Screenshot Saturday: Back to Wow… again… again… again

After being away for a year, I decided to return to WoW Classic. My initial goal had been to level my mage and get her through Burning Crusade. But that was a year! I had always wanted to play a frost mage just as I did back “in the old days”, but I was worried that with my hand issues (chronic pain), it’s too difficult, so I chose to play warlock instead. But my heart belongs to the frost mage.

Since my gaming time is still limited and will be so for a long time, I chose to continue playing my warlock. She’s fun and the main reason I stopped playing her as an alt in the “original WoW” back in the days was when Blizzard drastically redesigned the class… no more soul shards, for example. That was when I lost having fun with my warlock. But this is classic. This is Burning Crusade and even with Wrath of the Lich King, she’ll stay “the same”.

So, while I abandoned my warlock at some point in the original WoW, I now have her as my main. We will see what happens once the pre-expansion patch hits and gives us the Death Knights as I remember having so much fun playing mine! I just haven’t decided yet whether I want her to be a blood elf or an orc (back in the days, we played Alliance, so it was a Draenei.

What do you think?

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