Gaming Goals for August/September 2022

It’s rather difficult to set any goals at all when I have no idea how much time I am going to have to play a game in the evenings or whether I’m just too tired to do anything at all – in which case I usually just play a game like Cities Skylines, Parkasaurus, etc. I am also going back to work in a few weeks which makes it a very exciting and probably stressful time. This means that my gaming goals are rather vague.

Parkasaurus is releasing its first DLC, Sea Monsters, on August 11. I beta-tested it and if we keep our progress, I guess I won’t jump into the game immediately because I already played through the maps. But I’ll be getting the DLC for sure and then, sooner or later, I will continue building my sandbox zoo and adding some of the new dinosaurs.

Bookahnerk also kind of got me back into WoW Classic again. I want to level my warlock and see how far I can get her before I can create a Death Knight. But I’m playing solo only and very casually. Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King were my favourite expansions after which I stopped playing more or less. So I want to re-play, but I very much doubt I will stick with the game afterwards.

Guild Wars 2 is on my list as well, of course! I am still not done collecting enough Hero Points to get my engineer’s elite specialization. I really hate having to unlock them that way and wish it was more interesting… But there’s also another episode from Season 1 released that I haven’t even started yet! So there is lots to do with not enough time. I remember being stuck at crafting my ascended medium armor because I was lacking ingredients… and gold as always. But now that I’ve been playing my engineer so much more, I really want to work on that as well. I guess this will be more of a Christmas present for him, though. I doubt I’ll get it done before then. The elite specialization and the next season 1 episode is more than enough for September.

Recipe for Disaster

And when it comes to new games… I had bought Recipe for Disaster when it was in early access (and on sale, if I remember correctly), but waited with playing it. It had its official release on August 5, so I started playing it now and am really enjoying it! When it comes to gaming goals, I’m not sure… maybe just “play through some more levels”?

I had played the demo for Goblins of Elderstone and really loved the graphics as well as the gameplay. I had not planned to buy it as it is yet another game in early access. It’s not that I’m opposed to “backing” games like this (as I see early access as exactly that: I’m backing a project, hoping that it will get released one day like Recipe for Disaster and Parkasaurus did), but during development, it just happens too often that you need to start over again because a patch messed up your save game. But it was on sale for about 8 Euros and I simply couldn’t resist! So, I now want to explore the game a bit more. Not too much, I think, because I don’t know yet how well I can keep playing my save game after a patch came in. But at least, enough to justify the price I paid. And then I will probably wait like I do with other games like this one.

Goblins of Elderstone

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