GW2, my only current game, I would have to say the Synergetics Gyrocycle “beetle” skin, followed closely by the Hoverbike “skimmer” skin. However, I did love the Skinks variations in SWTOR. They were just fun to run around on, and usually fairly cheap on the Galactic Auction House. Hmm I may have to make a post, myself.

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