New adventures in LotRO?

Since the legendary server Anor is going to close in a few months, we can move the characters off the server for free. So that’s what friends and I did with our characters. For the first time ever, I am on a German server, because when I started with LotRO, I went to join said friends on Evernight – where we still have our “old” characters.

On both servers, I have a boosted Beorning because it’s a fun class. I have started new classes so often, though, and I really can’t bear playing through Mines of Moria again. I actually stopped playing after Rise of Isengard and haven’t seen any of the higher content. So skipping the lower level parts sounded like a good idea. By boosting, I went straight to level 95, so I did actually skip two expansions now. But it was either that or Mines of Moria again… and then Siege of Mirkwood which I didn’t like much more either.

Anyway, apart from that, it felt exciting to move our characters from Anor away to Gwaihir. I walked through the kinship house to remove all items and send them to their owners (but I missed a chandelier which bookahnerk pointed out to me). I sold my premium house (you have to sell your premium house before the transfer as it can’t be transferred to another server with you – but at least, you get the cost refunded!)… and after the transfer, I realized that all placed housing items get packed up and sent to escrow anyway, because I had actually forgotten to check my classic personal house for items! But I even got some gold and the already paid upkeep to take with me to my new personal house should I buy one. I thought that this money was just lost, so it was a nice surprise after logging in!

I do wonder if the community is very different on our German server now compared to Evernight. But it’s been ages since I paid attention to the chats on Evernight, so I wouldn’t know what the community is like there nowadays. I only know that I’ve never had to not block people like I have in LotRO.

At the very least, I want to get a premium house again and fill it with housing items. I only had about six or seven placed there until now! And play through the epic storyline… maybe? We’ll see. But levelling my Beorning to max level would be nice. With or without the epic story. I want to see the new regions!

What do you think?

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